OriginalFake’s Gore-Tex Jacket

This Gore-Tex Jacket is part of OriginalFake’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.  Currently, it’s only available at the flagship store in Tokyo but, expect it to be making its way west real soon at a price of around a G.

Go Buy Now: Barry McGee and Todd James Lithograph Editions

Barry McGee, 76 x 56 cm, Edition of 75, signed/numbered

While in Denmark, Barry McGee and Todd James spent some time making lithograph editions with esteemed print house EDITION COPENHAGEN.  Now available are the works themselves.

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The Lasagna Sandwich

Oh sandwich gods, why must you tempt me?

Lunchtime Laughter

Brostitutes. lol.

This looks like it was fun

The 1983 Playmate Playoffs.
Chuck Woolery was the host and bikinis were the uniform. Can we get a 2010 version…and be invited?
more at The Smoking Jacket

Teabagging just took product form

The bag is re-usable too…

Buy it? at The Cheeky

Robbie Conal’s Guerilla Postering Guide

Jim Houser 10″ Vinyl Record and booklet

The Free News Projects has released a new untitled album of music written and performed by artist Jim Houser. The package consists of a six-track 10″ vinyl record and a beautifully designed 16 page full-color booklet which features images and artwork also created by Mr. Houser.

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Some words from Jim about the record:
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And now the Anti-Christ has been born…

This is the realest headline ever. Black British couple give birth to white blue-eyed blonde baby girl.

Morning Dose of Awesome

If we could all be so happy as the happiest DJ.

(Thanks Courtney!)

picture of the day

Photographer, Hin Chau


OX Blood Chukkas

A good look for Doc Martens in this collaboration with Comme des Garçons

more at HypeBeast

The Woman of your dreams may, or may not be wearing these

Gameboy Platform Shoes

via, coolhunting

Installation View: Todd James and Lydia Fong at V1 Gallery

Brush Strokes is on view at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen until September 4th, 2010

up all night

The Cure, A Forest

Watercolors by Reuben Negron

With subject matter ranging from erotic and bondage to the mundane, Reuben Negron’s watercolors are skilled and beautiful.

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Reminisce Over This

Ultramagnetic MC’s, Raise It Up, 1993

All Hail the Temple of Faile

The Brooklyn-based duo did it up for Portugal Arte ’10.

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Superman Batman APOCALYPSE

I would pay to go see this in the theater, but this is straight to Blu-Ray. I guess it’s a little dark for Saturday Morning cartoons.

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