This Day in TRL


Music video director Isaac Rentz looks back at the top videos of his youth with a trained eye and matching wit.

Morning Dose of The Internet Arguer

The Street Art Project by the Google Cultural Institute


If I was 10, I’d probably be stoked on this. However, as a jaded adult I find the whole experience very underwhelming, difficult to navigate, and lacking a discerning eye. As with a lot of destinations on the internet, the people being paid to feed the information rarely have the knowledge and understanding to truly bring a spectacular product to the public. But hey, it’s an “ongoing” project, so it’ll either get better, or very, very worse. With that in mind, enjoy yourself


The world wide web’s new anthem

Wonder If They’re Taking Consignments???

dumb-domains is a website generating very stupid domain names for sale

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Ads from The Source magazine, circa 1990-1993

The real happiness in the internet is the endless archives. More here

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It’s a Junior Mint


What a game

The Devil’s Toy Redux

Spend the rest of your day watching this tribute to one of the first skateboarding films, The Devil’s Toy. Reimagined through the vision of fourteen directors from across the globe (including one of our faves, Corey Adams), The Devil’s Toy Redux lets you navigate from one film to the next—21st century style—witnessing “the evolution of skateboarding culture as told through these filmmakers.”

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One Startup’s Struggle to Survive the Silicon Valley Gold Rush by Gideon Lewis-Kraus

An Online Drowning Simulator That Also Lets You Simulate Being French


Take a couple minutes out of your day and try not to die.

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For The Armchair Tourist


Google Street View: Angkor

Remember when you had to look through encyclopedias to see what places looked like?

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Fantasy Rooms

An imaginative site dedicated to collaging interiors

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