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Matthieu Lavanchy

(Thanks A!)


Girls – Lust for Life

Grandma sent me a pic of her new complete


She prefers that soft carpet (not that soft carpet) to grip tape.  Whatever, Grandma rips.

Anthea Bush, Flying Carpet, 2006

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Dave Schubert’s Zine In Memory of Dash Snow

A little while back our homie Dave Schubert sent over a zine he had created for Dash Snow’s memorial show at Deitch.  It’s Super Special and worth sharing with you now.

“This zine was made in memory of Dash Snow. Now that he is gone none of us who knew him well will ever be quite the same again…” ~ Dave Schubert

twbe yacht

by: PeteChicago

We’re still taking donations even though it only has one helipad.


It’s not a cigarette, it’s a marker. I mean…


An interesting way to inconspicuously catch tags, or take notes, or whatever.

Reminisce Over This

Juvenile, Ha, 1998



Everyone’s favorite slower-than-your-normal Simpson’s Character, Ralph Wiggum is getting his own six-inch vinyl figure from Kid Robot.  You’ll have to wait until October 22nd to buy it though.

More info here


tales of the unexpectected

Very cool video work from More Soon.

Check out their site for some treats.

2010 Burton Catalog – “The Good Book”

By: PeteChicago

Burton 2010 Catalog

Burton 2010 Catalog

Burton Snowboards has released a limited edition book of tasty gear for the upcoming 2009-2010 riding season. It’s got an embossed faux leather cover, gold edge pages, and a red pageholder ribbon. The interior pages are full of solid design work ranging from 1970’s folk art illustrations to style mimics of modern drug ads. If you weren’t lucky enough to receive one in the mail, grab it at one of their flagship stores. [Read more]


Viral ad of a group of footballer’s playing in a bullring, with a bull. I doubt that it’s real but, it’s fun to watch.

Wallpaper*s Artist’s Palate


Recipe’s from Artists.  Above is Cai Guo-Qiang’s Beijing Chicken.

Find the recipe here

Lunchtime Laughter

Large Men, Little Women

Oh, NBA Players.  Such large, cuddly human beings.

Tunnel Vision

Revolt, Zephyr, and Min circa 1983 in the Freedom Tunnel

I cannot wait ’till these get knocked off


Maison Martin Margiela’s black rubber-coated cap toe leather lace ups. Available at Douglas Fir, L.A. for only $695…

If you see anything like it send it our way.

Caleb Neelon’s Imagination Wall


Our friend Caleb Neelon started this awesome project this past Monday at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachussetts.  For the next two weeks he will be painting a 52′ foot wall in the hospital onsite, in an ever evolving mural that will continuously incorporate ideas from the children themselves. The Imagination wall is Totally rad.

More info on it here

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