Picture of the day

Ray Mortenson’s South Bronx (1984)


Mexican Ninja Terminator

I have to credit the you tube comments for that title.

Robert Rodriguez’s Illegal Machete trailer

star wars voices for TomTom gps navigation

TomTom is offering Star Wars GPS voice navigation with Darth Vader, C3po, Yoda, and Han Solo. Darth Vader’s is available now. Yep, I am a nerd.

Click here for samples of Darth.

Monica Canilao at Cinders

Our girl Alix sent this our way.
A friend that accompanied me to Monica Canilao’s opening at Cinders last Friday said it perfectly when he spotted the artist walking in: she looks part wood nymph, part crust punk, part native American princess from the past and the artwork she had on display breathes the same kind of air. Combining delicate small-scale paintings and drawings and sculptures made from found objects like wood, swatches of antiqued lace, time worn glass bottles, burnt paper and colorful hookah hose attachments, Canilao transformed the diminutive Williamsburg gallery into a treasure hut resembling something you’d encounter stepping into a time machine and zipping back to the pioneer ages. The show is up until the end of the month.

up all night

Filter, One (Dark City)

A new interpol track

Interpol’s new track Lights takes a step back to the early days of their career. Have a listen and download it here.

Interpol – Lightsbymusicmule

Reminisce over this

GraveDiggaz – Diary Of A Madman (Uncut) HD, 1994

Art That Was Once Alive

The NY Times puts a nice feature together around the Museum of Arts and Design‘s Dead or Alive exhibit

Eboy’s FixPix iPhone Game

You are probably familar with Eboy, or have at least seen their work,  Anyway, you have to check out this soon-to-be-available game for the iPhone, FixPix. The goal is to align the images to complete the image, Tetris on a whole nutha level.


Super Fresh

Haven’t used that term in a while but, this collaboration between Stüssy, Al Fingers, and Greensleeves deserves all types of slang.

Peep the feature


Music Created by the Sun

Craig Colorusso’s Sun Box Installation happens somewhere this Saturday, May 8th.

“It’s comprised of twenty speakers operating independently each powered by solar panels.  There is a different guitar sample in each box all playing together making the composition.  The guitar samples are all of different lengths so the whole piece keeps evolving.”

For more details go here

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Vending Spree


I will consume and review each and every item in this machine. And to make things interesting, I shall do so in random order.”

Vending Spree


Lunchtime laughter

Images from Eric Wareheim’s Tumblr

This is only 4 pages deep and already on an epic trajectory.

Have a look

via, the blaaahg

it’s a pool party

Here’s a series of great photos that Nuno Oliveira shot during Dean Dickinson’s Pool Party at the Pink Motel in Sun Valley, California that took place over the weekend. Beautiful stuff.

The Homie Josh gets K-Swissed

Josh Peskowitz is filmed in this nice short, getting his haircut and talking about style.


Finally off of Myspace

Kathy Grayson has a weblog of her own, Art From Behind.

Morning Dose of D.I.Y. America

Tal Bercovich is…

Wednesday’s Muse.

A pretty girl from Israel, Tal is also FHM‘s May girl. A corresponding video is after the jump.

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