The Sculptures of highraff

Brazilian Artist Highraff works both indoors and outdoors.  It is pretty awesome how his work translates seamlessly between the two, especially these wooden sculptures which capture the colorful energy of Brazil.  Thanks to Pablo Aravena for the heads up

caught in a lie

Jon Stewart catches Fox News Sean Hannity, making shit up! Be careful believing what you watch.

Relationship Counseling of Yore


These are part of a questionnaire from 1933.

My Favorite:

“Eats whatever is served without grumbling or criticism”


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Next Level Translation


Wow, think of all the potential that these glasses have.

“The Tele Scouter glasses feature a compact microphone and camera, which picks up the foreign-language conversation. This audio recording is then relayed to a small computer worn on the user’s waist, which transmits the information to a remote server. The server translates the words from speech to text, and transmits it back to the glasses, where the translated phrase is then appears on a tiny retinal display, providing the wearer with a transcript of the conversation in their own language.”

more at the Telegraph

Morning Dose of Awesome

Frida Gustavsson is…


Wednesday’s Muse.

Picture of the Day


A nice street installation by Specter in brooklyn.  Photo by Jake Dobkin

Caleb Neelon on Etsy


Our friend Caleb Neelon recently opened an Etsy store featuring a bunch of his paintings.  You should have a look and get yourself one.

view the store here

punk’s not dead


Punk’s not Dead, an amazing documentary about punk rock with a ton of interviews is worth your time. If you have not seen it or own the DVD, you can catch it on Fuse. It aired last night and will continue for the month of November (check for show times). Check out the trailer after the jump. You can also pick it up at itunes

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I was doing some research on Japanese custom vehicles and came across these motorcycles which are commonly associated with the Bōsōzoku subculture.

up all night

Information Society-What’s On Your Mind

The World’s Best Ever Sticker Packs


We finally got our act together and officially opened a web store.  The first thing available are 10 packs of our extremely popular logo stickers.  By buying some, you too will be able to decide and label whatever you want (booties, random objects) ‘The World’s Best Ever’.

Buy them here for $5

Reminisce Over This

Beatnuts, Hit Me With That, 1994

two awesome gifts from amron experimental


Here are two awesome gifts from Amron Experimental. They have a lot of really simple designed ideas, it was hard to pick only two.

The Bird Claw wine stopper, buy now for $35.00

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WTF of the day

I am not sure how I found this one? I think I was looking for music videos for The Dictators, and stumbled across this commercial. I cannot believe it’s for real. Enjoy.

Dank Nugz


this site.  Amazing.

Charlie Chaplin Style Matrix

Now this looks like somewhere you would find the best fried chicken in New York


Country Pan Fried Chicken?  Yum.  Alan Richman visits for

Charle’s Country Pan Fried Chicken
2841 Frederick Douglass Boulevard (near 151st Street), New York, NY; 212-281-1800

Lunchtime Laughter

via, ignoredprayers

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