The Birth of the Lightsaber

George Lucas, Mark Hamill, and sound designer Ben Burtt talk through the concept, creation, and evolution of a childhood dream weapon, the lightsaber.

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Frontline Homies

Way of the (Bamboo) Sword

If two sensei fight in a snowy forest, will they both make it home in time for tea?



Getting Behind the Gun by Jacob Baynham

Can I kill? Have I strayed too far from the ways of my hunter-gatherer ancestors? Is my wife looking at me funny? How does this rifle work? One gun-shy man’s quest to enter the woods, and return with meat.

Crime Took A Bite Out of Him


An actor who played McGruff the Crime Dog was sentenced to 16 years in prison after pleading guilty to the possession of 1,000 pot plants, a grenade launcher as well as 26 other weapons, and 9,000 rounds of ammunition.

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Just Make Sure Your Drunk Ass Doesn’t Slice Anybody Up Tonight


How to properly saber a champagne bottle.

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HR’s Nightmare


The Rubber Band Machine Gun

Inside The Dark Web

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The End of the World

From all the way back in 2003

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Polaroids of Weapons

by Luke Stephenson

Works from the CIA’s Intelligence Art Collection

CIA's Intelligence Art Collection-01

Commemorating the historical, inspiring the future

Untouchable by Dru Blair, Mixed Media on Illustration Board, 2007 (above)

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That Black Smith & Wesson…


Quartz watch face.

That Cuba to North Korea Weapon Connection…


Needs to find a new route as “a North Korea-bound ship carrying ‘weapons of war’ hidden in brown sugar” was raided on its way to the Panama canal.

Installation View: Lucien Smith – Scrap Metal

This new show featuring readymade sculptures from the annual Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in West Point, Kentucky + related paintings is on view at Bill Brady in Kansas City, MO through August 20th.

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3D Printed Guns

Stefan Sagmeister – Apostrophe


A bold two-color screenprint available through flatmade.

CUTLASS: A Goyard Machete


Serge Becker and Matt Goias of Miss Lily’s recently commissioned artist Toland Grinnell to customize an everyday object from Jamaican culture, the machete. “Using original Goyard leather, Grinnell crafted a perfectly-stitched sheath to house the stainless steel blade and had it painted it with the colors of the Jamaican flag in Goyard’s signature monogram style.” Killer.

Miss Lily’s & Toland Grinnell
Leather and stainless steel
Price available upon request

On display now at Miss Lily’s Variety
130 West Houston Street
New York, NY 10012

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Smash, Smash, Smaaaash!


This homeless hatchet-wielding hitchhiker is your hero of the day.

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The Caliber Collection


A jewelry collection made up of brass and steel from guns and bullet casings seized by the Newark Police Department.

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