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The Stone Roses, Fools Gold

Pose & Augor LRG Shirts, Pieces, video


While cleaning up my desktop, I found these flicks and realized I hadn’t mentioned anything.  Pose & Augor got together with LRG to design some shirts and paint some pieces.  The results were sick as usual, just look at that above.

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Reminisce Over This

Souls of Mischief, ’93 till Infinity, 1993

Brixels: Create your own Lego Portrait


This is a great idea. For yourself, or as a gift.

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Best Tour Guide Ever

Captain Crazy at Nine Mile, Jamaica.  Need more proof? After the jump

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your own, personal wii jesus

Mass we Pray. No need to go to church when you can pray it on the wii.  It’s a shame this is actually just a really great viral hoax in promotion of the video game Dante’s Inferno. A great comedic video promo for Wii Pray after the jump.
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Inspected Gadget: Black Friday Preview Edition


Nice start to the week: a couple of black friday gadget shopping lists.

General black friday shopping list from Gizmodo

…and here is their NewEgg black friday list.

What to do with the leftovers


We realize that your Thanksgiving meal has not occured yet but, seeing as that after today we’re taking the rest of the week off, we figured to point you to this nice piece by ValetMag regarding what to do with your inevitable leftovers. This tasty gem looks soooooo good.

Lunchtime Laughter

Things you probably didn’t know about: Thanksgiving Masking

Thanksgiving was the original Halloween trick-or-treating time.  In the very early 20th century, children dressed up as beggars and went door-to-door for fruit (apples mostly) and pennies.  I dug these pictures out of the Library of Congresses flickr account.

Kibisi’s TMA headphones


I realized lately that the earbuds just don’t cut it. Check out the Kibisi‘s TMA headphones in some matte black sickness! When these are ultimately produced by aiaiai, they will be on the top of my list!


Brent Nolasco’s custom toys


Brent Nolasco customs are freak’n awesome. If you’re in L.A., make sure to catch the show launching November 27th @ Gallery 1988, LA


Hell Yeah Meredith Dittmar


It’s always great to discover new artists, and thanks to Fecal Face, Meredith Dittmar is on our radar now. She has a show opening at Upper Playground Mexico City December 9th.  Her pieces?  There made mostly out of polymer clay.

Peep a great interview with her on Fecal Face

Morning Dose of Awesome


Maryna Linchuk is…


Wednesday’s Muse

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Picture of the Day


David Potes

Shake That Orangina

Volume Up.
via, Animal

Original art From The Golden Age of Hip-Hop


De La Soul is Dead is in my top 3 favorite albums of all time, so this exhibition resonates.

“Expansion, Inc. is proud to present an exhibition featuring artists who designed 90’s HIP HOP music albums whether single covers or logos. The paintings are duplicates on canvas of the original artwork from these famous artists and records. We believe that the artists who designed 90ss HIP HOP music album covers or logos should also be recognized by the public and the music industry as their artwork play an important role in the marketing of the music industry. More importantly, it teaches and introduces the younger generation to the history of 90’s HIP HOP and the element behind the artwork industry.”

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Charley Harper

I am really digging the work of Charley Harper.  Most of these images are available for purchase through Iconoclast

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