Marion Peck at Sloan Fine Art


Ladies & Clowns features new paintings and video by Marion Peck and it opens tonight (May 13th).

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Steve McQueen’s coolness up for Auction


These iconic Steve McQueen essentials will get you laid…. well, if you can afford to buy them, you better be getting laid. The auction includes McQueen’s Von Dutch 1929 Scott Super Squirrel Bike, probably one of the coolest looking bikes ever.  A Rolex Submariner, and his famed Heuer Monaco. Source / link

The Adult Friend Finder Experiment


Holy Taco is putting together one entertaining piece of investigative journalism

Chicken Wings! really?


I forgot how much I like Vice’s Do’s and Don’ts. The scary thing this one was under “Do.”

“Quitting cigarettes is easy. But wings? Those fuckers are impossible to resist, so don’t even try. Just accept it and be proud.”


protec pool party on fuel tv


Stedham’s been railsliding for 3 decades…(photo from the 2008 party).  Don’t miss the 09 Protec pool party on Fuel TV May 16th. Check out some interviews here as the skaters prepare for the event. via: here

Random YouTube Search

Searched ‘Angel Dust’ this morning

Wednesday’s Muse


Kastyn Reid

picture of the day, No Valleys


Photographer Hugh Holland from Angels: Street, Skate, Seventies, summer is so close.

Super Dope Album Cover of the Day


Lissy Trullie‘s Self Taught Learner

Via, Evil Monito

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An interesting show(s) in Ft. Lauderdale


Two exhibitions, one name. Taking it’s title from a Tracy Emin piece, With You I Want To Live are two shows at the Museum of Art | Ft. Lauderdale that display the vast collections of Gordon Locksley + George T. Shea, and Francie Bishop Good + David Horvitz. That’s a Banksy above ^^^

V Magazine has an interview with the Museum’s executive director Irvin Lippman.

Reminisce Over This

The Roots, Proceed II, 1995

Todd Hido: Ohio

Ohio is first in the release of four books in series #2  from TBW Books.
“Todd Hido revisits the camera of his youth for this year’s series. His book, entitled Ohio, features photos he took as a child, edited together with recent photos taken with the same camera. By combining images from the past and present, Todd offers us a narrative that hovers between fact and fiction.”
A subscription to the series is a must for anyone interested in photography and collecting.  The final three books to be released are by photographers Marianne Mueller, Abner Nolan, and Alec Soth.

rockers galore


Our good friend Josh Cheuse just sent us the a link to his new boxset, Rockers Galore, which is available at Other Criteria. Josh has captured so many moments in music history over the last 20 years. He has photographed Run DMC, LL Cool J, The Clash, Oasis, Big Audio Dynamite, and he even shot one of our favorite Beastie Boys videos Hold it Now, Hit it. And this is just scratching the surface.

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baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

A reader suggested this one to us… You got to love the french.
Do you think you could make a video like this in the US?

Soulja Boy Got the Munchies

Lunchtime Laughter

screen caps


There is so much great material in movies that capturing stills can become an art form of its own.  With that in mind, Screen Caps is a website that can survive until the end of time.

bukakke style make-up


Breasts, Gene Simmons make up, and black and white. What more can you ask for? Via: V

Our favorite awkward family photos

Awkward Family Photos is the latest site to tumble onto the internet with a simple concept and funny results.  We picked a couple of our favorites for you to get a taste of what the site is about.   Enjoy.

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