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NIN, Head Like A Hole

Girls in Front of Art


This site is in no way safe for work.

Kudos on the design and taking our Artorialust/Hot Chicks at Art Openings concept to an entirely different level.

Have a look if you like naked chicks and your co-workers approve


Reminisce Over This

Mad Lion, Take It Easy, 1995

Paul McCarthy’s White Snow at Hauser & Wirth


Opening tonight.

Beginning November 5, 2009, Hauser & Wirth New York will present WHITE SNOW, a group of never before seen pieces from a new body of work by Paul McCarthy, drawing upon the famous 19th century German folk tale ‘Snow White’ (‘Schneewittchen’) and commenting upon the modern interpretation of the story in Disney’s beloved 1937 animated classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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Buy your lady a pair of these

Reebok EasyTone‘s.  Commercial’s kind of convincing huh?

Beware the remaster


It’s not just your earbuds that’s affecting your hearing. I found this really amazing, geeky article about the”loudness war” that is currently being fought in the recording booth. It is a very interesting read about how music is losing its dynamic range. Today’s artists turn up the volume so they can be heard above everyone else, very king of the jungle if you ask me. It’s gotten to the point that a non for profit group, Turn Me Up has been formed to bring dynamic range back to music. If you love music check out the story and all the charts and diagrams.  Also, check out the video after the jump that explains it all.

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scribble bots

Designed by John Cumberpatch, Scribblebots help people who can’t draw, draw.

Morena Baccarin was a Jedi Chef


Before we knew her as Anna, Leader of the Visitors from the new TV series V, Morena Baccarin was a Jedi Chef.  What is a Jedi Chef?  Apparently it is the same thing as a regular Jedi but, with the ability to cook as well.  Anyway, here’s a link to Jedi Chef site if you feel so intruiged.

Lunchtime Laughter

The Bikes of Stages Auction was a Success

Really how could it not be with such a great assortment of names (Damien Hirst, Kenny Scharf, Marc Newson, KAWS, Shepard Fairey, and Yoshimoto Nara) customizing a sick model bike for charity. The result of each bike that went up for auction is in the slideshow, and the final tally was “$1,125,000 going directly to The Lance Armstrong Foundation to help fund outreach, awareness, research, and advocacy.”

More detail on the bikes here

This is Great

Anthony Pappalardo in Circle Board in New York City.

Film by: William Strobeck

Internet Archaeology


Internet Archaeology is a website that you’ll be able waste a majority of your day on.  Welcome back to mid-90’s internet!

The Shocker Glove


Well, somebody had to make it and the dudes at Enjoi were just the ones.  Available here

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Take U 2 Da movies

Natalia Vodianova is…


Wednesday’s Muse.

photographed by Heidi Slimane.

For more photos of Natalia Vodianova go here.

Picture of the Day


Nobuyoshi Araki

5th Annual NYC Guitar Battle


Shred For Your Life!  Tonight at Santos Party House

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Twin Beaks

iPhone Dump (pt.2)

It’s been six months since my last one of these.  Here is some randomness since then.

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