Reminisce Over This

Everlast feat. Prince Paul, The Men in Blue, 1999

Obey Harmony

A new print from Shepard Fairey with proceeds benefitting the David Lynch Foundation.

Available Tuesday (10/25) at a random time

David Ellis Meets Dhundee

David Ellis makes motion paintings like no other.

Graffiti Umbrellas

One-of-a-kind weather protection from Romeo and Mega of Daddies Nasty Sons

via, bates

World’s Best Beard Trimmer?

With the ability to trim at 175 different lengths, Remington’s Touch Control Beard & Stubble Trimmer seems to be just that.

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The Most Stolen Food In The World Is Cheese

Makes sense, it’s delicious.

Lunchtime Laughter

“Man, I came a long way.”

Cam Newton gets interviewed by Jonathan Durbin for Interview

The More You Know: Daylight Saving Time Explained

The Germans were first.

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More Two Dollar Bills

That’s a good move using only $2 bills

Lingerie Football Wants To Start Up A Youth League

Because every young girl should be able to fulfill their dreams of playing football in lingerie.

(thanks Ben!)

Morning Dose of 1-800-MICE Rap

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