Reminisce Over This

Blahzay Blahzay, Danger, 1995

The Only Thing More Brilliant Would Be if the Middle Pages Were Made of Rolling Paper

Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned: The Notebook

Weekend Watching: Room 666

A 1982 documentary directed by Wim Wenders.

“During the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, Wenders set up a static camera in room 666 of the Hotel Martinez and provided selected film directors a list of questions to answer concerning the future of cinema. Each director is given one 16 mm reel (approximately 11 minutes) to answer the questions. The principal question asked was, “Is cinema a language about to get lost, an art about to die?” Wenders then edited this footage and added an introduction.

Directors interviewed include Steven Spielberg, Jean-Luc Godard, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who died less than a month after filming.”

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Timeless Shades

by Han Kjøbenhavn

Budntiz Bicycles No. 3 Steel

A good looking bike from the  founder of Kidrobot.

more info here

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When in Copenhagen Tonight

Richard Colman and Andrew Schoultz – To Be Announced at V1 Gallery.

Lunchtime Laughter


Being a viking is tough, being a viking wife is tougher.

Lizard Lover

In 1986 Henry Schifberg changed his last name to “Lizardlover” as a nod to his affection for the reptiles. These are Henry Lizardlover’s lizards.

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The Story Behind Frankie Hill’s Bulldog Graphic

From an interview by  Seb Carayol on ESPN:

“Me and Todd Hastings went to Amsterdam, not on a tour. We just took a break and we went to the Bulldog Coffee Shop. I looked up and saw their logo. I asked, ‘What do you think about that for the graphic, Todd?’ He liked the idea. So I told Powell to do a bulldog. It’s a pretty close rendition of the one in Amsterdam.”

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The Jungle

Our friend Victor Reyes opens a show of new work at Known Gallery in Los Angeles this Saturday (3/24). Peep the video above.

Linked Out

Every Friday, Chris Black will be using his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things you’re bound to find interesting

Art in Film, a blog curated by graphic designer Martin Cole, catalogs the use of original artwork found in films

Dusty Springfield: Excellent documentary on the White Queen of Soul

What Happens When A 35-Year-Old Man Retakes The SAT?

Chinese Vegetable Instruments

Revisiting John Updike’s ‘Fresh Air’ Interviews

What’s it like to play to lose? We went to the casino to find out

Baz Dreisinger traces the lines from current U.K. rave culture to its reggae precedent

The short documentary, “Sunshine” looks at an American ad man in Shanghai working on selling fast food

Your hangover makes you smarter*

Mike Doughty: 8 Great Tunes About Getting Fucked Up, Mostly On Drugs, With Numerous Topical Detours


— Chris Black@donetodeath


Morning Dose of Jersey Circa 1976

Jersey, off the coast of France not New Jersey.

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