Jacko was really really f@cking wacko


We all know Michael Jackson is crazy…. and Julian’s was going to auction off all his Neverland memorabilia. As you may or may not know, a last minute deal was made between the auction house and the King of Pop and the goods were pulled. We found this little story on LAWeekly with a great video by videothing.

Click here to enjoy, as they did not have an embed.

Source Material



go get some bananaz’s


When you get home from work and plug your computer into your tv, go watch this. The Gorillaz documentary “Bananaz” is now live in its entirety on Babelgum.com. Check out the entire thing now

“Bananaz is an un-sanitized, free-wheeling documentary film spanning from 2000-2006, taking down the virtual walls of Gorillaz in an intimate, honest and often hilarious account of the working relationship between Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett and their extraordinary creative process. The documentary reveals the creation of this virtual band from first drawings, animations, music and the musicians, to the faces behind the voices of Murdoc, 2D, Noodle and Russel Hobbs, and showcases appearances from many of those who occasionally pass through this virtual band including Dennis Hopper, De la Soul, Ibrahim Ferrer, Dangermouse, Dan the Automator, D12, Bootie Brown and Neneh Cherry.”

Check out the site here.

Reminisce Over This

Method Man & Redman, How Hight Part 2, 2001

A Gallery of Weed Smoking Women


Why not?


Although I think this one is better.

think out of the boxee


I have been meaning to write about this one for a while now. If you’re on a mac(intel) and watch most of your entertainment online, you will love this application (as most do, they have over 500,000 users so far). Boxee is like a set top system that allows you to watch and listen to everything on your media library and !! it lets you access many streaming sites and networks. Like HULU, CNN, Pandora, MTV, Joost all through a “Front Row” experience but better. I have to tell you once you start down this word everything changes.

Oh I almost forgot, it also allows you to share with other “Boxee” users what you’ve watched (be careful) recommendations, and it also lets you vote shows up or down. I cannot stop praising this one. It also works with the apple remote, so you can sit on your ass and browse. Now if it only allowed me to buy the episodes off HBO and Showtime…. I would never need cable again….

Give it a try.

$75 an arm for Seymoor Squidly


Just released at Jonathan Levine Gallery is this little, 8-armed creature which will be a nice addition to your home. Camille Rose Garcia’s PITCO Fine Dolls: Seymoor Squidly.
Measuring 48 inches tall, Seymoor Squidly is constructed entirely in California from wood-blend felt and organic cotton/hemp fabric and is stuffed with hemp fiber. His dour expression is silkscreened and heightened by glitter facial features. Land marooned, orphaned and filled with neglect. No fun at all to play with.

Camille Rose Garcia
Seymoor Squidly
Fabrics: organic cotton tea-dyed linen and wool blend felt
Filling: hemp fiber and rice
S/N Edition of 125
48 x 8 x 8 inches

Click here to buy.

The stoner’s Cookbook


Because pot in the culinary world should not just be limited to space cakes and brownies.

Lunchtime Laughter

NY Times looks at Craigslist Casual Encounters


“Casual Encounters is also a haven for people with sex addictions. They’re like a kid in a candy store,”

No Shit, a candy store where you could end up with cavities overnight.


marketable enterprise


Similar to the Vader Project of before, The Enterprise Project enlisted artists and designers to re-interpret the Starship Enterprise in a marketing push for that new Star Trek movie.

grifter tits


Just in case you were wondering (NSFW)

what time is it? Nixon time


This Nixon 51-30 is a nice little piece of time and it can be yours for $400.00. Depending on your, budget it comes in black for $450.00 and that is still a lot cheaper than a Chanel or Bell & Ross.

Early Seth Rogen

Monday with Adriana Lima


Start the week off right with Adriana Lima.

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-up


Shawn Mortensen, Rest in Peace (1966 – 2009)

This week…

We saw Extreme Sheep Herding

Artorialust visited Queenz Arrive in Brooklyn

We learned how to work better

Mike Giant released some Skate Prints


Evan Rachel Wood gave us, well, wood

Don’t forget about Aiko’s Show this Weekend

At Joshua Liner.  All the info is here

girlfriend experience

More Sasha Grey.

Dave Schubert

We are proud to present another set of photographs from Dave Schubert.

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