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Photographer Deborah Paauwe, from her series Kindle & Swag

Wu-Tang Vs The Golden Phoenix



Designer Bruce Munro created CDSea out of 600,000 cd’s for an installation that will be up in Wiltshire field in the United Kingdom for the next two months.

It is great, yet sadly it reminds me of what the Gulf of Mexico looks like right now.

More at Dezeen

Babes of Yore: Jane Seymour

Before she was Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Jane Seymour was just Medicine.

Big thanks to our girl Kristin who makes this feature happen every week

up all night

System of a Down, Boom

After Escher: Gulf, Sky, and Water

Bob Staake‘s brilliant cover for the upcoming weeks issue of the New Yorker.

Buy it as a print here

Reminisce Over This

Pharoahe Monch, The Light, 1999

Tonight. Bare Bones

More info here


I used to have Videograf 1 through 8 on a copied vhs when I was a kid. I lent it out, and never saw it again. Now it’s time for me (and you) to step up and get these pieces of history on DVD.

Do it to it, you will not regret.

Feathers Canvas Stentorian

$68.00 at Urban Outfitters, a perfect dress shoe for summer.

It was bound to happen

Stacks’ Captain 3D Glasses ($48.00)

“Circular polarized 3D glasses are for viewing RealD movies (like Avatar).  RealD or ‘Circular’ (RealD is to Circular polarized as ‘Kleenex’ is to facial tissue) has become the de facto standard for theatrical 3D viewing and is also being used as the next generation standard for Home 3D.”

Now let’s see how far (and expensive) fashion houses can push these…

via, @roitsch

Swiss Cannabis Iced Tea

Saw a blurry pic of this when my friend from the Whoa! was in Basel. He said it tasted “not like weed… just like Tea.” Which figures since it’s made of black tea with 5% hemp bloom syrup, and 0.0015% hemp bloom extract.

Here’s the website if you’re interested

Lunchtime Laughter


Seriagraphs of William H. Johnson

William H. Johnson, born Florence, SC 1901-died Central Islip, NY 1970

Dylan XVX

Activist, artist and printmaker, Dylan XVX

gif magic

No Big Deal


It’s nice to see some new imagery on the streets of NY.

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Graffiti Analysis: 3D

from Evan Roth

Ribcage for the iPad

This nice iPad case by SwitchEasy kind of reminds me of that McQueen luggage set from a couple season’s ago.  Whatever, this is affordable ($34.99), it comes in either black or white, and you get the following as well:

  • Two portable fold-out stands
  • One anti-static Screen Guard
  • One Microfiber Wipe
  • One Squeegee for your Screen Guard application

Buy it here

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