if 8 million women are doing it, it must be ok!

Stiletto Stoners. Professional women smoking weed, featured on NBC’s Today Show. I love the decorated papers, very stylish. The piece is a great argument about legalization.

small, tiny, and cool: The Aston Martin Cygnet


Back in July, Aston Martin made news for it’s concept car Cygnet. Based around Toyota’s iQ, this little guy is set to go on sale in Europe next year. It does not support the power of the V8 or V12 the AM’s are known for, so think of it more as your zip around the corner car. The one you pick girls up in and do not totally feel like a tool. At first, the production will be limited, as well as your ability to purchase it (one must own an Aston, to be granted the right). The Cygnet will also feature bespoke interiors, could you expect anything less?

Learn more about it here.

Paul Smith goes hunting


The perfect jacket from Paul Smith. It’s getting pretty damn cold these days, so why not treat yourself right with this gem? It’s a quilted regular fit jacket made from black plaid hunting fabric 

Buy it!

From The Plate of Roger Gastman


Belly’s Know How to Suck But Do They Swallow

Remember the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters, that’s all that’s running through my mind right now. Bits love marshmallows, remember that. Bits, marshmallows.

Lunchtime Laughter

The art of Window Shopping

Julia Chesky is passionate about department store windows.  So much so, that she combined a borderline obsession with her background in photography.  The result? Really fresh, beautiful photographs that are deep on may levels.  Have a look at a sampling above, and be sure to check out her own blog, Modelizing.

The NY Art Book Fair


The NY Art Book Fair is open all weekend at PS 1 in Queens.  We highly recommend you make your way over there to see what’s going on in Art Book Publishing.  And make sure to stop by our friend Paul Schiek’s TBW Books stand and say what’s up.

More information here

the Ultimate folding table


Designed by Italian Lodovico Bernardi.


Your morning dose of Kimmie Gibbler’s Smelly feet

(Thanks Belgian P!)

Volcomics 2


After an enjoyable first issue a couple years ago, Volcomics 2 is now out and available for perusing digitally.  One note, if you’re on a 13-inch screen, forget about it.  Besides that, awesome.

Read the new issue here

friday’s vault

Neil and Lance, living it up.

Picture of the Day


Mikhael Subotzky

kittens, stormtrooper

by: PeteChicago


UK-based Mike Balakov experiments with macro photography, tight lighting, and Lego stormtroopers.

Prints for sale on DeviantArt.

Check out more a few more shots after the jump. [Read more]

Just Listen…

It’s rap, it’s a banger, and these ladies need to hang out.

via, thewhoa via, lordsofapathy via, theinternet

Drew Struzan

Well, now that I know who Drew Struzan is, I will never forget him. Actually, I will worship him.

Bizarre Celebrity Painters


Who knew Chris Johanson channeled the ghost of Frank Sinatra?

Gunaxin explores celebrity creativity

be careful what you reach for


WTF? After a long day chasing tail, I mean your dog is chasing it’s tail, crack open a dog beer for your little buddy. “Made-in-the-USA brew is crafted with beef and chicken broths”. Hmmmmm that sounds good. Well, if you’re into pet products check out, 10 Unbelievable Pet Products. All I have to say this is crazy! Do you or your animal really need that?

Reminisce Over This

Alkoholiks, Make Room, 1993

worthy cutbacks


Who needs laces these days?  Valet mag created a guide to laceless oxfords, like Cole, Rood & Haan Co.

For more options here you go.

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