How Can You Not Love the Love Man?

Mr. Happy Man by Matt Morris

A Good Hygiene Meme

I used to bartend in a real classy place where the pros all carried toothbrushes in their purses. Anyway, People Brushing Their Teeth In Other Places Than The Sink.


UP All Night

MARRS, Pump Up The Volume

“the pinnacle of minimal design.”

Braun Digital Watch – BN0076… so hot right now.

via, doobybrain

Reminisce Over This

Wu-Tang Clan, Triumph, 1997

AK-47 by Dustin Yellin

Made of glass, and ink in an edition of 5.

“My Lovely Mess”

A film by William Strobeck


Yves Saint Laurent Suede Biker Jacket

How To Build a Secret Door and Safe Room For Under $200

You know you’ve always wanted to do this.

via, lifehacker

Grate and Measure

We don’t normally measure our cheese (the more the better), but if you’re so inclined, this grater designed by Justin Bagley will do the trick.

Lunchtime Laughter


Matt Groening Gets His Own Vinyl Toy

In celebration of The Simpsons 500th episode which airs this Sunday (Feb. 19th) on FOX.

Available at Kid Robot

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