It’s Educational


That’s just the first page of a 100-question test given to an eighth-grade class in 1954 USA. Be sure to check out the rest and see if you can answer them with present-day figures. While the question remains whether or not this was an open book test, and I wonder about the ultimate utility of the information the kids had to memorize, from the comments on the source it is apparent that our present-day eighth graders are not receiving this level of civic/government education. Via BlackInformant.

The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project


Oh the joys of the Twinkie.  The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project is mad old (1995) but still very relevant.

Have a look

Caleb Neelon on Etsy


Our friend Caleb Neelon recently opened an Etsy store featuring a bunch of his paintings.  You should have a look and get yourself one.

view the store here

Dank Nugz


this site.  Amazing.

Burn otherwise productive time


Sorry for the confusing title but, I found this link because I clicked on a link that said just that “ is a fun way to burn otherwise productive time.”  The whole you-could-be-spending-your-time-better thing was little too sanctimonius, Marine Traffic on the other hand is awesome.  Click on a ship in the sea, and you can get pics, routes, and all other goodies.  If you’re thinking about going the way of the pirate, this is a necessary resource.

Burn some productive time people, burn it

hats off to mocoloco


The new design for Mocoloco is pretty nice, as they have incorporated some intelligent forms of navigation. I really enjoyed the ability to scroll left to right with my scroll wheel, as well as the option to change the navigation from top to bottom. Check it out. There are probably a few more tricks so explore and report.

Girls in Front of Art


This site is in no way safe for work.

Kudos on the design and taking our Artorialust/Hot Chicks at Art Openings concept to an entirely different level.

Have a look if you like naked chicks and your co-workers approve


Internet Archaeology


Internet Archaeology is a website that you’ll be able waste a majority of your day on.  Welcome back to mid-90’s internet!

Bank Robbers come in all shapes and sizes


That is one of the many thingsI have learned so far from the terrific site, Bank Notes.

Models Are Smart


This is a clever tumblr site

Fuck Yeah Vans!


A website to destroy all others

So Sorry Mr. Warhol


Just like Michael Jordan getting cut from his High School Basketball Team, Andy Warhol was rejected from the Moma early on.  The great site Letters of Note, has said rejection letter.  See it here

via, theDW

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