Why There are No Girls in San Francisco


Well, New York doesn’t have this problem.  The site is a good, entertaining read for sure.

Hot Chicks Eating Tacos


Of course this is a website

Obama is Literally Hitler


Oh man, this site.  5 Minutes of Entertainment at least.

via, BuzzFeed

Accidental Racism


These are pretty great.

(Thanks Hallie!)

Antique Babes


In case you were tired of looking at women in color, IHEARTCHAOS compiled a nice set of Women who were babes before you were probably born.

See them all here

reviews you can trust


Fucking Movie Reviews is a good laugh if you’re looking for a film to see and you want to cut through the crap!  And if you want to see if you need an umbrella, check out the Weather.

The truth behind those internet monsters


Cracked.com gets to the bottom of it all

Probably Bad News


News fails are pure entertainment

Vote for Us in the Dazed Digital Blog Awards


We are one of the finalists amongst a talented group of websites in Dazed Digital’s Blog Awards.

Show some love and help us win this ish!

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The Enablist & Texas Reason

Instant Jury


I think this site has great potential if you get the right people involved, or if you like to comment on things and belittle people for your own enjoyment.  With that being said, we’re gonna wrap our heads around some potential case ideas and test them out.  Stay tuned…

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ODOYGiant Fans Club


I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.  You should Join.

“Freedom From Known, Just Do Art ! Odoygiant with spirit of capitalism Making New Art History in Bandung from 2007 to Tomorrow Never Comes. These arts from me Odoygiant, the Asia petit artist dedicated to the World Art Commune with a new horizon collaboration between Odoygiant and Fans. INCOMING! What’s happening? The next one years in the world of Contemporary Art and Odoygiant ASIA EPIC In The Poem About Art Freedom to the damn’d curators! Who likes to become a member here, must have a complete profile in his/her page, with an acceptable pic.
This is not a “dating” or “sex” group.
Please, DO NOT SPAM THE GROUP. Violators will be reported.
No more tolerance for those who break these rules. Odoygiant Thanks, SHEPARD FAIREY. CEO of the OBEYGIANT to His Propaganda Inspirations Thank’s Dodi Rosadi CEO OFCPhotobucket

I Think it has something to do with this…

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Fun with the f word


If you don’t like the word ‘fuck’, then you won’t like this website.

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