Sierra 30

Helping to celebrate their 30th Anniversary, Sierra Nevada created Sierra 30, a special project of four limited-edition beers created with the founders of the craft-brewing movement.  The first beer, The Pioneer’s Stout, is available now.


Knittas Please

via, LordsOfApathy / Jersey Joe

Wood Shock Watches

100% hand/laser crafter wood bezel watches.

available in black and red


mixr: ipad apps start to surface

Mixr is a professional DJ app in that fits in your lap. The app features cross-fading, equalizing, cue, drang & drop tracks, and so much more. You’re basically removing the two laptops between your ipods from your DJ gear.  It works like it looks, using the touch screen you can mix the tracks and scratch, pretty straight forward.


The Wendy’s Blue Cheese Burger

Let’s open it up and have a look.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Altered Antique Plates

From Etsy Seller BeatUpCreations


Song of The Day: Tighten Up

The Black Keys Tighten Up; produced by Danger Mouse

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find it for yourself here

How to cure a hangover

In anticipation of warm, early afternoon drinks turning into long bouts in rooftop bars, the folks over at Valet Mag offer you this TWBE-approved tip on how to cure a hangover.

Toast with honey “it provides the body with the sodium, potassium and fructose it needs to repair the damage done and reboot your system. The sodium and potassium are essential for proper nerve and muscle function, while the fructose replenishes your glycogen supply”…

Enough said. For more tips and tricks check out the guide, and try the honey.

Anibal Vallejo

Anibal Vallejo is a Colombian artist

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Lego table designed by ABGC design firm


Take it back to 1997: Raven & Sonik go to Brazil

Get yours Caleb.

From 12oz:

Raven and Sonik went to São Paulo, Brazil in December of 1997 to put together a story on Brazilian graffiti for 12ozProphet’s sixth issue. Twist had connected us with Os Gemeos, and we went there to introduce them to the world via our magazine. The sight of São Paulo and the otherworldly graffiti scene exploding over its gut-wrenching social landscape, the peculiarly Brazilian collision of poverty and wealth, was a complete shock. Meeting Os Gemeos – as well as Nina, Vitche, and Herbert Baglione, gave us friends for life, and the sight of their work was a glimpse into the future of an art movement we thought we knew, but even now, more than a dozen years later, has yet to catch up. Here’s a short video edited from footage thought to have been lost for well over a decade.

Picture of the Day

Jamie-James Medina

Porous Walker on The Creative Lives

One of the most entertaining artists in the game.

Bang A Bunny

Just in time for Easter, Jeremy Fish and Upper Playground got together to create Bang A Bunny. It is hilarious.

Send your friends and loved ones an animated card of whomever you want doing carnal deeds as bunny rabbits

visit now

A Psychedelic Scrapbook

Looking back at Father Yod and the YaHoWha 13

Up All Night

PJ Harvey & Josh Homme, Crawl Home

Patricia Piccinini unforced intimacies

Patricia Piccinini’s Unforced Intimacies opened March 17 at Leeahn Gallery South Korea. The work is pretty amazing, and if you’re not familiar with it take a look, as the show is up until April 17th.

Reminisce Over This

Jungle Brothers ft. De La Soul & Q-Tip, How Ya Want It, 1997

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