Morning Dose of Awesome

Create and Destroy.  117 objects stacked on a single Lego block and subsequently wrecked by wind-up toys.

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adriana Lima is beached


Adriana looks anxious.

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up


Ron English and his Cowgirls.  Photo by Martha Cooper

This Week…

We got some stickers for sale in our store

Chris Jordan’s photos were conversation worthy

The Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese and Bacon was tasty

John Stewart caught Sean Hannity in a lie


Frida Gustavsson made our eyes happy

Audio Chi Headphones


For who knows how many years, I have apparently been cheating myself and the music I listen to by using regular headphones.  The past week I’ve had the opportunity to try out a pair of headphones from Audio Chi, and am seriously amazed at the quality of sound delivered to my ears.  They are light, super comfortable on the dome piece, and look really tight with a simple chrome touch.  On top of it all, I mixed this week’s Sound Advice with them on and could not have been happier. Perfect for the desktop or on-the-go, these headphones are staying with me.

Have a look and then maybe a listen

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James Hopkins

Holy Shit. James Hopkins‘ work is amazing.

Sound Advice 26: Jim Houser


We are pleased to present our 26th installment of Sound Advice featuring Jim Houser.  Jim is a Philadelphia-based Artist and Musician who is currently focused on the release of an untitled recording of instrumental music which usually accompanies his art installations. It will be distributed by freenewsprojects in philadelphia. Feel free to write to them and bother them about a release date.

Sound Advice 26

01. Gar Forgets His Insulin by Hot Snakes
02. Dolls by Crystal Castles
03. The Saturday Boy by Billy Bragg
04. Suitland High School Theme Song by The Most Secret Method
05. Hot Magic, Red Planet by Orange Goblin
06. Jewel by Blonde Redhead
07. Messidor by The Durutti Column
08. It Ain’t Me Babe by Johnny Cash
09. Seed Toss by Superchunk
10. Velvet Waltz by Built to Spill
11. Condor Ave. by Elliot Smith
12. Tales of Lolita by Floor
13. Full Disclosure by Fugazi
14. Red by King Crimson
15. Bill by Seaweed
16. Behind This Wall by Turning Point
17. Animal Wild by Shudder to Think
18. Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen
19. Pluto by Les Savy Fav
20. Try Something by American Sneakers
21. Birthday by The Sugarcubes
22. Nine Things Everybody Knows by Q and not U
23. New Town by Life Without Buildings
24. Tittiepop by Need New Body
25. Last Days Here (1974) by Pentagram
26. Raging Embers by Saviours
27. Underground by Samiam
28. Crash Landing by Seduce
29. Your Star is Killing Me by Chisel
30. bathysphere by Smog


Up all night

Morrissey, Suedehead

Talk At Me with Anita & Neil


In this feature, two of our favorite people, Neil Anblomi and Anita Goodman, ask each other important questions

This week, Anita asks Neil…

Anita: “I can’t seem to un-see that chimp mauling victim’s face. Upon seeing it, my roommate immediately said “man I would be so mad I didn’t die.” What about  you? Would you want to live while being insanely disfigured? If so, what would you use to camouflage your deformaties?

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Reminisce Over This

Blahzay Blahzay, Danger, 1996

VHS Heroes at Infectious


I’m really feeling this Art Print/Skate Graphic/iPod-iPhone-Laptop skin by Hollis Brown Thornton for Infectious.  The good old days of VHS, I personally liked Beta more but, what can you do?  The Porn industry chose that technology for us.  You should check out the Infectious site, lots of great things to customize your life.

Go now

The Andrea Air Filter


Plants & Air, makes sense.

More here

overboard obsession


This is the visual definition of obsession. Who would build a Lego Yamato battleship in what looks to be a kitchen?

Check out more photos of the ship and one giant Lego Cat in the background

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No

Great video from No-Mas and James Blagden.  It actually reminded me of this amazing Eric White drawing I wanted to buy when I was low on cheddar, I wish I had bought it…

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From the Plate of Roger Gastman


He Already Knows How To Work It

I see Danzig taught him well.

Lunchtime Laughter

Seriously The best way to build hype for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

These on-location pictures are from the twitter account of MJ Day, a Senior Associate Editor at Sports Illustrated.  I’m sold.

When he dies his body goes to a taxidermist


After the taxidermist, Australia’s National Gallery.


milton bradley’s battleship the movie, uh, ok


Battleship the movie? According to The Movie Blog, it has the greenlight and scheduled for release in 2011. There is no clear storyline yet except for aliens.

Read more about Battleship the movie here.

Chris Burden’s Beam Drop


(Thanks Kiji!)

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