Not the same Ryan McGinley

Received a nice email from Ryan A. McGinley today, not Ryan McGinley though. But close, in that naked girl in the outdoors kind of way.

The most in depth photo coverage of Neckface’s Cannibal Carnival

Was shot by Mark The Cobrasnake and can be found here

Asian Hot Sexy

Sometimes really weird websites link to ours.  ASIAN HOT SEXY however, is nothing short of awesome.

Hipster Hooker

Radar has a great piece by Jessica Pilot titled, Secrets of a Hipster Hooker.  Delicious.

photo by Jessica Craig-Martin

The most beautiful Jewish girls in the world calendar

This month’s Heeb Magazine features an awesome pull-out calendar filled with the most beautiful Jewish Women in the World.  Keeping it real, there are no photos except for this one online.

The Douchery of Michael Phelps

I think there should be an allowance period of a week, because what do you do with your life after swimming? Anyway, Best Week Ever investigates.

Russian Honey

Rich Russian girl with rich Russian boyfriend becomes Art World Player, playa.

Via, Museumy

More on Swoon’s Hudson River Journey

The New York Times gives us a great slideshow to look at, as well as a nice article.  Also, this print is still available.

The 5 Most Underrated Simpsons Characters brings us this great list. And in related news, I found this essential guide to Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney

Abortion Tracker

Abortion Tracker is real, and these people are kind of crazy. Read about who they track after the jump.

via, hurtyoubad

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Ben Eine


This series of work from Ben Eine’s current show at Andenken Gallery is really good, and available. His website is also really cool. Have a look after the jump in all new slideshow format!

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Supermodel Spreads in Vanity Fair

The title says it all about this slideshow.

signed by old men

The Signed By Network is rather strange.  Steve Wozniak, Frank Kozik, and Robert Williams all in some umbrella corporation ‘signed memorabilia’ racket. The voiceovers are exceptionally weird. The Woz floppy disk is pretty dope though.

Stuff hipsters don’t like

Stuff Hipsters Don’t Like is one girls exploration into hipsterdom.

The only Opening Ceremony Recap you should read

This is days late but, worth every moment.

Vote for your favorite (?) internet celebrity

Fame comes in different ways and IBM stardom is one of them. This is the ultimate internerd rating system. I have never heard of her before but, I would like to vote Veronica Belmont all the way to the top of the list. Sorry Tron Guy.

20 years of Madden Football Covers

Holy Taco puts together nice compilation of cover images in anticipation of this weeks release of the epic football video game.

bush brothers

Here’s another great time waster. Check out “Sexy People“. I had a very difficult time picking out the best image to represent the site as a whole.

I’ll take the toe piece please

A reader of TWBE suggested a site called “Would You Hit That“, when we find sites we like we normally look at who they link to, and low and behold “Cake Wreck“. Fore example this bizarre deformed foot cake. Why? What could you possible be celebrating, your deformity?

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