Because it’s Summer

The Cyclone, Coney Island

10 great Roller Coaster Rides

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Kate Moss Thursdays


Kate with Holga

picture of the day


Sunblock please.WTF

100 people per minute freestyle

Never Hide Films sent us a update on their new video for Ray Ban.  Plus, you get a free MP3 of the track. We reached out to NHF, and they gave us the lowdown on the video.

“Earlier this year Ray-Ban had a “Never Hide Films” booth at the 2009 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX, where close to a thousand people were able to get in the booth and record 20 seconds of whatever they wanted. We then took the 900+ video clips and gave them to SqueakE Clean (the hot DJ duo otherwise knows as N.A.S.A). They edited the video together to make a music track. The ‘Never Hide’ that’s normally hidden in the online films is this time in audio towards the end of the piece.

The films launch online today on both YouTube, and, for the first time, on our new Facebook Fan Page that already has close to 700K fans. We’re also offering a free download of the track as an MP3 via a link in the ‘more info’ section of the video posting on YouTube.”

The Pimpest car on the internet today


Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

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Reminisce Over This

A Tribe Called Quest, I Left My Wallet in El Segundo, 1990

Missed this one, new Beastie Boys single


Well they had to cancel some shows because of the cancer in MCA’s mooooouth, but they were able to deliver on the new single featuring Nas. Check it out on itunes.

amsterdam stop motion

This is a very interesting tilt shift stop motion video of Amsterdam. After watching this  I realize how much I miss that city! Created by Nalden

the best waist of your time

A site where you can get a random picture of a girl in panties. Who came up with that idea? Sounds like another book deal is on its way. It’s kind of  NSFW

There will be blood and drinks at comic-con


We just got the low down on a blood party at Comic-Con. All the info after the jump.

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Checking in on Fancy Fast Food


The Colonel’s Chicken Corn Chowder

Lunchtime Laughter

“How you gonna kick a brother out of a place called Seoul?”

tyson or ali?


A very fun game to play Tyson or Ali, who said it. Great quotes from the fighters!

The Manhattan Airport Foundation


I love it when Central Park is described as an “undeveloped parcel of land.” Truly romantic. I think we just need more seaplanes.  They’re so cool.

“The Manhattan Airport Foundation is a land-use constituency committed to the immediate development of a viable and centrally-located international air transportation hub in New York City for the benefit of all New Yorkers.”

Have a look at the website

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They’re gonna tax weed in Oakland

2009 vice magazine photography exhibit in Los Angeles


We hung out outside for too long when the exhibition was in New York, and before we knew it, it was over.  Don’t miss your chance to see the Vice Magazine photo exhibit when it opens in Los Angeles at the Scion Installation Space this July 25th. Sponsored by Scion

Morning Dose of Awesome

Dan Meth’s My Influences

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Christina Stefanidi is…


Wednesday’s Muse

Picture of the day

I think I was stuck in a tumblr loop. If you can find the photographer, please let us know.

Javier Jose Serrano

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