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Edward Burtynsky

The Scope Art Fair in 60 Minutes

Scope Art Fair had a lot of great things going, here is a taste.

rent it now, The limits of control

Released Dec 1 on DVD, New York director Jim Jarmusch’s (Dead Man, Down By Law) The Limits of Control, looks great, I am not sure how this was missed. Jim and cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Ashes of Time, Paranoid Park) collaborate to create an amazing noir experience.

up all night

Oingo Boingo, Little Girls (this is f-ing strange)

Big Bavarian Boobs & Beers


I couldn’t have titled this Vice Fashion spread any better myself.

See it here

Reminisce Over This

Da Bush Babees, We Run Things (It’s Like Dat), 1994

ART BURN: The Most Combustible Art Show in the World


I’ve been looking forward to this. Today only, 1pm to Sundown

2834 N. Miami Ave. @ 29th St.
Wynwood Arts District

From C-Monster:

“An exclusive selection of more than three dozen exceptional pieces by the hottest renowned artists and sizzling, cutting-edge newcomers will be displayed from 1pm until sundown. After the exhibition, all of these original works will be burned by curator/grill master El Celso for the public’s viewing pleasure. Nothing is for sale.”

We will be exhibiting and burning new works by:
[Read more]

Wisdom through Advertising?

Close enough with this banger.

via, buzzfeed

santa burns down


Santa Claus burns down. Witness the cremation of 50ft Santa in Santa Catarina Brazil. Click here for video and more images.

This Bench would suck in the Summer


Lunchtime Laughter

Grandma has got moves

mickey f@cking Rourke rocks so hard

This is the song of the day! Mickey raps on the closing credits for Bethesda’s Rogue Warrior. Well not really raps more like they edited his voice over to play over the credits and closing track. Brilliant! Bloody Brillant!


Max Fish in Miami


If Max Fish and Pianos banged, this would be the spawn.

28 NE 14 Street
Miami, Florida 33132

the worlds greatest invention ever


This is so awesome! the Disposable Flask, damn I wish I thought of that one. I can not begin to count the number of times I felt ripped off at a concert or sports event for a the price of a drink. Now you don’t have to worry about your monogrammed flask getting confiscated either. Pick up a set of 3 for $15.00. from all places Restoration Hardware!


The french Kissers

Check out the debut film from award-winning graphic artist Riad Sattouf. The French Kissers, think of it as a Teen comedy with style and design, and of course Superbad action .


Morning Dose of Awesome

Kate Moss Thursdays


Total Relax

Picture of the Day


Briony Ridley

Art Basel Miami Beach in 90 minutes

There was a lot of great work at this years Art Basel Miami Beach.  While I’ll go into more depth later, here are some standouts that I put together from being inside the convention center for 90 minutes.

**Also, C-Monster has got some great live twitter action going on if you’re into it.  @cmonstah

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