The only Opening Ceremony Recap you should read

This is days late but, worth every moment.

Vote for your favorite (?) internet celebrity

Fame comes in different ways and IBM stardom is one of them. This is the ultimate internerd rating system. I have never heard of her before but, I would like to vote Veronica Belmont all the way to the top of the list. Sorry Tron Guy.

20 years of Madden Football Covers

Holy Taco puts together nice compilation of cover images in anticipation of this weeks release of the epic football video game.

bush brothers

Here’s another great time waster. Check out “Sexy People“. I had a very difficult time picking out the best image to represent the site as a whole.

I’ll take the toe piece please

A reader of TWBE suggested a site called “Would You Hit That“, when we find sites we like we normally look at who they link to, and low and behold “Cake Wreck“. Fore example this bizarre deformed foot cake. Why? What could you possible be celebrating, your deformity?

Yimmy’s Yayo

Yimmys Yayo touts itself as “Visual crack for the ocular fiend” and that is exactly what it is.  Strictly images that resonate, good taste.

Man Babies

Oh yeah.  This is an entertaining site.

Kaws in the NY Times

Kaws has been getting a lot of press lately, and rightly so. This go round, the New York Times Magazine gives a little love to the Jersey native.

AnimalNY has also noted that KAWS’ work is on the upcoming cover of Complex Magazine with Reas designing the flipside.  This move is very innovative on the art directors tip, who must have forgotten about the other two times in the past year where this approach has been pulled off.

photo: iconoclast

Sex (pt. 2)

Continued amazement and thoughts of great things when I saw Bar Rafaeli on Egotastic.

no! “smoking ban” here

Check out Nicotine Dream, a site dedicated to half-naked girls smoking cigarettes. Everyone has their vice. Photo by Igor Amelkovich.

We missed the creditation on the find thanks Bonanza

everyone has an angle

I was just sent this link to style rookie, a fashion blog by a 12 year old. She seems witty, polished and really good. Here’s her about me….”Salutations! I’m a vertically challenged 12 year old that could fit inside your purse. I like to think I’m a mix of Little Lu Lu and Iggy Pop, with a bit of Snoop Doggy Dog. I spend my time wearing out crayons and watching Arthur, and taking a rest now and then to try out the latest Margiela DIY, which has most recently resulted in a tire around my neck. I take part in a rap group with a pirate, and we write about Japanese designers and furry vests. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.” I wish I could only write this good. Which makes me question is she that good?

See for yourself.

An interview with Mr. Fairey

Our friends at design:related have posted this nice interview (both in web and podcast format) with Shepard Fairey. A lot better than most I have listened to or read. Once you’ve finished, have a look around and maybe sign up, as it is a great resource for designers and those who are inspired.

The Daily Hitler

The Daily Hitler animates Addy in ways I have never imagined.

We’re on Facebook now.

In a moment of internet go-getterness, I created a Facebook group for The World’s Best Ever. Join now and receive all of the benefits of social networking.

Click here for the madness

Random YouTube Search

I’m bringing this feature back and what better way to start again than by searching the term ‘amputee’. Let the suggestions roll in.

future of tv and the internet

Check out Adobe’s “flash on“. The site is a mash of flash and tv, videos online with interesting navigation. Nominated for this years flashforward navigation category. I wish my Time Warner worked this good.

web history

Bringing you a little web history, Bert is Evil. The site has been around as long as I can remember. Enjoy.

the Clustr: MTV tries and tries

To quote the about page,

The Clustr is a grassroots mapping project where skaters can map their local skate spots. Each spot on the map features photos, videos, and bios of the spotters.  The project is purely designed to celebrate local scenes, shops, skaters and their collective love of skating.  Our vision is to eventually map skate spots and skate goodness all over the world.”

That’s right, Skate Goodness.  And if you haven’t heard me say it before, I’ll say it again.

Pharrell ruined skateboarding.

Go Buy Now: Andrew Schoultz

Fecal Face just put up some remnants of their current group show.  An available piece that caught my eye was the one above by Andrew Schoultz.  10″ x 10″, gouache on paper for a recession friendly $500.  See it here

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