There Are People Who Thought The Titanic Was Fiction


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MaximBrady reviews Kanye West’s Theraflu

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Chip Kidd at TED

Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is.

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There’s A Hiding Spot in Pac-Man

Now where to find a game of Pac-Man? (demo after the jump)

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Lotto Tips

How to Get a Positive Expected Rate of Return on a Lottery Ticket.

From Scientific American:

“Look for an after-tax, cash value of the jackpot that exceeds 0.8 times the odds against you, and in which the number of tickets sold remains less than one-fifth this jackpot.”

“Pick the most unpopular numbers… By playing unpopular numbers you won’t win any more or less often, but you’ll less often split the pot with other winners.”

“Don’t pick the number one. It’s on about 15 percent of all tickets. Similarly, avoid lucky numbers 7, 13, 23, 32, 42, and 48. Better are 26, 34, 44, 45, and especially overlooked number 46. Avoid any recognizable pattern, but give slight preference to numbers at the edge of the ticket, which are underused. In mathematical terms, picking a unique ticket makes the jackpot look bigger and thus your lottery dollar look smarter.”

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Words of Advice

Chris Johanson is the man.

A film made by Aaron Rose for The Generic Man, and Comme de Garçons SHIRT.

“Solitude is a Catalyst to Innovation”

F* your open office plan. Susan Cain on The Rise of the New Groupthink.

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Morning Dose of Art Thoughtz

Hennessy Youngman on Damien Hirst, “The Bono of the Art World.”


Relativism LULZ

The Voyagers

This is beautiful.

THE VOYAGERS, 16:30, 2010.

In the summer of 1977, NASA sent Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 on an epic journey into interstellar space. Each spacecraft carries a golden record album, a massive compilation of images and sounds embodying the best of Planet Earth. According to Carl Sagan, “[t]he spacecraft will be encountered and the record played only if there are advanced space-faring civilizations in interstellar space. But the launching of this bottle into the cosmic ocean says something very hopeful about life on this planet.” While working on the golden record, Sagan met and fell madly in love with his future wife Annie Druyan. The golden record became their love letter to humankind and to each other. In the summer of 2010, I began my own hopeful voyage into the unknown. This film is a love letter to my fellow traveler.

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The Best Hip-Hop of 2011

Sasha Frere-Jones weighs in

photo by Kristen Blush

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