Jeremy Fish’s SF Swingers tee

Definitely feeling this pocket available from Upper Playground

Inspected Gadget: Black Sonos S5

The Sonos S5 is now available in black in case the white version wasn’t cutting it for you. Sonos rules. It’s a multi-zone audio streaming system that can pull from one or multiple music libraries (like iTunes) and streams from all the popular services like Pandora, Rhapsody,, Sirius, and online radio stations. You can even point it to a network drive full of audio files. I’ve got four zones at home, running off a central network drive that holds a couple of different iTunes libraries. In my setup, different users on my Macbook get their distinct iTunes libraries off the server for syncing with iPhones/iPods, while the Sonos system creates its own separate index of the libraries to make a master collection for the house.

Throw one of these units in each room of your home, send a different audio stream to each location, or sync them all up for party mode. Make your playlist via their fancy controller, or desktop/iPhone app. Nice touch when you’re having a party and want to share DJ duties with your guests, but don’t want anyone messing around with your computer.

The Fruit Hunters

The Fruit Hunters is a fantastic book that makes you want to gorge on strange, exotic fruits.  I recently found a really nice synopsis/slideshow on the author Adam Gollner’s website, it is really worth a view if you’re looking to informatively pass the afternoon away.  You can see that here.  Also of note is a trailer (after the jump) for what looks to be a documentary about these fascinating people.  Bill Pullman’s in it.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Graphic Inspiration

In case you forgot that Variflex existed.
More here

¡SLENSKE! on ad placement and brand affiliation

File this under out-of-touch brands desperately trying to market themselves to that oh-so-covetable MePa-frequenting douchebag demo. In a stroke of branding genius the hair care wizards at American Crew (you know, they made the pomade you wore in junior high before realizing pomade was relegated to the Jersey Shore crowd) decided to paint over one of Conor Harrington’s brilliant murals, which has stood unscathed on the corner of 13th and Washington — in fact one company went so far as to paint their ad on a sheet of removable particle board so as not to harm it — since 2008’s Outsiders show. The only redeeming factor? The brain trust at Crew positioned their ad to look like Harrington’s Revolutionary soldier is taking aim at their idiotic slogan. And to answer their question: no, Manhattan doesn’t cause hair loss, lame-ass brands who mindlessly ruin great pieces of street art do. —Michael Slenske

expedition Great White

It’s not shark week yet but, Nat Geo has this pretty cool looking show coming up in June called Expedition Great White: First Bites. It’s part of their expedition week, so set your DVRs.


Shift Magazine has a nice interview with Yuichi Yokoyama around his nex exhibition All Documentation on Neo Manga which is currently on display at the Kawasaki Museum in Japan.

Morning Dose of Awesome

Shannan Click is…

Wednesday’s Muse

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Picture of the Day

Tobias Wong (1974 – 2010)
Rest in Peace

photo by Nigel Parry

nothing is cool

Nothing is Cool is a series and mockumentary about “America’s Most Infamous Hipster Band.”  I like the “Kruder Dorfmeister-esq” narrator.

Gagosian now in the business of selling Speedboats…

Limited Edition speedboats.

Marc Newson has partnered with legendary Italian boatmaker Riva and their design firm Oficina Italiana to produce an edition of 22 luxury speedboats. Aquariva by Marc Newson is a re-interpretation of the Aquariva; a re-imagining of the transom (at the stern), the wrap-around, laminated glass windscreen, the split cabin door entry, the functionality of the lounge and dining area, and the re-introduction of separate driver and passenger seats.

Simply gorgeous results.

The boat will retail for $1.5 million and is available through Gagosian Gallery

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Babes of Yore: Gina Lollobrigida

Gina Lollobrigida is an Italian Actress who got the nickname The World’s Most Beautiful Woman.

Big thanks to our girl Kristin who makes this feature happen every week

up all night

MDC, John Wayne was a Nazi

Adbusting the iPad in Germany

What looks like an innocent iPad ad…

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Reminisce Over This

Heavy D and the Boys, Blue Funk, 1994

Some Days are better than others

Nice drawings from artist John Kenn

via Escape into Life

Air Display

Air Display turns an iPad into an extra external display. Like most of these “air” apps you need to run an app on your desktop (OS10.6 only).

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