hats off to mocoloco


The new design for Mocoloco is pretty nice, as they have incorporated some intelligent forms of navigation. I really enjoyed the ability to scroll left to right with my scroll wheel, as well as the option to change the navigation from top to bottom. Check it out. There are probably a few more tricks so explore and report.

Girls in Front of Art


This site is in no way safe for work.

Kudos on the design and taking our Artorialust/Hot Chicks at Art Openings concept to an entirely different level.

Have a look if you like naked chicks and your co-workers approve


Internet Archaeology


Internet Archaeology is a website that you’ll be able waste a majority of your day on.  Welcome back to mid-90’s internet!

Bank Robbers come in all shapes and sizes


That is one of the many thingsI have learned so far from the terrific site, Bank Notes.

Models Are Smart


This is a clever tumblr site

Fuck Yeah Vans!


A website to destroy all others

So Sorry Mr. Warhol


Just like Michael Jordan getting cut from his High School Basketball Team, Andy Warhol was rejected from the Moma early on.  The great site Letters of Note, has said rejection letter.  See it here

via, theDW

your parents were awesome

Before they had you, they were cool. Check out this tumblr, your parents were awesome, for a ton of trendsetting family photos.

Facebook Fail


Come on Facebook, can’t you let homie catch a break?

In other news, an ebay auction benefiting Historic Rock Hill preservation featuring a really nice, large original by Shepard Fairey ends tomorrow afternoon.  The price is still low, so somebody should swoop in and get some.  see that piece after the jump, and the auction here

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Food Raps


I hope Food Raps is a website that sticks around for a while.

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This is Why I Hate the Internet


Geezer site Huffington Post creates a feature “The Most Ridiculous Rap Lyrics Of All Time.”  Basically they discovered Snacks N’ Shit yesterday, ripped it off and reformatted it for prudiots (that’s prude idiots, fyi).

Go Barf here

Checking in on Scanwiches


Cafe Habana: Beer Battered Catfish, Salsa, Purple Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Spicy Mayonnaise on a hero


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