disney meets star wars


There were a lot of rumors about Star Wars filming in secret in LA. Luckily, it’s not a “new” version of Phantom Menace but an update to the Star Wars Star Tours Experience at Disney. I am not sure how good the experience will be but, the posters are pretty cool. See more of them here.

Names I heard while in High School in DC

Wednesday’s Muse


Nicole Trunfio

Picture of the Day


RJ Shaughnessy

Details of the Shepard Fairey x Arkitip issue


Arkitip released details today about their upcoming issue with Shepard Fairey, and it looks to be stellar.  Highlights include a signed 7.5 x 10″ print and a 96 page booklet with stencil cover.  Both in an edition of 5000.  It will retail at $70 and can be purchased here.  Full specs after the jump.

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What the f@ck post of the day…


In the process of looking for summer essentials (a new feature coming up on TWBE) I came across this disaster. I am not sure if this is US dollars but, they want 688.00 of whatever it is. So, if your looking for a Yakuza inspired shirt, here you go. Nice patch on the denim too.

Reminisce Over This

Fugees, Vocab, 1994

iPhone Photo Dump

Random sections of life captured over the course of 8 m0nths by my iPhone.

Gaugin cut off Van Gogh’s ear with a sword


File this under insane theories I like

wolf and pork stop motion

This has to be one of the best stop motions out there. Enjoy

Really Domino’s? White Guy?


Feeling appropriately lazy last night, I decided to stop by Domino’s on my way home to try this new Bread Bowl Pasta they’ve been promoting. Before I ate the creation, I caught a glimpse of the sticker receipt on the box.  WHITE GUY.  That is how Domino’s labeled me.  I mean, I am White but I still don’t know how I feel about this one?  In regards to the Bread Bowl Pasta, I placed a picture of it after the jump.  It is like a personal chicago-style deep dish ziti pizza.

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Lunchtime Laughter

This is so f’d up it makes it amazing.

Look at this Giant Beast


via complex

Joan Collins and Banksy


The dumbest news I have heard for some time. (Which is the reason I’m telling you about it) Click below to read

When Joan Collins THOUGHT she’d met Banksy: The elaborate plot to impersonate graffiti artist and how the MoS foiled it

Modern Toss’ Buy More Shit Tote Bag


The Brits keep it in perspective. £3.99

The Wu-Tang Design Remix Project


How great is this?  Logan Walters is obsessed with having quality album cover art for his itunes, and apparently the Wu family cover art wasn’t up to par.  He has decided to set out and redesign all 21 of families covers.  He is at 8 right now.  See them all at his blog or on flickr, and check out his other design work which is pretty tight as well. 36 Chambers and Liquid Swords after the jump.

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Morning Wood with Megan Fox and Esquire

Big Ups to the internet video and Esquire for this one. Damn you David Silver!

Well, we had to pull the video due to a cease and desist from Esquire, so you have to go to their website to view…yawn

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: A Peace Bomber Print for Everyone


In a move sure to please everyone, Shepard Fairey is releasing an open-edition offset print of Peace Bomber.  Measuring 24″ x 36″ and retailing at $35!, the signed print will be available on May 7th and will never really sell out.

Picture of the Day


Hedi Slimane

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