New Recession busting Prints from Elbow Toe


Our homey Elbow-Toe just put up a bunch of prints in his etsy shop.  All hand printed, all $30 in editions of 30.  Act fast wise ones.

Buy the prints here

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Thank You impulse that had Lucy Liu get naked in front of a camera, thank you


Tastefully nude photos of one of the more beautiful women on earth? Yes Please

click here for the action

Morning Dose of Fat kid stuck in a skate bowl

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Somebody’s a big liar


Kind of taints that image in the National Portrait Gallery a bit, huh?


In an effort to keep everyone up to date on my legal battle to uphold the principle of fair use in copyright laws, I wanted to notify you of a recent development in my case against The Associated Press (AP).

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Picture of the Day


Christian Patterson

5 minutes: Melbourne

5 Minutes V.09.04 from I Love Graffiti on Vimeo.

The moment college stoners have been waiting for…


Create your own Simpson’s character (catch phrase et. al) and if it is unique and on point enough, it (they) will become appear in an actual episode.  No Joke.

Learn more and enter here

Stealthy Moments

We had a chance to stop by the openings at Joshua Liner Gallery and Harley-Davidson’s Art of Rebellion Show, Julia Chesky documented the scene for us.

up all night

Angry Samoans I lost (my mind)

Don Q’s Lady Data


I keep ending up on this site which means that it must be a pretty good promotion for a booze brand.  Whether any of the girls or data is actually real (it’s real) is another story but, I bet if you’ve been drinking some DonQ it wouldn’t matter all that much anyway.

Have a look

Reminisce Over This

De La Soul, Ego Trippin’ (Part 2), 1993

Go Buy Now: Tauba Auerbach’s Untitled (Fold)


We love us some Tauba Auerbach, so this is a no-brainer

Tauba Auerbach’s two-tone screenprint is a visual cacophony of purple and yellow gridded dots that, when seen at a distance of 9 or 10 feet, resolve into an ingenious optical illusion suggesting a piece of paper that has been folded into sixteen segments.


(Income from this edition will be used towards Tauba’s new book, an ingenious pop-up extravaganza that breaks new ground in pop-up technology.)

(Thanks Liam!)

How to make an entrance

Or not… depending on if you are on Kramer’s level of awesome.

iPhone Remote Controlled Car


Maybe in the future this technology will be used in video games for the super rich? Or at least simracing

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Nate Frizzell takes comfort in nature


Almost a year ago, we told you about Nate Frizzell‘s first solo show. This past Saturday his most recent solo show, Lost in the Thicket, opened at LeBasse Projects in Culver City, California.  The show, replete with paintings full of masked characters intermingling with animals, was well received, as evidenced by nearly every piece being sold.

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Sweet Jalapeno Shrimp Corndog


It doesn’t even make sense but, everything at the Texas State Fair looks delicious.

Lunchtime Laughter

Selections from the Air and Space Museum’s Poster Archive

The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum recently catalogued and uploaded over 700 posters relating to flight.  We sorted through the bunch and selected 15 of our favorite.  You can see the entire lot here

fuck buttons

You’ve got to love the name. The Fuck Buttons will be in NYC on the 2nd of November at the Bowery. It sounds like fun.

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