No Clue Why This was made…But congratulations to the creator

The weirdo possibilities in claymation are endless



No, this isn’t Liz Lemon’s book.  This Dealbreaker is a nice, well read tumblr from both sexes about those pet peeves that turn yes’s into no’s with the quickness.

The Number 1 Dealbreaker in The Enablist’s book?  If the lady is wearing or has ever worn Skechers.

Peep the site here

The xx on jools holland

The xx are a band from South London, receiving a tremendous amount of buzz. They are on a numerous amount of playlists and have been name dropped more than once in TWBE’s HQ in the last week.

But that is not what this post is about. It’s about their performance of Island (from their self titled release) on the Jools Holland show. The performance has to win an award for best television performance. from the editing to the lighting, American talkshows need to take cues from this performance. Most of the time (whether it’s Letterman, Conan, Fallon, Leno, or Kimmel) the performances have horrible sound, bad lighting, tired cuts, and are just painful to watch. You can tell who ever edited this performance was a fan, great job. It definitely made me want to check out more from the band.

McDonald’s Halloween Pails


Totally forgot about these!  Wasn’t 1980’s waste amazing?

Lunchtime Laughter

Images from Italy

Five years ago I was 25, spending time in Italy trying to sort out what the hell I wanted to do with my life.  I came to NY.  While sorting through files this weekend, I came across a bunch of touristy images from that period of my life.  Enjoy.

very little here


This is beautiful. Japanese design studio Nendo, created a chair made of hollowed-out pieces of wood covering a metal frame.  The legs of the chair are only 15 mm in diameter. For more details and photos checkout Dezeen.

mad skills Danny MacAskill

Have you seen him? Danny MacAskill is a Scottish freestyle BMX, Trail rider sponsored by Inspired Bicycles Ltd. This video was released in April of this year. All I have to say is its sick!

random thought


Excerpt from issue two of Paper Monument

Morning Dose of Awesome

via, theDw

Say Hello to Monday with adriana lima


Adriana Lima in black and white can guide you through the morning fog

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up


Dave Schubert

This Week…

We drooled over Matte Black Cars

This dudes T-Shirt won all types of awards with us

We looked at the Spike Jonze x Kanye West short film in 45 Frames

We made a slideshow of Kurt Cobain and his kitten


Lonneke Engel is super hot in shades

Giant Robot Biennale 2: 15 years at Japanese American National Museum


This Saturday in Los Angeles.  see pics of the install here

artorialust: 27th Street Edition

We made our way briefly along 27th street last night, indulging in Art, beer, & mini-burgers.  There were a few distractions along the way

Sound Advice 23: We Love You So


We are pleased to present our 23rd installment of Sound Advice featuring We Love You So.  We Love You So is Spike Jonze, Dallas Clayton, Graham Kolbeins, Molly Young, and Matt Rubin.

Sound Advice 23  –  We Love You So

01 Lust For Life  –  Girls
02 Wake Up (WTWTA trailer version)  –  Arcade Fire
03 I Want a Dog  –  Pet Shop Boys
04 Hey There Stranger  –  Pamela Blue
05 The Wimp  –  Capybara
06 Animal Crackers (in Cellophane Boxes)  –  Gene Pitney
07 Yekermo Sew  –  Mulatu Astatke
08 Water To Wine  –  Saintseneca
09 Tong Poo  –  Yellow Magic Orchestra
10 Rumpus  –  Karen O and The Kids
11 Overnight Religion  –  Kurt Vile
12 Green Bean (Binki Shapiro)  –  Green Bean
13 No Time, No Hope  –  Times New Viking
14 Ode to an African Violet  –  Mort Garson
15 Como Pudiste Hacerme Esto A Mi  –  Alaska y Dinarama
16 Overmuch  –  The Long Lost
17 Turkey Sandwich  –  Mika Miko
18 Poet, Fool or Bum  –  Lee Hazlewood
19 Hultsfred ’98  –  Jens Lekman
20 Seigneur Apprends Moi  –  Hermas Zopoula

Download Sound Advice 23 Now! (Media Fire)

Download Sound Advice 23 Now! (Rapid Share)

Up All Night

Big Audio Dynamite II, Rush, 1991

Talk at me with Anita & Neil


In this feature, two of our favorite people, Neil Anblomi and Anita Goodman, ask each other important questions.

This week, Neil asks Anita:

Neil:There is this chick who works at a local cafe by my office. One day whilst talking to her she told me that guys with tattoos are her biggest turn on.  I have kept my body  ink free, just in case I want to get buried in a Jewish cemetery (you never know) but now I’m considering getting one to pique her interest.  I’m thinking some type of tribal arm band, or maybe a Japanese character on my fore arm.  I’m so excited just writing about it!  Any advice?

[Read more]

Reminisce Over This

Young MC, Bust A Move, 1989

Richard Colman’s got a Snowboard


Truth be told, The Enablist has never been on a ski mountain in his life.  If I ever was to go on one, I would probably ride a snowboard down the hill and this would be the snowboard I would ride.  Monument x Richard Colman.  Boo ya.  I also like the fact that Monument has DC’s flag as its web icon, Chocolate City.

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