Mr. Kiji’s “Yubitsume”

Our good friend Mr. Kiji has this series of paintings in the show Small Favors, which opens at Giant Robot in New York tomorrow night.

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This guy…


Vans for the Masshole in you

They look fresh.

Vault by Vans x MLB Boston Red Sox Authentic LX for Bodega

Inspected Gadget: AT&T 3G MicroCell

If you’ve got a crappy AT&T mobile phone signal in your abode, the AT&T 3G MicroCell could help. It routes your phone’s calls over your broadband internet connection. Not sure how I feel about shelling out $150 to help them extend their signal, and then essentially ‘giving’ them my internet service that I’ve already paid for – but sometimes it’s worth taking some extreme measures to make sure you’ve got a signal at home.

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LA Taco Madness 2010

LA Taco broke out the brackets to determine the best Taco in LA.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Delta’s Woodwork

Delta (Boris Tellegen) is a Dutch artist who is pretty famous for his graffiti.  I’ve been fascinated with these pieces for a moment.

The Dead Weather Shooting it up

The Dead Weather’s Treat me Like your Mother is a really great video. Does Jack miss Meg?

smart eyes, Moscot Mangito frames

Moscot Mangito frames are solid, square, and inspired by ’60s-era Cuban glamour. They will make you look smart.


SpY in Bilbao

Tonight (3/26).

We did a recent interview with SpY here

SC Gallery
C/ Cortes nº 4, Lonja 1ª Izq

Morning Dose of Awesome

Geometry of Circles. Philip Glass composed this music for Sesame Street in 1979

Friday’s Vault

Picture of the Day

Twist in Brussels. Photo by Husk Mit Navn

sitting on a letter

Amandine Alessandra created ideographico-alphabetic type, that “is only to be used to talk about the very specific chair the letter form is based on.”  It’s based off of Ferdinand de Saussure…

Tomoo Gokita at ATM Gallery

Wildest Dreams Opening Tonight (3/25)

ATM Gallery
542 West 24th Street
New York NY 10011

Travis Millard

I’ve always dug Travis Millard‘s work.  bang!

up all night

Stan Ridgeway  Stewart Copeland, Don’t Box Me In

Supreme mathematics

Who got the great job of illustrating this?

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Reminisce Over This

Xzibit, Paparazzi, 1996

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