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Picture of the Day

Pieter Hugo

The Beauty of Nature

The Wild Heart – A Journey through the Southwest Wilderness by Henry Jun Wah Lee, Evosia Studios.

Random Good News From a Coal Mine in China

A Permian period forest was found fully intact after being buried in ash around 298-million years ago in a region near Wuda, in Inner Mongolia, China.

via, gizmodo / UPenn


Babes of Yore: Barbara Carrera

Barbara Carrera is a former model and actress.

{note: boobs}


UP All Night

Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Blank Generation

Animal Shower LULZ

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Reminisce Over This

Gang Starr, Moment of Truth, 1998

For The Modern Office with Great Cell Phone Reception

Native Union’s MM03i 

This One Time, It’s More Fun To Lose

A 45 Second Staring Contest With Kate Upton


“Blue Collar” New Balance

New Balance + Burn Rubber WORKFORCE 580

Andy Howell: Art, Skateboarding & Life

Andy Howell has created some legendary graphics and artwork in his self-made career. This book published back in 2005 by Gingko Press chronicles some of the highlights.

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