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Richard Colman

Our friend Richard Colman has got a new website, plus a killer blog.  You should visit both, and applaud the man who once had the gully to write his name in silver & black on the Exorcist steps.

N.A.S.A: Tom Waits + Kool Keith, Spacious Thoughts…Wow

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Damien Hirst for Supreme


These decks by Damien Hirst are available in-store at Supreme in New York today.  Buy the whole dang set, because they’re worth it.  The T-shirt is on point too.

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These are some great objects by Jorine Oosterhoff. Shift has an interview with the designer if you’re interested in finding out more.

An extra after the jump.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Old Michel Gondry commercial for Levi’s

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Kate Moss Thursdays



Picture of the Day


Richard Avedon

Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent, 14 June, 1981

retro love for fall


The kind folks behind Jacques have sent us a preview of their Autumn issue. A perfect read for your holiday commute next week. Head to your local bookstore/printed matter spot and pick up a copy.

If your not familiar with Jacques, here’s a little video (after the jump NSFW)

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Daily Gadget: Leica M7 Hermes Limited Edition Camera


The economy is getting better: wildly expensive at $14,250US, and the economy is a sinking ship: probably wildly stealable. The Hermes treatment is given to the Leica M7. Specs are the same as the existing version – film based, quick locking variable aperture priority, amazing lens options. Calfskin leather in either orange or etoupe (if they’re going to say  “orange”, why not just say “brown”…) wrapped over a silver chrome body. Limited to 100 cameras per color. The kit drops in December 2009 in a linen and silk box, includes a matching leather strap, the Leica SUMMILUX-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH wide-angle lens, a matching classic lens flare hood, and the LEICAVIT M rapid film winder.

This thing’s all over the internet- freshnessmag, hypebeast. and engadget.

up all night

Kraftwerk, The Telephone Call

Worship with the Gaming Masses

Sit back and watch the latest in gaming news, Inside Gaming, hosted by Dead Pixel. It’s got a good review of Assassin’s Creed 2 – the tidbits about controlling yourself as a baby just after being born and conversations with your mom about vaginas in the presence of Leonardo da Vinci sound kinda crazy. Then there’s Left 4 Dead 2, hot on the trails of the first gory version, so it suffers a bit for being more of the same but sounds like it manages to introduce some new enemies, new weapons, and new locations.

Reminisce Over This

Redman, Time 4 Sum Aksion, 1992

Alex Schweder ‘performance architecture’


Installation artist Alex Schweder created spit skin in 2006.

“this installation of licked together biodegradable packing peanuts contorts, deforms, and melts when it contacts water.  Located in a subterranean bathroom at the American Academy in Rome, this saliva stuck skin served as a map of moisture exchange between  leaky walls and the leaky bodies that occupied them.  The shriveling and shrinking architectural performance for the camera questions the role of the recording and the object in our subjective perception of space.

More on the piece here

He recently finished a residency down in Marfa Texas at Chinati, Donald Judd’s foundation. There is some really great work down there.

the invisble man


Check out this collection of images of the invisible man, or just a man with mad skills, and a bit crazy.

Victorian plant life


Chceck out Melbourne, Australia artist Melissa Haslam, She has a upcoming show in 2010 in LA. She describes her work botanical victorian.

the wire one line at a time

I never really watched The Wire, but after watching this collection of 100 greatest quotes, I might have to NetFlix… that bitch!


how do you read?


How do you read content these days? I am obsessed with the Kindle for iphone, but I think the actually kindle looks a little pretentious. Besides the fact, do you really need to carry around another gadget? Check out this article from the Times, “Library in a Pocket” which asks the question is it small enough.

Check out Distill‘s mag app and check out GQ‘s December issue.

(late) lunchtime laughter

This is one of those compilation videos of bails… But I love the metal head pogo(er), …nice hair. Also do you really need to ride a pogo like a skateboard?

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