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Time Magazine has named the 50 best Websites of 2009.  I just found out about Hulu, and Google, and some censorship crazy site called Flickr.

Cue the sad music


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She’ll have a little more free time now


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Instant Jury


I think this site has great potential if you get the right people involved, or if you like to comment on things and belittle people for your own enjoyment.  With that being said, we’re gonna wrap our heads around some potential case ideas and test them out.  Stay tuned…

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The RZA plays Chess

Following up on the discovery RZA’s new book, here is a video of him playing chess against a 16-year old chess prodigy.



It’s like a Reddit site for stoners.

The Tao of Wu


The Rza’s got a book coming out this fall.

Pre-order it here

More confirmation about the oncoming 2012 apocalypse

Obama as the anti-christ.  Duh?…

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What’s Up with Stephon Marbury?

Even after watching all of these videos, we still have no clue.  Maybe everybody should just take an internet vacation.

Gavin McInnes on comedy and advertising and other things


An interview on Interview.  Entertaining for sure.

Well, it’s 5pm EST. Maybe that devasting solar storm isn’t coming today?


Silly crop circles.

Danny McBride on the fall of Kenny Powers


A pearl of wisdom in this interview from Material Interest

“You know, it’s him getting all “man in black,” trying to put on this rock-star attitude, that sets him back. The moment he got so consumed with this image of himself as a famous person, Mr. Not-To-Be-Fucked-With, that was when he lost his fastball. I think you see that a lot—when a person stops focusing on whatever it was that made him famous and starts thinking too much about just being famous, it’s all downhill. Kenny’s definitely absorbed in all the trappings.”

Steve Powers Love Letters to Philadelphia


Steve Powers has a great new project beginning soon in Philadelphia.

Above and below…”are the first two lines of a love letter spanning 50 walls and roof tops to be painted in West Philadelphia facing the Market-Frankford Elevated train. The letter is meant for one with meaning for all, and in a larger sense, will be for West Philly from West Philly. In addition to the walls, we are opening a sign school to teach local young adults the basics of sign design and mechanics. A film based on the project will be directed by Joey Garfield and produced by Ghost Robot. The entire enterprise happens this August and is a collaboration between Stephen Powers and The Mural Arts Program and is funded by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative”

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The Story of Stuff

A lil’ bit of animated wisdom.  Watch at home unless you can really pull off 20 + minutes of continuous distraction at work.

Michael Moore has nine Suggestions for the transformation of GM


Bullet trains are a great idea.  Sack it up America!

She hates LA

A convincing argument for facials


Baby, you’d have to pay $250 in a spa for what I’m about to give you for free

Anti-Aging Substance is made of Human Sperm

I read this on the Toilet because that is the only place I could concentrate


This week’s New York has a great article by Sam Anderson titled, In Defense of Distraction. Seriously, read this in book or print it out.  There is too much going on around the internet article to stay focused.

Olivia Munn’s Guide to Aphrodisiacs


We’ll link to anything involving Olivia Munn.  Big Thanks to the internet again!

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