if you believe in Tufte, then you will like this

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And on a side note:

This past March 5, Edward Tufte was “appointed by President Obama to a panel to advise the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, which monitors the way the $787 billion in the stimulus package is being spent.”


Bring Back ‘Poser’

Super Duty Tough Work lays down some convincing evidence on bringing the term back.

Spread the word and call someone a poser today

The New Balance 927

Sure, it’s a walking shoe. But really, how often do you actually run in running shoes anyway?  These are made for walking, and that’s most likely all you’ll ever do. Classic New Balance grey tones and a suede upper make this the go-to shoe for wandering around the NYC streets this Summer.

Available at NB web express

Booming busts

Girls with huge boobs talking about their huge boobs.

Wisdom from a Taco Eater


Reader Poll

With the Earth trembling non-top these days, we keep wondering where the next one will be?

A whole lot of different kinds of bitch

Sadly missing, trick-ass bitch.

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by Peter Fuss


(Thanks Kiji!)

Don’t you wish you could take this device out with you on a nightly basis?

From T Magazine’s Model-Morphosis.

Dear Tim & Eric

This is hilarious.

Not enough Black Chicks wear American Apparel

I say this because I spent the greater part of Sunday perusing and voting for the Best Bottom in the World, and noticed a definite lack of Black Booty (maybe 5 or 6 out of 600 + entries).  Definitley not a well-rounded (thank you) contest.

A Couple Notes From The Grammy’s



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Man Blowing a Bubble (1972)

Mitch Ansara

via, the whoa!

May your night end up similar

From the new blogbook Texts From Last Night

The New Years Resolution Generator

Easier said than done.


5 from the Urban Dictionary (pt. 7)

Got a nice word or phrase we should feature? Leave it in the comments.

In case you care: my thoughts on Banksy / Robbo

Lots of debate on this.

Banksy is no idiot, he has been writing graffiti since the early 90′s and obviously had a clue who Robbo was and the importance of the piece.  If you look at it the pic above, it had been written over countless times and was fading into the background where eventually it would become insignificant to any buff crew without insider graffiti knowledge.  By incorporating Robbo’s piece into his own , Banksy was in fact preserving Robbo’s history since people like to preserve Banksy.  Now, what Robbo did in return was pretty great as well.  That’s what I got.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Life is Flashing Before Your Eyes – Vince Collins

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