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punks love pets

Check out the “Islington punk squatter documentary ’83”, the narration is awesome!

From the Plate of Roger Gastman


Just A Little Leftovers

Rich had a birthday September 30th, my birthday October 9th. Rich is to cheap to buy me a present because he is a broke loser. On his birthday I bought him a brand new duel cassette player, Sony Discman, gift certificates to Chipotle. And what the hell did I get? A large chunk of ten day leftover birthday cake. Thanks Asshole. How funny will it be next year when you get leftover birthday cake that’s 350 days old and I ain’t freezing it.

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Lunchtime Laughter

When baseball was Base Ball

In the spirit of the World Series, the New York Public Library has put together a great selection of photographs of New York and Philadelphia’s baseball teams from the late 19th and early 20th century.  If only baseball players of today had to wear the uniforms of yore.  Ha! Collars for all.  See the entire set here

An English Church on the 21st Floor


The Japanese are always one step ahead.  A Japanese developer has recreated a church from England on the 21st and 22nd stories of a tower in Osaka, Japan.  Apparently it’s pretty popular for Japanese couples to get married in English Style Churches,

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Gentleman Broncos

This’ll be a good movie, opening this weekend.

house industries neutra boomerang chair


Now taking orders, House Industries Neutra Boomerang Chair comes in maple or walnut with black or natural webbing. Available here

Fuck Yeah Vans!


A website to destroy all others

Friday’s Vault

Jeron Wilson in Goldfish

picture of the day


Iris Samancas

So Sorry Mr. Warhol


Just like Michael Jordan getting cut from his High School Basketball Team, Andy Warhol was rejected from the Moma early on.  The great site Letters of Note, has said rejection letter.  See it here

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Kate Moss for YSL Parisienne

One of the sexier commercials we’ve ever seen

your parents were awesome

Before they had you, they were cool. Check out this tumblr, your parents were awesome, for a ton of trendsetting family photos.

up all night

psychedelic furs, Heaven

Tonight in Times Square: Shepard Fairey x Levi’s live installation


7 PM – 12 Midnight: Live Art Installation followed by in-store signing.

For those unable to make it, we’re giving away this stencil (above) to one lucky commenter. To win, just read this interview from 1998 and tell us your favorite part.  More info on the event after the jump

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Reminisce Over This

U.T.F.O., Roxanne Roxanne, 1985

easy listening


StreetCarnage has a great Mike Muir radio session/interview where the Suicidal Tendencies’ frontman plays a solid variety of tracks and does some storytelling (including a funny one about actor Bill Paxton towards the end). Remembering how I’d literally listen to these guys as I’d go to bed each night, there is something so oddly calming about this…

(Note on the image choice, though the “Join the Army” cover is a close contender for classic album art, I think this one  for “Feel Like Shit/Deja Vu” was always my favorite Suicidal cover, also fitting that this specific release is twenty years old this year)

Ventriloquist Choirs are one of the stranger things in existence

Anyone know where I can see one in person?

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