Pioneers of Artistic Vandalism


Listen in as Riff 170, Jester, Coco 144, Flint Gennari, and members of the Tats Cru reminisce about 1970’s graffiti in this 30-minute BBC program, Graffiti: Kings on a Mission.

Doggy Style, The Building


‘Domestikator,’ architected by Atelier Van Lieshout for the Ruhrtriennale in Bochum, Germany.

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Here It Is…

Dave Chapelle rappin’ about AIDS in this PSA from 1990.

Monday by Brown Cardigan

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Because this is when you need the internet the most.

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Roger Goes 2 DISMALAND


I have known about Dismaland for awhile. I was excited, curious and so many other things I won’t talk about. I was just happy to be attending an event that I was going to as a fan and a supporter. I didn’t have to work the door, deal with clients or even collectors—I could just have fun. And what fun did I have. BANKSY really has outdone himself AGAIN. Dismaland shits all over the art world without even trying. It shows what hard work and believing in yourself and doing things on your own terms does. Not only does BANKSY bring together a terrific group of artists old and new, he makes us look at their work in a different setting. This is the show that art needs, that galleries and curators are going to be striving to stand up to. Well, it ain’t gonna happen is the news I have for them.

An important thing to note is that no where through out Dismaland did I see BANKSY branding and marking things. It wasn’t “BANKSY PRESENTS.” Again another WIN.

Another important note is they did have pizza – and yes I got one and it was good. I don’t have pictures of that. I know, I suck.

—Roger Gastman

Soaked in the Pacific


Zio Ziegler x Plate Lunch

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J-Zone Presents… A Bottle Of Whup Ass – The EP (Stream)


Released May 23rd, 2000.

From the Guy Who Made ‘The Natas & Gonz Book’


The Neil & Lance Book

Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting

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The History of Nike Tennis


Weekend Riddims: Phase Selector Sound Summer Mix 2015 for Done To Death Projects

— Chris Black / @donetodeath
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INFINITI’S INCREDIBLE “From Pencil to Metal” 360º VIDEO




Sit in the driver’s seat as the QX30 concept car is created around you

For the second of two innovative films that debuted at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Infiniti’s Executive Design Director, Alfonso Albaisa, takes viewers into the design process of the QX30 concept car. “From Pencil to Metal” brings you into the studio to see initial sketches of the vehicle being scribbled in thin air, as the car is created around you. From CAD files to clay modeling to the impeccable finished product, the team at Infiniti has put the driver first, creating a virtual reality experience where the car takes shape around you—literally; thanks to YouTube’s 360o video playback, users can look around the car as it comes to life. The team behind the project tells us, “Traditional media can be one-sided, and seem to talk at consumers. But VR allows us to literally bring them inside of the Infiniti brand, an Infiniti car and an engaging story.”


Friday’s Vault

Sal Barbier in Hokus Pokus (1989)

“He’s really social and he has no fear”


Bubba the cat don’t need no hall pass.

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