good wood’s the new gold


We saw this on Blaaahg, great name, anyway check out NYC’s Good Wood. They are crafting some mini wood masterpieces.

You can buy Cameron Frye’s House


Bueller and Daddy issues not included


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A convincing argument for facials


Baby, you’d have to pay $250 in a spa for what I’m about to give you for free

Anti-Aging Substance is made of Human Sperm

Reminisce Over This

De La Soul, Me Myself and I, 1989

kick the habit


I don’t care if you smoke or not but, this is a creative idea.

Created by Ashi Dashi, you can pick them up for $11.99.

Undress some Suicide Girls with your iphone


The new Suicide Girls app is based off of those old nudie pens where the girl gets naked when you flip it over.  Flip your iPhone over and the girl gets down to her undies.  Best of all, it’s free.

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Dash Snow

The Brooklyn Museum shows off a new gift/acquisition on video

Dash Snow (American, born 1981). Untitled, 2008. Digital chromogenic prints. Gift of Javier Peres and Dash Snow. Brooklyn Museum. 2009.18.1-.6

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Paul, Rodney, & David


For Reals!

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Probably needs some ketchup…



the Whoa!

Lunchtime Laughter

Kill some time movie lover


Above is a detail of a painting that contains 50 movie references.  The challenge is to find them all.  I suck at movie trivia due to slight fadation but, if you’re good, give it a try.

Twitter The Movie, Twitter the TV Show


Huh? and Huh?

where are you having lunch today?

Two Playboy playmates and a Quiznos sub. According to the Denver Egotist, Quiznos claims they had nothing to do with the ad. If this is true, I think this is a step towards truly integrated ads. Quiznos wants to advertise on Playboy, so they let Playboy create a custom ad for their site/channel etc? Either way the ad is pretty good.

The New Yorker incorporates iphone art on its cover


We first featured Jorge Colombo’s iPhone art this past March, now the techno-friendly artist has his work on the cover of this week’s New Yorker as well as a continuing gig at the magazine’s website. [Read more]

Morning Dose of Awesome


via, YBNBY

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Supply and Demand Reviewed on ArtNet


As the summer vacation season opens up, I am once again reminded to schedule in a weekend trip up to Boston to revisit Shepard Fairey’s 20 year retrospective at the ICA.  ArtNet just published this nice review of it.

adriana lima for memorial day


Adriana Lima for the Memorial Day BBQ

Sound Advice 01: Jay Howell


We are proud to present a new feature on The World’s Best Ever, Sound Advice.  Every Friday until further notice we’ll be presenting a mixtape created by one of our favorite people.  This series kicks off with Jay Howell, a San Francisco-based artist and all around kind dude.

Sound Advice 01 – Jay Howell

01 Tendency Right Foot Forward  -  Kleenex Girl Wonder
02 Block Of Wood  -   The Bats
03 Better Gardens, Better Homes  -  Butterglory
04 2 Years 2 Days  -  Sebadoh
05 Pink Frost  -  The Chills
06 Cattle and Cane  -  The Go Betweens
07 The Puppet  -  Echo & The Bunnymen
08 Party Of The Mind  -  The Sound
09 Point that Thing Somewhere Else  -  The Clean
10 Pyromaniac  -  The Verlaines
11 Angela  -  Jarvis Cocker
12 Take The Skinheads Bowling  -  Camper Van Beethoven
13 Freeway  -  Kurt Vile
14 Girls Go Out  -  Averkiou
15 Ha  -  HTRK

Download Sound Advice 01 now!

spinning vinyl

This is a very cool app. Will it make it into the store? I am not sure.  Watch the video and see for yourself.


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