Lunchtime Laughter


A Guide To Breaking Into And Out Of Most Things

You never know when your life could turn into an action film

“I feel like I’m taken far more seriously than I should be anyway”

An excerpted bit of an interview David Shrigley did with Dave Eggers.

After Watching This You’ll Understand SOPA and PIPA

Boing Boing’s managing editor explains to Al Jazeera what these idiotic laws would do to websites if enacted.

While we’re totally against SOPA/PIPA, as it would fuck us and in turn you, we won’t be closing up shop today. Respect to those who did, but somebody has to fill the entertainment gap.

Here’s the White House’s response to the petitions

Morning Dose of Release ME!

Video art from Readymade7777


Tatiana Pajkovic is…

Wednesday’s Muse

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Picture of the Day

Robert Fougere

Tilt – Endless Obsession


HEAVEN, 2011

Neon by Anthony James

Babes of Yore: Colleen Farrington

Colleen Farrington is an American entertainer, and the mother of Diane Lane.

{note: boobs}


UP All Night

Blur, Country House

Damien Hirst directed this one.

The Hip Hop Family Tree

Boing Boing’s got a new ongoing comic from Ed Piskor that is too good of an idea. I’m jealous.

Read it here

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