Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Obey Colbert

Shepard Fairey’s one-of-a-kind piece for Stephen Colbert looks pretty awesome.

via, The Giant

picture of the day


Wildlife photographer Danny Green.

You may be asking yourself what’s so great about this photo? It looks like a pencil drawing. “…this impressive black cloud contains hundreds of thousands of starlings. They swerve and dive in panic as they avoid a marauding peregrine falcon”. Now you see why he was the 2009 wildlife photographer of the year.

Finally, Your own robot Clone

For a New Years promotion, Japanese Department Store Sogo & Seibu will be offering two robots designed to look like their owners.  The price tag?  A cool $225,000.

Read more on it here

fetishize technology


“To fetishize a technology is to essentially to fetishize the idea behind that technology.”

Pretty amazing work by Japanese artist Tatsuo Miyajima. His piece Hoto is pictured above


This is Isabeli Fontana

These are pics from her latest spread in Vogue Homme Brazil.  Wow.

up all night

Meat Beat Manifesto, Spinning Round Dub

Beautiful Losers on DVD

Beautiful Losers finally came out on DVD a couple weeks ago, I’m not sure why I didn’t tell you then.  Anyway, you should buy this for yourself or someone creative.

Get it here

Reminisce Over This

The Roots, You Got Me, 1999

die big


Die Big is a website that serves you up a random image and an mp3. It’s that simple. Since it’s Christmas time, this image was perfect.

Afternoon Gif Magic

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Use the Force


Star Wars + Adidas. A midpriced way to look like a total nerd.

I give this my complete approval for 1-17 year olds. Though, over 13, I’d start to worry. Most girls could probably rock the Game Mid “Princess Leia” edition on the right.

Check out the entire collection at at Adidas

Inspected Gadget: Sleek Audio SA1 Earbuds


Earbud headphones with audiophile quality in a Siam rosewood body, a wide variety of ear tip choices – all for a relatively modest price. There’s also a wireless attachment that lets you throw your phone or music player in your bag or pocket, and go semi-cordless. Some specs:

  • Custom Tuned Dynamic Driver
  • VQ System variable equalization system allows for independent tuning of high and low frequencies using different treble porting options
  • Removable cable swivels for limitless wearing positions Easy replacement if cable is damaged
  • Wireless Compatible the cable is easily removed and the W1 Wireless can be installed to free you from cables
  • Real Wood Body and ESC Environmentmental Sound Control for blocking ambient noise

Get it at Amazon

Check out the review at Engadget– they loved these.

A Briefcase full of Sausage

Where’s the cheese at?

Lunchtime Laughter

Mike Ballard: The All of Everything


On view at the Arts Gallery (The University of Arts London) 65 Davies Street, W1K 5DA, until the building is demolished.

Have a read through an interview here

photos by paulo nine-o

Buy The Pirelli 2010 calendar

Alright Playa, a signed-by-Terry-Richardson version of the most wanted calendar on earth? Only you can own this.

Buy the Pirelli Calendar at Dashwood Books

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backstage with terry rodgers


Well it’s not really backstage but, more like behind the velvet rope. This January Terry Rodgers will have a solo exhibit at Aeroplastics Contemporary in Brussels, Belgium. The show features new paintings from Terry’s hyperreal worlds. He describes his work as, “a profusion of luxurious details and a complex pictorial architecture in combination with frustrated and sublimated desires makes for a curious, static combustion.” His work is larger than life beautiful, with skilled erotic realities of desire and excess. If you cannot make the show, be sure to pick up a hard copy of his monograph Dimensions of Ambiguity.

Banksy comments on the Climate Change Debate


Banksy recently graced the Regents Canal with four new pieces including this little jab at Global Warming critics above.

All photos by romanyWG

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Morning Dose of Awesome

The World’s Largest Pick-Up Truck

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