Buck Products Knapp Sacks

Good looking and durable bags handsewn in Montana.

For ordering and more information click here

An All-Electric Delorean

The DMCEV hopes to be in production by 2013.

Even Caramel Sundaes is Gettin Touched

Ghostface Killah put out some ladies tees.

Lunchtime Laughter

Teenage Werewolves.

Drake does his best work when he is in or near a rolling chair.

Installation View: Evan Gruzis – Exotic Beta

On view at The Hole until October 22nd.

(please excuse the cruddy flicks)

Monocle 24

Monocle’s new 24-hour internet radio station for the transcontinental set.

Listen here

via, @jaredflint

Spike Jonze, Simon Cahn, and Olympia Le-Tan: Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side)

We previewed this short film back in May and now Nowness premieres it to the internets.

The More You Know

Four Charts explaining what the Occupy Wall Street Protesters are mad about. That one’s a doozy…

Morning Dose of The Interactive Periodic Table of Swearing

A perfect solution to Mondays from Moden Toss.

You’ll have to watch it here

Adriana Lima in the Color Purple

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Loupe Clean

This Week…

We featured a great vintage spray paint print set

The awmoo was a design focused update to the apple pipe

Ben Venom’s Heavy Metal Quilts went on display in the Scion Space


Patti Hansen was our Babe of Yore

Sound Advice 116: Nolan Hall

We are pleased to present our 116th installment of Sound Advice featuring Nolan Hall. Nolan is a photographer living and working in Costa Mesa, California.
Sound Advice 116
01. The 15th by Wire
02. Dog Named Apollo by Atlas Sound
03. Puppet On A String by Night Beats
04. Weight by Dirt Dress
05. Double Feature by Luna
06. Runaways by The Bam Bams
07. Life Prowler by No Age
08. Video Life by Chris Spedding
09. Dazed by Bleached
10. Leroy Faster by Black Lips
11. Like New by Deerhunter
12. Shine A Light by Spiritualized
Download Sound Advice 116 Now!


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