Jenny Holzer, Inflammatory Essays

Made between 1979 and 2002.

Rule’s 2 Da game of Hoez!!!

“Follow these rule’s and you should b Gucci.”

Morning Dose of Life Lessons With Mr. T

After you’re done ingesting that wisdom, Mr. T’s fashion show and advice video is pretty spot on too.

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Parting Thoughts from Ray Bradbury

By The Department of Scenarios

Alfred Hitchcock’s Definition of Happiness

Wise man.

How to Sneak Into a Private Pool

Things you need to know today, and for the rest of the Summer

Morning Dose of TV Fatherly Wisdom

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Win Every Time

10 Bets You Will Never Lose

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Rodney Mullen – How Context Shapes Content


Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About The Animaniacs and More…

Mental Floss

Steve Powers at the PSFK CONFERENCE NYC

Distilling Daily Stories Into Art

Talib Kweli is Hip-Hop

Here’s a recent lecture covering the anthropology of Hip-Hop plus a Q&A at St. John’s.

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