Classic Hits

In Classic Hits, authors Paul Iovino and Alan Fleisher explore Graffiti’s formative years through candid stories and interviews with early pioneers such as Ale One, All Jive 161, Blade, Cay 161, Checker 170, Clyde, Death, FDT 56, Flint 707, Iz The Wiz, Jester 1, Joe 182, Lava, LSD OM, Mico, Pnut 2, Roger 1, Ski 168, Snake 1, Taki 183 and Vamm.

Published by Dokument Press.


In LOLA VERSUS—the new romantic comedy from filmmaking duo Zoe Lister-Jones and Daryl Wein—29-year-old Lola (Greta Gerwig) is dumped by her fiancé just three weeks before their wedding.

Single for the first time in eight years and nearing 30, Lola immerses herself in power eating and power dating, both of which are accompanied by witty one liners (“Who needs a boyfriend when you have pizza delivery?” and “Did you just have sex with that rollerblader?” are two of our favorites).

Though maneuvering her way through a mess of rebounds and missteps, Lola remains quirky and sincere (or self-described as “slutty” but a “good person,” which is pretty much the same thing in our book).

In the end, LOLA VERSUS is a true coming-of-age film—except in this case the age is 30. It includes life-changing experiences, hard lessons, transformation and growth, as Lola emerges from her emotional-eating journey all the wiser, and realizes that it is OK to be alone, even at 30.

Fist pound, Lola. Let’s hang when you get in your Dirty Thirties.

Lola Versus opens in limited theaters on June 8.

Visit the site and facebook for more info.

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Babe Ruth teaches some young ladies the fundamentals of baseball in this film from his instructional series Play Ball.

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Balloon Fight man, Balloon Fight.

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Apparently Nicki Minaj needs thicker skin.

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Janette Beckman

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by Will Robson-Scott

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Tool, Sober

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You’ll want to read this.

Also: this artwork by Dennis Culver rips

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