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Every Friday, Chris Black will be using his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things you’re bound to find interesting

Which Pop Culture Property Do Academics Study the Most?

From Philip Glass to Patti Smith, How 1970s New York Shaped Music for Decades to Come

Inside the world of a Hollywood prop maker

New York City Subway “Token Sucking”

Gene Wilder’s demands for playing Willy Wonka

The Blandification of Southern Rap

Original Takes for Orson Welles Wine Commercial

Hardcore Punks Threaten Indie Rock’s Hold on the Cutting Edge

Ice T’s 10 rules of public speaking


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Morning Dose of TV Fatherly Wisdom

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Friday’s Vault

Heath Kirchart & Jeremy Klein in Birdhouse’s The End.

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Picture of the Day


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Now That’s A Petition

Six Flags: Stop Discriminating Against People With Dreadlocks

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The Evolution of 8-Bit Art


“Beginning with early Atari and Nintendo video games, the 8-bit aesthetic has been a part of our culture for over 30 years. As it moved through the generations, 8-bit earned its independence from its video game roots. The idea of 8-bit now stands for a refreshing level of simplicity and minimalism, is capable of sonic and visual beauty, and points to the layer of technology that suffuses our modern lives. No longer just nostalgia art, contemporary 8-bit artists and chiptunes musicians have elevated the form to new levels of creativity and cultural reflection.”

PBS Off Book 

The Hemisphere

The World’s Largest Privately-Owned Catamaran.

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Up All Night

Dinosaur Jr., Raisins

Hosoi: My Life as a Skateboarder Junkie Inmate Pastor

Gonna have to give this a read.

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Reminisce Over This

The Roots, The Next Movement, 1999

The Quiet Music Festival of Portland (+ Poster Giveaway)

For the second year in a row Chris Johanson is putting on the Quiet Music Festival of Portland, “a two day celebration of quiet music as well as the act of quiet listening.” Taking place at 8pm on both June 15th and 16th at Disjecta Interdisciplinary Art Center (8371 N Interstate Avenue / Portland Oregon 97217) the mood  set by performances from Dan Sasaki, Grouper, Kevin Thomson, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Sam Coomes, Scout Niblett, Sonny Smith, Strawberry Smog, The Lichens, Ural Thomas, and Vetiverrelaxing, will be mellow.

More info on tickets here

To celebrate the festival, we’ve got a couple posters signed by Chris to give away. To win one, just leave a link to an image your favorite quiet, relaxing place in the comments section. We’ll pick our favorites, and that’ll be that. Unfortunately, due to shipping this is only for US folks.

And finally, for those in Portland tonight (6/14) be sure to hit up Barry McGee & Chris Johanson’s ‘And Your Friends Are My Friends’ Board Release Party and Silent Art Auction.

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Probably The Realest Music Video You’ll See Today

Necro’s cult classic “I Need Drugs”. Shot “in a crack hotel on Coney Island Ave. in Brooklyn, NY.”

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