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Album Cover art for Christian Metal group One Bad Pig’s Swine Flew.  80′s classic.

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Trailer for Peter Saville/Nick Knight Wallpaper* shoot

For their July issue which is dedicated to sex and the erotic, Wallpaper* tapped legendary art director Peter Saville and photographer Nick Knight to create and shoot the ultimate adult play pen. Here’s a little teaser to see how they got on.

More on Peter Saville
Saville designs textiles….

Peter Saville Q&A: What is that?

Arkitip x Peter Saville

a plinth to stand on


all you need is 12inchs

t-shirt collaboration?

icon magazine’s 50 manifestos

flynn talbot’s horizon



Australian designer Flynn Talbot designed ‘Horizon’ (an interactive light wall installation)
as part of the smart light sydney festival.

“‘horizon’ is a mix of sky based patterns and contemporary lighting effects. instead
of purely programmed effects, visitors are invited to interact and modify the patterns
of light. the installation is double sided so it affects both the street scene and the whole
interior of the gallery. it explores light vs. space and the effect that colour has on people
and their surroundings.”


Olivia Munn on the cover of Playboy

It makes sense, doesn’t it?  Olivia Munn is featured on the cover of the June/July issue of Playboy, and although she isn’t buck, we welcome it.

B-Side recorded


This work above is part of an edition of small canvases by Johannes Albers.  Really nice looking work and surely of interest to any audiophile.

“With this series of one-off editions, Johannes Albers brings the TDK cassette tape back to life. In today’s modern, digital world of MP3s and iPods and compact discs, Albers celebrates the analogue, rewinding to a not-too-distant past where ‘mix-tapes’, unravelling cassette ribbon, and wow and flutter reigned supreme. Printed with ink on canvas, these editions reverberate with nostalgia, whilst boldly staking a claim in today’s popular culture.”

This and more at Other criteria

Friday’s Vault

Tom Knox, rise above the rest.  No Comply’s like no other.

Picture of the Day


A peek inside Banksy’s upcoming show in Bristol


wallpaper magazine’s tart cards


Wallpaper magazine

“asked designers – from students to superstars – to find the tart hiding in every type and create their own graphic numbers. Along with a selection in the magazine, all 450 cards can be viewed here. They will also be on display at KK Outlet, London from 22nd to 29th June.”

“Tart cards are the means by which many London prostitutes advertise their services. Step into almost any central London phone box and you can contemplate up to 80 cards inviting you to be tied, teased, spanked or massaged.”



The Voltron Star Shooter. 1985


Animation Underground

I have been meaning to put up a video I shot of this, since it is what I see on my daily commute to Manhattan.  Looks like I don’t have to now.  Originally created by Bill Brand in the seventies, the zoetrope was recently restored.  Read about it at the NY Times.


Reminisce Over This

De La Soul, Buddy, 1989

I am AJ Fosik


Alex Lukas interviews the Philadelphia-based sculptor for Fecal Face

Being Ed Templeton

ESPN, say what?

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Stussy x Doc Marten’s


Available this August, two old brands collaborating on some newness.  We likey.  See the other colorways here

Looking to be inspired by some new dance moves?

NY Mag breaks it down

McDonald’s Bacon and Potato Pie


Japan’s got it going on

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Lunchtime Laughter

Tim Burton to have full career retrospective at Moma


Opening November 22nd, the retrospective of Tim Burton’s career will feature over 700 drawings, paintings, puppets, costumes and other artifacts from his career in film.  We hope to see some of those topiary’s from Edward Scissorhands.

via, ArtsBeat

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