how’d we miss this?

Apparently, the US Pole Dancing Championships were held in NYC this past March.


Die Posers Die!


If you’re in LA this Saturday…

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3d for reals

I am not even going to attempt to explain how it works, so click here to read more.

This supreme tee is locked tight


$32 in a multitude of colors

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Friday’s Vault

Gleamin’ the Cube

Picture of the Day


Chris McVeigh


Give me a Limited edition M8 Leica


If you’re going to buy a camera, start at the top. The limited edtion Leica M8 in white—it does not get any better than this. “The M8 takes the original iconic Leica Rangefinder body crafted from brass, aluminium, titanium and steel but inserts a 10.3 megapixel digital lens and sensor system that delivers professional quality pictures.”


Peelin’ off bills takes on a new level

Lincoln handles his business

(Thanks Tim!)

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A look through Mêlée (MAY LAY) #2

Alex Lukas has a new zine out, Mêlée (MAY LAY) #2.  Let’s have a look through the goodness.
“The second issue of this text and photo-based zine features interviews with William Buzzell on gambling, Vincent DiSanzo on following a band and Matt Leines on backyard wrestling along with an essay on the Denver International Airport conspiracy and a mini-zine collecting wet-naps from around the country and an essay by Beba Knight.
Aprox 8.5 x 11, 40 pages, plus full color cover and a 16 page mini zine, edition of 100 with two alternate covers.”

kitchen redesign


I kind of want a kitchen like this? Created by Studio Astrid

Reminisce Over This

Ice Cube ft. Das Efx, Check Yo Self (Remix), 1993

Damon Soule at Fecal Face Dot Gallery


Tonight in San Francisco

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the wild things kubricks, the collecting begins…again


I just saw these on here, and they are a must have for anyone who is a collector (especially if you cannot get your hands on the Girl skateboard decks we told you about a while back). If you have not seen the trailer, here it is.

Paul Smith’s Model Train Set in a briefcase


It would be awesome to come to an interview, lay this briefcase on the desk and…POW!  Fun times with the conductor.

“Noch aluminium brief case with “Blumenau” model train set with a high-quality ready assembled summer landscape and pictured background. The ready-to-run route passes over the mountain and winds under the mountain tunnel system. The set includes one locomotive with two carriages supplied (colours may vary).

The “Blumenau” utilizes an integrated 9 volt battery holder and throttle controller. The high quality throttle allows you to control the trains at scale speeds and it is very efficient 37 cm, A Pre-installed adapter socket is included.”

Buy it here

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Alëxone at Carmichael Gallery


If you’re out in LA tonight, Alëxone has a new show opening up at Carmichael Gallery.  The frenchman’s work kind of reminds me of a 21st century french George Condo.  But only kind of.  More info after the jump

(Thanks Pablo!)

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The Forest City Rockers: Pizza, Tits and Korea

This episode is super tight.

“This new episode not only features pizza, Rocky Tits, music by Crash Normal, Barack Obama action figures and a Korean War Vet down on this luck but it’s a guarantee that you’ll explode your face upon first viewing.”

the Burger Taco


Is All-American

Lunchtime Laughter

Old people workouts keep getting better

New Revs sculpture on the Street in Dumbo


Apparently this iron beast was installed the during last week of April by Revs.  Jake Dobkin caught a couple pics.

video of him from Bomb It after the jump

via, Animal

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