How to be Kenny Powers for Halloween


I was once Pootie Tang, kind of similar. Complex breaks it down.

Saul Chernick’s Protosapien Mist Unit


There’s something quite striking about these pieces from Saul Chernick.

Protosapien Mist Unit (Artist Proof)
12.5″ x 4.75″ x 2.75″

Checking in on Scanwiches


Cafe Habana: Beer Battered Catfish, Salsa, Purple Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Spicy Mayonnaise on a hero


Lunchtime Laughter

(Thanks Brandon!)

The Playful World of Butt Johnson

Quite a name for this Brooklyn-based Artist.  All of these deserve to be seen big, which you can do here

Getting Creative with Pumpkins


I would have never thought of this one.

See more here

Dear Danko

Nice gig.  Watch an interview with Danko and Kid Cudi while they get lifted after the jump.  Did I mention, what a job?

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I realize I’m late on this but…


Damn.  Amy Winehouse got some big ol’ fake titties!

Benicio Del Toro is The Wolfman

Well this movie looks all good and Hollywood.  Opening in February but, inspirational for Halloween.

via, theblaaahg

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Jessica


Available Today at a random time is a print by Shepard Fairey titled ‘Jessica,’ which is based off of a fine art piece that Shepard had created for Lance Armstrong’s Stages exhibition.  Measuring 18″ x 24″ in an edition of 475, all profits from the print go to cancer research.

More info here

Picture of the Day


Troy Holden

There’s a great story behind this one too, read here

A late afternoon dose of Subways, Trannies, & Mace

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Urs Fischer at the New Museum


On view until Valentine’s Day 2010. No Strollers.

“For his first large-scale solo presentation in an American museum, Urs Fischer has taken over all three of the New Museum’s gallery floors to create a series of immersive installations and hallucinatory environments.

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Pin’em Up

If your girl is still looking for some Halloween inspiration, have her check out the illustrations of Aly Fell.  Fresh.

via, Drawn

up all night

Devo, Satisfaction

The Girls of CMJ



Reminisce Over This

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Mistadobalina, 1991

The Andrew Jeffrey Wright Print & T-Shirt Subscription


From the talented minds at Space 1026 in Philadelphia…

“You will receive one of every print that Andrew Jeffrey Wright produces for the calendar year of 2010 that’s more than 12 NEW prints guaranteed! In addition to the prints you will get one of every t-shirt design that AJW produces for the year. That’s at least 6 designs, maybe more!”

More info can be found here

No Clue Why This was made…But congratulations to the creator

The weirdo possibilities in claymation are endless

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