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Salman Agah, Chet Thomas, Steve Saiz, Erike Sanederson, and Albert Montez in Propaganda

Picture of the Day

Loretta Lux, “Siegfried”

Tokyo Tattoo 1970

Martha Cooper has a new book out with Dokument Press and a corresponding show opening Friday night (12/9) at Urban Folk Art in Brooklyn. Featuring previously unpublished photographs from her early days in Japan, the works document Japanese tattooing (irezumi) and the artist Horibun I at work.

photos via, martha cooper / 12oz

Up All Night

The Beatles, I am the Walrus

More or Less

The Evolution of Dance since the ’70s

Reminisce Over This

Method Man & Redman, Da Rockwilder, 1999

Would Go Great With Bronze Bones…

Wes Lang’s hand cast bronze skull from Repop

Bones here


Steep Hill: The Nation’s First Cannabis Testing Lab

Piffbusters goes inside to answer a decades old question: Which is better, Purple or Green weed?

via, Mishka

Beast Martens

Docs come through with a shoe inspired by the 3989 5-eye Brogue for Hypebeast. Well done with the exception of not stocking size 12.

12 Days Until Christmas

Until the Friday before Christmas, we’ll be posting one product a day to help make the holiday the most gifted one yet

Handcrafted wooden acoustic iPhone speaker ($65 & up)

25 NYC Spots Eddie Huang Likes Dinner At

The man put me on to this Vietnamese spot in the East Village a while back so this well-written list gets co-signed.

Lunchtime Laughter

Ali G and Newt Gingrich

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