Sound Advice 02: Alison Lewis


We are pleased to announce for our second installment of Sound Advice, an excellent mix by Alison Lewis, a New York based Fashion Designer whose line Lewis makes the ladies swoon.

Sound Advice 02 – Alison Lewis

01 Never Understand (Demo)  -  The Jesus & Mary Chain
02 Come Down Easy  -  Spacemen 3
03 Live Forever  -  Oasis
04 Dress Up in You  -  Belle and Sebastian
05 The Man Comes Around  -  Johnny Cash
06 A Family Affair  -  Television Personalities
07 Oh Yoko!  -  John Lennon
08 Sacred Heart  -  Cass McCombs
09 Love is Lies  -  The Buzzcocks
10 Telegraph  -  Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
11 True Love Will Find You in the End  -  Daniel Johnston
12 Bros  -  Panda Bear
13 Sally Cinnamon  -  The Stone Roses
14 Sometimes  -  The Flamin’ Grooves
15 Tarpit  -  Dinosaur Jr.
16 Indian Summer  -  Beat Happening
17 Sight of You  -  Pale Saints

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Artorialust: French Selection

El Toro donned a horned beret and stopped by a classic graffiti retrospective

Reminisce Over This

Digital Underground, Humpty Dance, 1990

While you’re at it, Check the Archive

more cereal

I was into the count Chocola, and then I found this one on College Humor. Cereal Mascot Therapy Sessions.

Mike Davis & Heidi Taileffer at Joshua Liner


Opening this Saturday at Joshua Liner Gallery are two solo shows featuring new wave surrealism by Mike Davis (Stories From the Other Side of the Bridge) and Heidi Taileffer (An Uncanny Lineup of Serendipitous Connections).  We’ve been into Mike Davis’ work for ages and are pretty amazed by what we are seeing from Taileffer.  that being said, the show has mad promise.  Check it out for yourself.

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She hates LA

I’m Just Saying…


**on a side note.  Why is a dude trying to get Steven Tyler to autograph a baseball?  Is there a market for that?

The best Cereal mascot in the History of cold Cereal


Vote for which one you like most

Lunchtime Laughter

Be Here Now


If you’re in LA on Saturday night, Be Here Now opens up at Canvas.

An Exhibition of Fine Art
New York City artists, illustrators, and photographers
Curated by Daniel Albrigo

Hulu desktop beta


We are a huge fan of Boxee, but it had always problems functioning with Hulu. This may explain why, check out the beta of Hulu desktop.

Oh Shit, they’re remaking gleaming the cube

nope, something called ‘Street Dreams’

via, fecal face

100 Most Creative People in Business


I have been sleeping on this one all week…

Fast Company’s latest issue features who they think are the 100 most Creative People in Business.  There are some names familiar to us (KAWS, Brian Eno, JJ Abrams), a lot that aren’t, and one or two that don’t make too much sense (near the end of the list). The Web version trumps the print (although the print is better designed), featuring great add-ons including a google trends module, video clips, stock reports, and even they’re twitter.  Nice job on that.

See the entire list here

photo courtesy of KAWS

Movie Posters recreated with Lego


There are some good ones in here

Friday’s Vault

This has All-Around champion written all over it. Tommy Guerrero

Picture of the Day


Autumn Sonnichsen

via, Revok

Colby Katz and Sarah Wilson at Foley Gallery


Opening tonight, Colby Katz’s Beauty Pageant and Sarah Wilson’s Blind Prom.


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Irina Lazareanu is Super fine in Superfine

Sellin’ jeans the only way jeans should be sold.

Levi Johnston is Alaska’s most famous baby daddy


GQ investigates

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