Are you ready to own the night?


I had no idea that L.A. Gear had returned to the marketplace, and what’s more, the classic L.A. Lights shoe arrives instore in a couple weeks.  I always remember hearing tales of kids getting chased and caught by the cops, not realizing that they had these shoes on.  Pair the lights with a Hyper Color tank-top, some JAMS and boom, you’re ready for White Men Can’t Jump 2:  Alley-Oooooops.

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Powell Peralta’s Skull and Candy Cane Deck



Buy it here

Fred perry’s “special” guests


TWBE, just heard that there may be a very special guest(s) this January in the states. We hear they may only be playing 2 dates. We will let you know when and where as soon as we know.

Morning Dose of Awesome

Our girl Marilyn

(Thanks Matt!)

Abbey Lee Kershaw is…


Picture of the day


Watch your Tweets.


A Do Lecture by Geoff McFetridge

you don’t need to love fashion to love this


Or maybe Hate fashion to love this. Fashematics turns models its zombie’s and stuff

Rip the Ripper catalog

Rip the Ripper Catalog, hard back available here. Here’s the back story…
“On January 23rd, 2009, Powell-Peralta hosted the Rip the Ripper Art Show. Fifty eight artists had pieces on display. The reason for the show was to celebrate The Ripper graphic. So many skaters and artists have been influenced by VCJ’s image over the years, we wanted to do something that would pay respect to VCJ and get skaters stoked. We invited a group of artists and asked them to interpret The Ripper in their own style. Curator: Désirée Astorga”
All the work is sold out, so pick up the catalog for xmas, for you or your best friend!

There is also a video on the PP site from the opening.

Up All Night

Gene Loves Jezebel, Desire

A 35 year analysis of the pot Market


From the Mexican weed of the mid 1970’s up to the Kush of today, High Times’ THMQ has been there.  See more detail of the variants and prices here

Reminisce Over This

Nas, Street Dreams, 1996

FriendsWithYou Shop Happy


Tonight in Miami.

“This Art Basel 2009, Miami’s own FriendsWithYou is proud to announce the grand opening of its flagship boutique where the philosophy is to “Shop Happy”! Created to be a place where fine art meets consumer products, the boutique will open accompanied by a new line of limited edition merchandise including apparel, fine art, sculptures, prints, collectible toys and everything FriendsWithYou. To celebrate, FriendsWithYou will host a special launch event & artist signing Tuesday, December 1st from 6 to 10 PM. As a special gift, all attendees will receive a free Super Malfi with purchase of any FriendsWithYou product!”

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french vogue, saucy


I guarantee you are not going to find these images in a American Vogue.  Leave it to French Vogue to create a calendar, where each month just gets better.

For all the bad scanned images check out fashionologie.

random iphone app search


Recently, there has been a number of articles about Apple’s process for approving iphone app. This must be why it takes them so long.  I also curious why do we need this application?  For $1.99 you can have all the Amateur Models in your hands.

wear a seatbelt and get a free chicken sandwich


You always hear about police officers taking on extra work to pay the bills… this is a twist. South Carolina Police in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties  will be handing out free chicken sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A to drivers who are wearing there seat belts.

“You might get stopped for having a headlight out, or even for speeding,” he said. “You’ll still get a speeding ticket, but if you’re wearing a seat belt, you’ll get a free sandwich too.”

How fucked up is that. But, you could be so lucky and  have the case of the munchies and get pulled over…Awesome!


Tawainese Street Food Porn


The image above looks like some super fancy potato chips on a stick but, like most of the images in Brandon Chang’s food post from in Tai Chung, I have no clue what it is.

See more delicious street food here

Lunchtime Laughter

The Writing’s on the blackboard

Bart’s Blackboard
is a fantastic site chronicling all of Bart Simpson’s blackboard musings. (They’re up to Season 9 now)

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