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No Service

All this talk of TuPac reminded me of this guy…


Lee Majors or as we called him ThreePac.  He used to work at Cluck-U, which was a fried chicken/wing place in College Park, MD.  In fact, Lee lived in the apartment across the hall from me with like 10 people my Senior year of college.  Here’s an article about him in the Diamonback from way back when. So to the media folks, is this the guy?

Some sweet old zines on ebay


Michael Leon tips off the internets to the fact that he is moving and letting some of his old zines go.  Lucky for us, as they are from the early 90s and by Ed Templeton, Mike Vallely, and Jim Thiebaud.

More info here

and the Auctions are here

I can See You


Opening tonight in a limited engagement in New York until May 5th, with an additional show on May 10th.  More info here

“Three aspiring ad-men take a weekend in the wilderness, brainstorming for their first assignment: to overhaul the image of a once-household cleaning product, Claractix. While in the woods, a girlfriend’s mysterious disappearance sparks a harrowing descent into unreality. Personalities contort into extremes and visits are made by a specter from Claractix campaigns of the past as the film careens towards to its startling climax.”

Did I mention 3D?

The trailer is after the jump

(Thanks Jeff!)

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Reminisce Over This

Naughty By Nature, Uptown Anthem, 1992

animals will keep you warm


We may be moving into Summer in the Northern Hemisphere but, Guus van Leeuwen’s Domestic Animal radiators heat your home, and you’ll be needing that in 7 months. These are cool!

via here.

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One cool Super Chameleon

Absolutely awesome!

(Thanks Travis!)

Game, Set, Snatch


Simona Halep is moving up the ranks of womens tennis and mens interest.  BTW, that title comes from a great spread in Club magazine years ago.

video evidence after the jump

via, ignored prayers

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great wallpaper


This Flower Vine print by Shepard Fairey will be available today in three colorways (black/white, red/white, red/black).

On a side note, I would like to see Shepard Fairey’s Obey Brand venture into the home.  You know like pillows, sheet sets, duvets, curtains, picnic baskets, wallpaper etc…maybe even custom paint colors?  Flat black paint with black gloss stencils.  Some lucrative shit for sure.

Tontonno’s Pizza


is amazing


Lunchtime Laughter

Ueli Anlicker


A World’s Best Ever kind of dude…

“Ueli Anlicker lives in Winznau, Switzerland where he own a museum devoted to his red and gold custom cars and motorcycles, a Thai restaurant, a disco club complete with Playstation 3, on which guests can play Formula One games, a café lounge, and his own modern art/design studio.”

More at Jalopnik

Design your own Swing-set


Oh shit, I may be on this one for a while.

via, NotCot

Thumbs Up! China


David Choe and Harry Kim just wrapped up filming the third season of Thumbs Up! for VBS.  The new season will follow them making their way through China. If you haven’t ever seen this show, it comes highly recommended from The Enablist and you can watch it all here

God Tube is no more

I was deeply saddened when this morning I decided to do a ‘Random God Tube Search’ only to find out that God Tube has become something called Tangle.  It’s still really Christian, but not the same.  My spirits were lifted though, when, through a search for ‘swine’, I came across Leonard Nimoy’s Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.  That a way Spock!

Strip Thinking


Andrea Wachner hated the idea of going to her 10-year high school reunion so much that she hired a stripper to go instead

She secretly mic’d the stripper up, did all the secret ear piece and camera stuff,  and now she’s making it into a film (not Stripper Academy).  The trailer is after the jump, and if you, like me, were picturing a blonde stripper with fake tits the entire time?  Not so much.

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Wednesday’s Muse


We have no clue what this beautiful girls name is.  If you care enough to find out, we’ll send you some stickers and what-not.

Sylvia Geersen

(Thanks Stefan from The Netherlands!)




Picture of the Day


Chuck Anderson (A print of this is available, click the link…)

Fresh Fresh Fresh!

Video from Steve Powers’ 2 fists of iron and a bottle of beer.  By the looks of it, I may have to figure out a way to make it over to St. Louis before the 7th of June.

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