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this site.  Amazing.

Charlie Chaplin Style Matrix

Now this looks like somewhere you would find the best fried chicken in New York


Country Pan Fried Chicken?  Yum.  Alan Richman visits for GQ.com

Charle’s Country Pan Fried Chicken
2841 Frederick Douglass Boulevard (near 151st Street), New York, NY; 212-281-1800

Lunchtime Laughter

via, ignoredprayers

Asger Carlsen

Danish born, New York-based photographer Asger Carlsen takes nice photographs.

Burn otherwise productive time


Sorry for the confusing title but, I found this link because I clicked on a link that said just that “marinetraffic.com is a fun way to burn otherwise productive time.”  The whole you-could-be-spending-your-time-better thing was little too sanctimonius, Marine Traffic on the other hand is awesome.  Click on a ship in the sea, and you can get pics, routes, and all other goodies.  If you’re thinking about going the way of the pirate, this is a necessary resource.

Burn some productive time people, burn it

Why hasn’t this been manufactured yet?


Duncan Wilson’s Cup Communicator

“Tug the cord to activate, squeeze to talk and hold to the mouth and ear.

The design of the Cup Communicator is focused on the gesture of use and the relationship between the users and object. I aim to explore the potential of the product as a medium for interaction and reassess the way we use technology.

The form and function of the Cup Communicator refer to the ‘two-cans and string’ children’s toy and the physical factors involved with that device. This typology and its associations remind us of the magic and playfulness of our first communication devices.”

[Read more]

divided by a grid


A designers dream, a grid divider called “Floccus” created by Rikko Iwamoto.


Morning dose of Grizzly Bear

This video for ‘Ready, Able’ is sick.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Defend Equality with a Gigantic Sticker Print


Seriously this is the biggest sticker I can remember seeing.  If they are as resilient as Sticker Robot’s outdoor vinyl ones, paint will peel.

“Sticker Robot is going to release the Love Unites Sticker Posters Thursday 11.12. at http://stickerobot.com.  The sticker posters will Signed by Shepard and numbered in an Edition of 200 and measure 18 x 27 inches.  Proceeds go towards marriage equality.”

Picture of the Day


Glenn Luchford

Mark Jenkins in Moscow


Not sure what this is commenting on but, I like it!

more at ignant.de (where randomly you can find an old interview with us as well)



McKinley“by Mishka, the Fall ’09 must have backpack!

Karim Hamid

English-born Karim Hamid creates beautiful paintings and collage that could suggest that if Robert Rauschenberg, Lucien Freud, and Francis Bacon all banged they would be the result.  Right?

up all night

Husker Du, Makes No Sense At All

vans cow skins….


I am not 100% sure how to feel about these, what are your thoughts? They also come in the classic hi-top.

For more photos check out nice kicks.

Reminisce Over This

Slick Rick, Mistakes, 1991

zhu zhu pets are going to be so hot right now


Looking for an ebay hustle for the holidays?  Zhu Zhu Pets.  Trust me (and the financial times) on this one.

Dick Towel

Buy it here

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