Su Casa Mi Casa: Cribs with Aaron Rose

The L.A. Times has nice slideshow feature, touring the Los Angeles home of Aaron Rose. You can read it here.

Above, 96 Tears by ? & The Mysterians

via, The Scout

There’s a blog for everthing

I just discovered a blog dedicated to designed chairs. The Chair Blog. Which in return introduced me to the Dutch Designers Tejo Remy and René Veenhuyzen, who created this beautiful Bambu Chair.


I hate horses

Talk about a great website.

Hot Cartoon chicks and the women that would play them

This slideshow is actually really good.

Sleeve Face

SleeveFace apparently just got a book deal. I had never heard of it before. More proof that the internets are gigantic.

The Catorialist

The Catorialist.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

Boing Boing’s Guest Blogger Lisa Katayama is cute


Here is her introduction

This is her actual website (where I got the picture from), TokyoMango

ovation tv

While on vacaction, I stumbled upon this great documentary on war photography on a network that I did not know existed on tv, Ovation Tv. If it’s available near you (L.A. it’s now on 175 Time Warner), check it out. It looks like its pretty good. This documentry is amazing.

A Bacon-focused tour of New York

The Scout has a nicely written tour of some great NYC bacon spots. The BLT seems exceptional. Sadly though, Peter Lugers did not make the cut, their lunchtime only bacon is special.

Not the same Ryan McGinley

Received a nice email from Ryan A. McGinley today, not Ryan McGinley though. But close, in that naked girl in the outdoors kind of way.

The most in depth photo coverage of Neckface’s Cannibal Carnival

Was shot by Mark The Cobrasnake and can be found here

Asian Hot Sexy

Sometimes really weird websites link to ours.  ASIAN HOT SEXY however, is nothing short of awesome.

Hipster Hooker

Radar has a great piece by Jessica Pilot titled, Secrets of a Hipster Hooker.  Delicious.

photo by Jessica Craig-Martin

The most beautiful Jewish girls in the world calendar

This month’s Heeb Magazine features an awesome pull-out calendar filled with the most beautiful Jewish Women in the World.  Keeping it real, there are no photos except for this one online.

The Douchery of Michael Phelps

I think there should be an allowance period of a week, because what do you do with your life after swimming? Anyway, Best Week Ever investigates.

Russian Honey

Rich Russian girl with rich Russian boyfriend becomes Art World Player, playa.

Via, Museumy

More on Swoon’s Hudson River Journey

The New York Times gives us a great slideshow to look at, as well as a nice article.  Also, this print is still available.

The 5 Most Underrated Simpsons Characters brings us this great list. And in related news, I found this essential guide to Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney

Abortion Tracker

Abortion Tracker is real, and these people are kind of crazy. Read about who they track after the jump.

via, hurtyoubad

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