design is in Meat(packing)


This Weekend May 14-17th don’t miss ‘NY local’, an exhibition curated by designboom that presents the work of some of the big apple’s best transplants, expats, design veterans and rising stars.
‘NY local’ is part of an off-site event program in the meatpacking district.

Make sure to check out the work by TWBE’s friend Matt Gagnon ( “grid wall” featured above)
Matt’s work can be described as complex concepts executed elegently.(that’s just me)

Here’s the list:
- lindsey adelman
- matt gagnon
- paul loebach
- kiel mead
- alissia melka-teichroew
- jason miller
- takeshi miyakawa
- RBW (RichBrilliantWilling)
- garth roberts
- john truex
- matthew weatherly

Lunchtime Laughter

Undaunted by theives, Faile puts another totem pole prayer wheel in the ground


Our friend Katherine sent us over images of Faile‘s latest street installation in Brooklyn.  You may remember what happened to the other one.

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i f@cking love hockey

Dropping Gloves, big fight at the end of the game. Detroit Vs Anaheim May 12.

Russian Cheerleaders


Wait, Russian Cheerleaders?

beautiful design(er)


It’s not really a baby Jesus. Maybe all the catholic schooling makes me thing any brown-haired, white robe figure is Jesus. Anyway these little vinyl figures are from Momiji and designed by Camila De Gregorio. Camila hails from Chile, where she works as a graphic designer and models.



Customized Knock-off


A piece of art as much as a shoe, the Canal Street Air Force 1 created by Solebox

via, Animal

Kate Moss Thursday

Video format!

Marianne Faithful, Sex With Strangers—featuring a young Kate Moss

Picture of the Day


Ganked from Tiny Vices splash page

slushee anyone

Here is another one we can add to the list of  “things you wont see in the US”. We found this great slushee advertisement.

Check out the baby baby baby baby video here.

Taki 183 returns!


On July 21st, 1971 the headline ‘Taki 183′ Spawns Pen Pals appeared in the NY Times.  On May 13th, 2009, Taki 183 got a website.  The first two lines of the Times article read as such “Taki is a Manhattan teenager who writes his name and his street number everywhere he goes. He says it is something he just has to do.”  I didn’t want to pay for the rest of the article but, you can (or if you’re smart, download it from his site or peep it after the jump.)  I am more concerned with spending my money on one of the spraypainted prints that are for sale on his website.  Yes, that tag above is original, and spraypainted by Taki himself.  True graffiti history.

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Reminisce Over This

Terminator X, It All Comes Down to the Money, 1994

Patrick Griffin


He takes nice photographs, have a look.

Female Bodybuilders and the men who love them

There’s someone for everyone…

Guy Bourdin is Unseen in London


Wallpaper* blesses the internet with a slideshow of some of his 32 previously unexhibited photographs from Unseen. Word

Go Buy Now: Marci Washington’s Tiny Showcase Print


We kind of have a thing for Marci Washington, maybe after seeing this print you will too.  Available for $20 through Tiny Showcase, this print is worth every cent.  There are only about 30 left from the edition of 100, so act soon!

Buy Now

(thanks Liam!)

Viva Mexico! Viva Enchiladas!


This made me hungry.

Lunchtime Laughter

Marion Peck at Sloan Fine Art


Ladies & Clowns features new paintings and video by Marion Peck and it opens tonight (May 13th).

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