Shepard Fairey Tuesday: L.E.A.D. Uganda


Available for purchase immediately are these two prints, Yellow Cans and Blankets, that Shepard Fairey created for the benefit of L.E.A.D. Uganda.  Each in an edition of 450, and measuring 18″ x 24″, all of the proceeds from the $75 print go to support the special children of Uganda.

Buy the prints here

Picture of the Day


SpY in New York

via, ekosystem

The clutch chair


The clutch chair, created from drinking straws by designer Scott Jarvie. A nice comment on disposable culture.

Vandal Vacation

fly work by mangus muhr

Photo work by Mangus Muhr.


up all night

Fuzzbox, Love is a Slug

jelly robot, pentagons new secret weapon

This is pretty crazy. The Chembot, a blob of goo that moves by changing its shape. Through inflating and deflating different areas, it has the ability to navigate over and through challenging terrain, ie squeezing through tiny holes, and shit, I thought nano particles was crazy this is the real life blob. Pretty freaky


Reminisce Over This

Terror Fabulous, Action (ft. Nadine Sutherland), 1994

The Vespa Chair


This is a pretty sick chair designed by Bel & Bel out of Barcelona

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The Seafarers

The animation and story are really great in this short film Eighty Four Films

Models Are Smart


This is a clever tumblr site

Really Ron Artest? I didn’t know you had it in you

Ron Artest’s Afghan Women

Urs Fischer


On display at the New Museum.

photo by sokref1

Lunchtime Laughter

1990s NYC Graffiti

City Noise has some great scans from NYC in late 80’s up to 2000.  This is just a taste.  See them all here

Tequila Shots with Lance Armstrong


Friday saw the private opening of STAGES NYC in Soho.  Our friend Jeff from The Art Collectors had a camera on-hand and put together a great set of pics summarizing the night.  We couldn’t resist this photo of Lance Armstrong taking a shot of tequila with Tom Sachs.  A couple more images are after the jump, and a full set of pics are here

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Daily Burn’s Food Scanner App

If it works as well as it does in the video, it looks pretty awesome. Watch and decide for yourself. You may never shop the same way again.

Buy it

one last thing about facebook


Even though they are destroying societal norms as we know them and calling Shepard Fairey a girl, they sure did get some fancy new digs.

Interiors by office design firm Studio O+A. A couple of more shots after the jump. [Read more]

Morning Dose of Awesome

Thank you Christopher Walken

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