Fun with the f word


If you don’t like the word ‘fuck’, then you won’t like this website.

Sexy Deaf Women


Complex tackles a subject we had never thought about. (that’s Brenda Costa above) Hot.



It’s like a Reddit site for stoners.

messing with sasquatch on your own terms


If you loved the messing with Sasquatch commericals,  you will love creating your own Sasquatch movie using the latest inovation artoolkit. Check it out and then have a look at the library of movies. The only downside you cannot embed examples…

living Sasquatch

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Do it

Skinny Girls eating Big Sandwiches


The beginning of another website I’ll come to enjoy

via, gorilla mask

The Douchebag Name Generator


It’s spot on correct

Our Five Favorite Insanewiches

It seems with every passing moment, there appears a new website dedicated to some zany food idea.  The latest to catch our eye is Insanewiches, self-described as a “great time-waster for fed up foodies who need a little fun injected into their routine.”  Above is a taste of what they have to offer.



Shiantology is an amazing fansite for Shia LaBouef.  The fans are totally out of this world and their tribute art borders on amazing.

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An Illustrated history of the White House’s War on Drugs


Ricardo Cortes for Vanity Fair

who stalks who


Feeling popular? Wondering if you have a stalker? Find out at (do not click)Twitviewer. Avoid the fishing scam thanks to all the readers for pointing this out, beware the twitter followers they are all out fishing.

you will find something here


Well the name of the site, Creative Nerds, is not the best but, you should be able to find something here. There are a lot of 25 this, 40 that, type of lists. Some are actually pretty helpful.

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