how to chill your drink in 2 minutes

Perfect for the morning when you wake up hungover and all that’s left is warm beer, the internet and luckily enough, ice in the freezer (it all happens!). The video is a bit infomercial but, how else are you going to learn?

Go Buy Now: JR’s Self Portrait


Don’t think twice, JR is amazing.

Edition of: 150
Dimensions: 70×93 Cm.  (27.5″ x 36.5″)
One Color Screenprint on Cotton Rag
signed and numbered by the artist
Price: 300 € ($443)

Buy it here

Morning Dose of Intense Claustrophobia

This might be making its rounds on the internet but, damn is it intense. This man records himself being buried in an avalanche, which must be scary as hell!

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: The Beatles on Metal


As a collector/geek of late 90’s early 00’s celebrity portraits by Shepard Fairey, I couldn’t not mention this auction on ebay.  The auction is for a 1/1 set of 5 screenprints on metal featuring John, Paul, Andre, and Ringo, plus a title slide.  Bidding is at $18,000 right now, and the auction closes on Thursday, October 15th.

See the auction here

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Picture of the Day


The Selby

oh, the weather is getting frightful


Photographer Joshua Hoffine’s fun horror images.

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in the news

According to Ronnie Regan, Socialized Medicine is evil.

20 Girls That We’re Glad have iPhones

Girls With iPhones is a website devoted to Apple product users, and more often than not they are sexy Apple product users. I’m pretty sure a majority of the girls are in the Adult Entertainment Industry but, does it really matter? Porn is an early adopter of technology, we all know that.  Plus, they are our type anyway. And now without further ado, a selection of Girls that we are happy to see having iPhones, from the website Girls With iPhones (nsfw’ish).

up all night

The Cult, Rain

woolrich hunter


I know I have been called out over the plaid thing. But, this is a really cool jacket.

Woolrich John Rich & Bros Hunting jacket.


Reminisce Over This

Black Sheep, The Choice is Yours, 1991

Pop-Up Slippers


Not sure how mobile these things are..but the idea is so simple, and smart.

more at the Book of Joe

Your afternoon moment of the Japanese escaping farts

via, Peggy Wang

Photoshop for your iPhone


The new photoshop app for the iPhone is really basic but, if you wanted to get advanced wouldn’t you just use a computer?

More info here

Hipsters = Marshmallows


Apparently Brooklyn Cops call Hipsters ‘Marshmallows’ because they’re ‘”White and Soft.”  This is the first good thing to come out of the NYPD in a while…

via, Gothamist

Maybe the most delicious moment you will see today


photo by Mademoiselle Yulia

Lunchtime Laughter

Weird.  No doubt about that.

The beautiful world of Ian Francis

Ian Francis is a talented UK-based painter who surfaced a couple years ago and unfortunately got umbrella’d into the whole ‘urban art’ genre.  We recently checked out his blog, and fell in love with his whole process, from photography and sketches to finished work.  Above is one such set of photographs, of the creation of Stepper V.

Tiny Versions of Bigger Things


That’s what this website is all about

Click here to peep it

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