Light in the Electoral College

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump, by TEXAS Republican presidential elector, Christopher Suprun.

Two Slept Together

Leonard Cohen, a musical Poet.

What a Time to Be Alive.


Wisdom From the Dalai Lama


In the Presence of Trees


Forest Bathing’s so calm right now.


Aldous Huxley looks into the future from 1958.

This Is the Morning You Won’t Be Boring (You Can Do It)

Dan Deacon’s new video for “Change Your Life (You Can Do It).”

The Hedonic Treadmill


The infinite pursuit of happiness through acquisition.

It’s The Least I Can Do


An ongoing annual series of collected sayings, advice and, quotes conceived by the artist Norberto Rodriguez.

Available for purchase here

“Ain’t no hustle where I live.”

Frank Zappa on Los Angeles, and fads in America.

“When In Doubt, Always Pull Out The Simpsons voices”

Hank Azaria doles out advice to Tufts University graduates.

“I am cinema.”

Martin Scorcese on becoming the film you’re making.

Doing a lot with a little

That Geodesic Life with Buckminster Fuller.

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