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the hottest clothed porn star


Sasha Grey’s claim to fame was porn…but, I have to say these photos in Rolling Stone are awesome. A pornstar never looked so good dressed. Check out 5 more shots here. (The last one is a sub unit… don’t bother).

Don’t forget our other posts on Sasha.

Rumsfeld Documents


Donald Rumsfeld was that deceptively scary kind of crazy.

See all of these never-before-seen documents at GQ

Scratching the Surface by Vhils

Vhils works in constructing faces through created decay.  This beautifully shot video captures the process almost romantically.

damn! adriana lima


It’s Monday, and it’s Adriana Lima. Enjoy the week.

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-up


The Arab Parrot

This week…

Artorialust found love in Colt 45

Taki 183 resurfaced!

These guys started Headbanging in Nature

We looked at Awkard family photos


How can you forget Mother Lovers?

Friday suicide(girl)


Everyday the girls over at Suicide Girls send us a preview of the day. So we thought that we would wait until Friday and pick our favorite. Plus, I can’t think of a better way to start of the weekend. This week…Amanita Suicide. More info about her after the jump.

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Souther Salazar and Andy Kehoe at Jonathan Levine


Two of my favorite artists having respective solo shows under one roof.  It does not get much better!  Opening this Saturday night at Jonathan Levine Gallery is Souther Salazar’s Last Year’s Man and Andy Kehoe’s Living in Twighlight.  More info and press release(s) after the jump.

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Reminisce Over This

A Tribe Called Quest, Hot Sex on a Platter, 1992

Model Citizens Unite!


Opening this Saturday and continuing through this weekend is Model Citizens NYC.  Our friend Charles Constantine has some great pieces in it, we stopped by his studio a couple days ago to see what he was working on.  (uncomfortable picture after the jump!)

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crouching tiger hidden vampire, Blood The Last Vampire

If you have not seen this trailer, then you should. What more can you ask for? A cute, half Vampire half Human, Japanese school girl kicking ass. From the creators of Crouching Tiger comes a damn cool looking movie.

Deep-Sea Eruption, releases Killer shrimp

Crazy shit going on below. “Deep-Sea Eruption, Odd Animals Seen”, when I read the headline I expected to see godzilla. Listening to the guy talking in the background I thought I was listening to a Cheech and Chong Movie.

Evan Gruzis at the Journal Gallery


We were stoked to see his last show at Deitch this past winter/fall and are definitely excited to check Evan Gruzis’ new show, Touch of Grey, at the Journal Gallery tonight!

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deathstar destroys the enterprise

Just good old funny stuff from geeks. Mike Horn has proven that he has a gift not only for CGI, but also for sci-fi satire. Death Star vaporizing Star Trek’s beloved Enterprise. source

Fast food sandwiches of the past


A trip with your tummy down memory lane.  Who can forget the McDLT and its eco-friendly packaging!


Lunchtime Laughter

A whole lot of Sexy People

aw yeah.  Sexy People for days

The Best Porn Star Twit Pics


This is why you’re following them on Twitter anyway, right?  For the chance, for the taste of the remote chance.  Anyway, I’m going to have to dig up some films with Tori Black (above).  She’s so dope.  See the list here. Bonus shot after the jump.

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Vans Caballero


I can’t believe this shoe debuted 20 years ago!  That would put me at the age of nine or ten when my parents finally got fed up with torn sneakers and blessed me with the opportunity to buy a ‘skate’ shoe.  The Cab is going to back on store shelves this June, and back on my feet soon after.

More info here

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