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Charred Monkeys?

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Olivia Wilde’s finishing touches


Shepard Fairey donated a bunch of Love Unites prints to be customized by celebrities (Scarlett Johannson to Robert DeNiro to Navratilova) and auctioned off to help in “continuing the effort to campaign for equal rights.”  I dig Olivia Wilde’s (above), who knew she had such talent?

Bid on it here

Picture of the day


Jackson Eaton

Would have loved to see how this ended up

it’s not too late to blow that sh@t up


Adorn your tree with grenades from suck uk. I love that the photo includes little kids and these are the perfect gift for the collector in your family. If the grenades are a bit much, then pick up the Koziks smorkin’ labit ornaments we told you about a while ago.



In their words…

“CYBERJAPAN DANCERS were membered with many pole dancers, go-go dancers, many other talented performers, models in Tokyo, Japan. We often bring our dancers to all Asian countries like China (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong), Korea (Seoul), Indonesia, SIngapole, Malaysia…
Please contact if you are interested in booking of CYBERJAPAN dancers. we have various talented Japanese, Asian dancers, performers.”

SIngapole? Classic. I’m gonna have to hire these girls for a stateside party someday.

More info here

up all night

Dinosaur Jr.,  Just LIke Heaven



10 celebirdies who get irie.  Kristin Stewart above…

Reminisce Over This

2 Live Crew, Me So Horny, 1989

Cup & Nipple Saucer


It would have been a lot cooler if the nipple was on the bottom of the mug but, this cup & saucer set designed by Anna Maschmann is still really cool.

Buy it at Charles & Marie


One of the hotter videos we’ve seen

I first heard Duran Duran’s The Chauffer on Faile’s Sound Advice, then my girl Kristin found the video.

The Business Polo


Show her how you’re workin’ it

Available here

Inspected Gadget: DLO WallDock iPhone Charger


Charge your iPhone right in the wall, nicely leaning back from the outlet, with the DLO WallDock iPhone charger. Solution to a problem that didn’t really exist. DLO is short for “Digital Lifestyle Outfitters” which is made by Philips, so it’s likely a quality gadget.

Not sure about you but I’ve always got my phone charging in this one particular spot in the kitchen that looks exactly like the photo – which means my phone is on top of a coiled cable, sometimes on top of something else like a container or some papers to avoid getting hit by spills as it sits on the counter. I even had the screen smashed once when a glass fell out of the cabinet onto it. This looks like a winner.

Via Engadget

Pollo Tropical


I straight up fell in love with this Fast Food Chain while in Miami.  This was my last meal from there, Boneless Chicken with Black Beans, Rice, Salsa, Garlic Yucca, and a Pepsi.  Sadly, I have to go to Staten Island, New Jersey, or Connecticut if I want some now that I’m back in Brooklyn.

Lunchtime Laughter

Shy Ronnie

Artorialust: Diet in Miami

We gave our friend Diet a disposable camera to catch the talent roaming about Miami at night.  He had fun.



Well, this should make a lot of money and make those who create press releases look so much better.


creative inspiration

Found this on Twitter, thanks @gokoco

Jon MacNair’s devils


Illustrator Jon MacNair


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