could this be the best reality show ever?


Steven Seagal, the man behind the classics Hard to Kill, and Above the Law, has a reality show Lawman. The show airs this December on A&E, so you have not missed anything yet.  Lawman, according to the trailer centers around Seagal, a 20 year veteran on the force… I guess he has been a cop for over 20 years? During the filming of a movie, the Sheriff brought Steven in to help train the officers, and it went so well they deputized Steven and he has been a cop ever since. So follow Steven on the streets of  Jefferson as he saves the town from evil drug running environmental criminals trying to hijack a train with a nuclear bomb on it. In Steven’s words, “It’s not a Job it’s an Adventure”. One last thing, if you like Steven Seagal you also must like Sausage sandwiches…great ad placement!

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Morning Dose of Sexual Senior Citizens

That’s right, Old people learn about safe sex through claymation.  Yup, you’re naggy Jewish Grandma is still gettin’ it.

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Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Sticker Kit


Available today at a random moment in time is Shepard Fairey’s latest print, Sticker Kit.  It’s a very informative print, even giving you the stats of running your own small time magazine, Peel, which is who the profits of this print will go to.

“Dave and Holly Combs are wonderful people as well as the founders of PEEL Zine. They took the risk of following their artistic passion and have paid the price of losing their home. I created this print with and for them to raise money to help with their huge debt. PEEL has helped to support and grow the street art community and I believe they deserve to have the favor returned. Profits from this print go to help the Combs family.  Please help out.”


Edition of 450, 18×24, S/N, $50, buy it here

Picture of the Day


Norse Project New Balance are objects of Desire



via, Sneakers

happy birthday to the ground

SNL was a hit and miss this weekend. I am still on the fence about this one but, the cake line is my favorite.

The In Store Book Review: Pieter Hugo’s Nollywood

Unfortunately, we cannot always afford the books we like and see, and only the really smart book publishers send titles our way. So, to deliver you an inside look at really great books, we decided to go renegade and just photograph them in Book Stores.  Above is Nollywood, a fascinating oversized photo book by Pieter Hugo, published by Prestel, and available at The Strand.

up all night

The Specials- Gangsters.

Everybody is a curator these days


The NY Times had a nice little article about the rise in use of the word ‘curate.’  Hell, we even use the word in our ‘about’ section, meaning we’re pretentious suckers just like everyone else.  Sorry guys.

Read the Article here, and if you’re interested in that shirt above, it’s available at Zazzle.

Reminisce Over This

Main Source, Looking at the Front Door, 1990

niche tumblrs are all the rage…


fine nudes tumblr…NSFW

Random You Tube Search

Went after the term ‘incisor’ today.  Apparently this dude above reviews toy figurines.

repetitive accumulations of everyday objects


Tara Donovan‘s artwork builds on “repetitive accumulations of everyday objects.” If you live in San Diego, you need to make it down to Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, for her first ever museum survey. It runs through January, so you have a little time.

Dates: 10 Oct 09 – 16 Jan 10
Categories: Contemporary (1970-present)
Address: 1001 Kettner at Broadway San Diego 92101
Tel: +1 619 234 1001 Website


oh shit, collaboration


A.P.C. x Supreme, a collaboration we didn’t see coming last week. Supreme gives the French Denim a bit of NY attitude with a Fuck Em! embroidery and looser cut.

Read some commentary on it all at HighSnobiety.

Art and Fast Food Finally Unite


A McDonald’s is going to open at the Louvre. Classy. Go America!  You own this.

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lunchtime laughter

by Pete Chicago

The work of Jodie Anne Candy

We are totally impressed by the soft, portrait work of Australian artist Jodie Anne Candy.

kate beckinsale, the sexiest woman alive

Esquire has named Kate Beckinsale the sexiest woman alive. No arguments here.

Mario Tama gets Above it All

By: PeteChicago


Photographer Mario Tama shoots NYC from above—ranging from cool overhead shots to some insane plane flyovers like the one above. When you can see the seams and rivets from underneath as you’re speeding on the LIE, you know they are damn low.

Another insane one after the jump.

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