“Surfland” photographer joni Sternbach goes old school


Joni Sternbach‘s solo exhibition, “SurfLand,” features 40 tintype portraits of surfers and is on view at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, from May 16th to October 9th. Sternbach used a 19th-century wooden camera and a wet-plate technique to create the portraits.

sex (not sex)


This is an awesome site that is not safe for work in the slightest way.  Do it.

lego Pirate Theater


via, Buzzfeed

5 dollar dinners


Imagine if this was your lady,

“I love to cook and I love the challenge of coming up with a meal”

And then this is the shit she said to you

“this meal was only $3.85,” or “tonight’s dinner cost about $5.”

Now this is her website

Lunchtime Laughter

Sometimes I wonder if Common Sense changed his name to Common just for big screen possibility

if every night could be like last night


Last Night’s Party

it’s always a good time to start planning for the long weekend. Get motivated with a little imagery.

need to know Fumie Sasabuchi

Tokyo born artist Fumie Sasabuchi creates these beautiful works of art. He manipulates fashion magazine spreads and color pencils to create these one of a kind works of art. And that’s not all.


The M.A.S.K. Quiz


A favorite cartoon from the 1980′s, take this quiz to see if you remember anything about it.


The Pains of being pure at heart


We have been digging The Pains of Being Pure at Heart for some time.  Now if you haven’t heard of them, you have now.  Available through their website is this cool little bundle of goods featuring “a red tote bag, a limited edition red 7 inch single for Young Adult Friction including Ramona as the B-Side, 3 buttons and a limited edition The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart poster”  Also pick up their CD, which is bangin’.  They’ll be touring Europe in the Summer with a couple brief stops back in the states, so if you’ve got the chance, see them!

buy all the goods here

Morning Dose of Awesome

wednesday’s muse


Jenna Pietersen

Picture of the Day


Kava Gorna

Souther Salazar’s Hot Air Balloon installation

Saturday night we stopped by Souther Salazar’s new show at Jonathan Levine and were immediately drawn to a back room where these Hot Air Balloons created out of lightbulbs, wiffle balls, glass jars, and plastic bottles were installed amongst small watercolors and drawings. They are about the coolest/cutest art pieces I have seen for some time and some are still available here

Opening shot courtesy of TypeFiend the rest courtesy of Jonathan Levine Gallery

guts of her studies, shannon Keller


Make sure to check out Shannon Keller at Show Cave opening up May 23 in LA.

1930 Echo Park Avenue in Echo Park

More images and info from Shannon after the jump.

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Hannah Stouffer watercolors


Check out the watercolor work by artist illustrator Hannah Stouffer. Make sure to check out the live recreated works on here site. Example after the jump.

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Reminisce Over This

Snoop Doggy Dogg, Gin and Juice, 1993

Fuck Yeah, Ryan McGinley!


The title says it all,  Ryan McGinley 24/7. Tumble on Tumblrs!

the new version of Transformers “the touch”

Stan Bush’s “the Touch” from the original animated movie of the Transformers was updated for the new movie.  What the fuck is this? I knew Sam had to screw something up, it’s as if Linkin Park was knocked off by Air Supply.

Original version after the jump. 

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The MTA Jacket


via Will Carpio/12oz

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