Dirty Old Town

Billy’s Antiques & Props is shutting down and there’s a nice party to accompany it.

Above is the movie Dirty Old Town, which is available on iTunes. The description is as follows:

“The Bowery becomes a nexus of shattered dreams when a merchant has 72 hours to pay his rent. Facing extinction, his ramshackle tent of antiquities lures a troop of misfits, freaks and renegades who form a tableaux vivant full of carnival pageantry, white lies and victimless crime in a fleeting glimpse of Downtown New York.”

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RAMMELLZEE: THE EQUATION, The Letter Racers at The Suzanne Geiss Company 


UP All Night

Brian Eno, Baby’s On Fire

video unrelated

The First Climate-Induced Relocation of a Country

Rising sea levels have forced the Pacific nation of Kiribati into negotiations to buy land in Fiji.

note: in the picture above is a seaweed farm. 

Reminisce Over This

K-Solo, Your Mom’s In My Business, 1990

Bret Easton Ellis Music

We’ve been trying to get him to do a Sound Advice for ages, but until that happens you can stream playlists inspired from his books here.


Sweeping Beauty II

Calligraffiti by Niels Shoe Meulman

via, booooooom

Cutter Jacket by Batten Sportswear

On some ‘Casual Dad’ style right here.


Turn your iPad and iPhone into a Ukulele. Sounds as boring as she looks. Why not an electric guitar?

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Bacon and Guacamole Sammies

Lunchtime Laughter

Simon’s Cat – “Lunch Break”

In The Bathroom of Gagosian With Richard Colman


Definitely the coolest place to poop right now in Beverly Hills.

photos courtesy of Jeremy Shockley

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