Costumes from Yahoo! Shopping Japan

I mean really, why not?  It’s Friday and you deserve this enjoyment.  If you like any of them, here is the link to buy.

Mini excerpts/Documentaries for Beautiful Losers

Iconoclast has placed a bunch of really great clips from the Beautiful Losers Exhibition onto You Tube.  The piece above featuring Barry McGee is classic, as are the videos of and by Ari Marcopulous, Clare Rojas, and  Cheryl Dunn after the jump.

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The Douchebag Name Generator


It’s spot on correct

Friday’s Vault

Ban This! L.A. Boys

picture of the day


Naoya Hatakeyama: Examples from the Blast Series, since 1995


Clooney’s new pooney


Meet Elisabetta Canalis.

Job well done George Clooney.  Job well done.

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Go Buy Now: Dave Kinsey’s Sustain: No Fin No Future


Available today from BLK/MRKT Editions is this great new print by Dave Kinsey, Sustain: No Fin No Future

4-color screenprint on 100% cotton rag

Edition: 175
Size: 24 x 18 in /
61 x 45.7 cm

“This is a very special print to help bring awareness to the plight of the hundreds of thousands of sharks that are brutally finned/maimed for ‘shark fin soup’ …SOUP!  Proceeds to benefit Shark Angels, Shark Savers and Shark Water.”

Buy it now

Summer of Love


“its a bitter sweet series that examine our fascinating yet frightening views on sexuality in our exploitative society.”

Illustration by Saiman Chow

Tonight at A.S.S.


Asia Song Society

Adam Marnie
Bobbi Woods
Brendan Fowler

July 30-August 2, 2009
Opening Reception: July 30 7-9PM
Performance by Disaster/Stephen, Stephen (Brendan Fowler)

Reminisce Over This

Lord Finesse, Hip 2 Da Game, 1996

Breaking the Law


Trapster, the iPhone app that helps you speed.

“You’re driving along the highway, maybe exceeding the speed limit, when your iPhone calls out to you: “Police often hide here.”

for more info on the app go here.

One of the coolest jobs ever

Test driver for Lamborghini. Check out this Lamborghini documercial created by JM. It was made for a new special edition of a Lamborghini Gallardo.

The Turbo Chair


With the slickness.

Designed by Charles Constantine

“Indoor/outdoor chair made from three pieces of water jet cut aluminum. Components are broken on CNC press, and are fastened together with only two stainless steel stretchers.  The foam is an open cell material that allows for water to pass through is.  Turbo is lightweight and packs flat, it is available in pewter, white, and bronze powder coated aluminum.”

william shatner reading Sarah Palin Tweets on Conan

It never gets old.

Our Five Favorite Insanewiches

It seems with every passing moment, there appears a new website dedicated to some zany food idea.  The latest to catch our eye is Insanewiches, self-described as a “great time-waster for fed up foodies who need a little fun injected into their routine.”  Above is a taste of what they have to offer.

Lunchtime Laughter

The Hipster Job (as in Job the bible guy)

via, TheDW



Hatebeak is a death metal band whose frontman is a 19 year old  African Grey Parrot named Waldo.  Their music has been described as “a jackhammer being ground into a compactor.”  I’m into it.  Music after the jump.

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Shiantology is an amazing fansite for Shia LaBouef.  The fans are totally out of this world and their tribute art borders on amazing.

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Lily Mae Martin


Check out Lily Mae Martin. Her work is figurative and mostly in the mediums of oils, ink and pencil. She has an Exhibition “Mêlée” at theARTer gallery.

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