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David Potes

Shake That Orangina

Volume Up.
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Original art From The Golden Age of Hip-Hop


De La Soul is Dead is in my top 3 favorite albums of all time, so this exhibition resonates.

“Expansion, Inc. is proud to present an exhibition featuring artists who designed 90’s HIP HOP music albums whether single covers or logos. The paintings are duplicates on canvas of the original artwork from these famous artists and records. We believe that the artists who designed 90ss HIP HOP music album covers or logos should also be recognized by the public and the music industry as their artwork play an important role in the marketing of the music industry. More importantly, it teaches and introduces the younger generation to the history of 90’s HIP HOP and the element behind the artwork industry.”

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Charley Harper

I am really digging the work of Charley Harper.  Most of these images are available for purchase through Iconoclast

up all night

Ramones, Rock and Roll Highschool

Galileo’s Fingers


This is crazy weird. Just the idea that his fingers still exist is enough.

CNN reports:

“Two fingers cut from the hand of Italian astronomer Galileo nearly 300 years ago have been rediscovered more than a century after they were last seen”

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Reminisce Over This

OC, Time’s Up, 1994

Sake Bomb


Designed by Alexander Purcell, the Sake Bomb is a based on a “juxtaposition of the Fugu Fish (Blowfish),… and a WW II sea mine.”  They come in blue, black, orange, and white, and retail for $98.

via, dezeen

not sure if it’s a good thing…

The Rolling Stones have re-issued Wild Horses in response to Susan Boyle-s performance of the classic on X-Factor. The song is on her debut release that came out on the 22. Along with the new re-issue they are also making the video available. I guess they do not have YouTube.

This is still my favorite song by the Stones.

via, NME

pewter gingham


A nice subtle shirt from J. Crew.

Inspected Gadget: Rugged Casio Exilim EX-G1


Over the last couple of days, I came across this camera a few times and held back from writing about it – at first glance I thought it was just kinda ugly and hyping up the ‘rugged’ thing. Giving it a harder look, I’ve grown to like it – obviously a tie-in to the Casio’s  G-Shock watch “endurance-minded features” without exactly aping the name. It looks like it could still slide into a pocket nicely, and when you miss that pocket, it’ll survive the fall. I’d love to see a true endurance test when it is released.
The specs:

-Shock resistant elements inside and outside. Stainless steel outer casing, resin protective ring on the lens. Supposedly fine for seven foot drops.
-Water resistant to 10 feet for 60 continuous minutes, even under direct spray.
-Weather resistant down to 14°F
-12.1 Megapixels, with interval shooting of photos or movies (fun)
-Available in black or red, $299 MSRP in December 2009

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Cereal Flowchart


This masterpiece was created by the folks over at Eating The Road

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Lunchtime Laughter


Captured over the course of six years, BACKFLASHES is a gorgeous glimpse through the eyes of ruedione into the adventure of writing graffiti.  These photos are outstanding, and the book is a must buy.  For more of a background on the photographer/artist, Ekosystem has a great interview.

colorChange for the iphone

ColorChange by Indivigital is a really awesome app. If you ever wanted to repaint a wall in your place and were unsure about the color to use, this app is the answer. Here is how it works: Take a picture of the wall, then select on the portions you want to paint. It’s smart enough to know trace around pictures, and objects that may be in the shot and you can use its tools to select and erase what you may not want to have colored. Definitely worth the $2.99.

nme’s 100 greatest albums of the decade


Fill in the blanks of your collection. Check out NME’s 100 greats.

Wow, this shirt.


On a design level, this shirt by Fresh Jive is totally on point.  The message is clear, “Hope is Fading Fast.” Well, in 2008 Obama was the only option we had. If only there was a party called Demublican…although Republocrat sounds pretty tight too.  Makin’ Money for the people.

Read the politics behind it here, and have a look at this other tee after the jump that is crazy nice and true.

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