And Now a Word From The Ghost of the Mother of American Modernism

Georgia O’Keeffe with some wisdom from the grave.


Creative Consultancy

FIVE THOUSAND IDEAS YOU CAN HAVE RIGHT NOW, a DIY thought generator by Stephen “ESPO” Powers.


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Wisdom God

Like Art: Glenn O’Brien on Advertising


How to Choose When There Are No Good Choices

The Trolley Problem.

Directed by Eoin Duffy.

Peak Stuff, Empty Valley

Marie Kondo on removing clutter and excess to find happiness.

Light in the Electoral College

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump, by TEXAS Republican presidential elector, Christopher Suprun.

Two Slept Together

Leonard Cohen, a musical Poet.

What a Time to Be Alive.


Wisdom From the Dalai Lama


In the Presence of Trees


Forest Bathing’s so calm right now.


Aldous Huxley looks into the future from 1958.

This Is the Morning You Won’t Be Boring (You Can Do It)

Dan Deacon’s new video for “Change Your Life (You Can Do It).”

The Hedonic Treadmill


The infinite pursuit of happiness through acquisition.

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