Big Guys Talk About Drawing

Reebok explores the history of the Piecebook with interviews of graff legends like Cope 2, Erni “Paze” Vales, West, SP.One, Wane COD, Rime MSK, Chino BYI, Ewok 5MH, PEZ, and more.

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Norse Projects – Anton Oxford Shirt

I like to call this color ‘Easter Yellow’

This Is The Patent Drawing For The Lego


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Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Poppers


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Lunchtime Laughter

Life’s Too Short is a pretty great show.

Mœbius, Rest in Peace

We lost a good one over the weekend. Jean Giraud aka Mœbius May 8th, 1938 – March 10th, 2012

The Top 10 Scams of 2011

Presented by the Better Business Bureau since, you know, the top scam involves them.

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Nothing Like A Naked Sword Fight To Get Your Monday Going

from Sex & Fury (1973)

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Frank Lloyd Wright Designed A Dog House for a 12-Year Old Kid

The year was 1956 and since little Jim Berger’s father didn’t know how to build one, the kid wrote a letter to the famous architect. Frank Lloyd Wright granted the request and sent Berger plans for the house. Apparently, it was a nightmare to build. “The roughly 3-foot wide-by-5-foot long-by 3-feet high doghouse has a sharp triangular shape, with a sloping shingled roof. It is made of Philippine mahogany and weighs about 250 pounds.”

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Morning Dose of Punishment

Part of a new series by artist Julius von Bismarck resulting from a journey through Switzerland, South America and the United States armed with a whip.

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Adriana Lima is a Reminder of Fresh Spring Fever

Picture of the Day

Olaf Breuning

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