Watch Out Now


The Ulysse Nardin Erotica Hour Striker is a watch for only the most ultimate players. Not sure how these people thought it was ugly.

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It Costs $195 to Destroy an AK-47 in Africa


Well, that’s roughly the math for Fonderie 47’s $195,000 “Inversion Principle” watch. For each timepiece sold, 1,000 AK-47’s in Africa are destroyed. To add a certain bravado to the project, some of these weapons end up reappearing as part of an assault-grade steel plate in the watch itself. Tough stuff if you can afford it.

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Detroit Movements


Shinola’s new RUNWELL CONTRAST CHRONO 47mm is the best looking timekeeper the American watchmaker has ever created.

Confirm Your Paleness With This “Classic Anglo-Swedish” Watch


A limited edition watch collaboration between Swede-Brit watch manufacturer Larsson & Jennings and New York design house WONG WONG.

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Black Japanese Movements


The No. 1 from TID Watches

Training With The Surf Jocks


The Rip Curl Surf GPS is “The World’s First Surf GPS Watch” allowing its wearer to track waves ridden, top speed, and all of that other stuff that really shouldn’t matter out in the water.

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Because Who Ever Wants to Stop Working and Connecting?


Introducing moto 360, the first wearable smart watch.

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Nice Presentation


The Shinola Runwell Chrono 47mm Watch

Blue & Steel


Uniform Wares 152 Series Steel Wristwatch for Mr. Porter

A 24-hour wall clock


Tauba Auerbach for The THING Quarterly 

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That Black Smith & Wesson…


Quartz watch face.

Miansai M3 Watch


Automatic Japanese Movement with Swiss Sapphire Crystal and a 39 mm stainless steel case.

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It’s always 4:20 with this watch

The Nixon Sentry in Gunmetal & Brown


A nice looking watch.

Clean Beauty

Uniform Wares 203 PVD Rose Gold & Walnut watch

Casio Game Watches

We’d forgotten all about these.

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Paul Smith Cycle Eyes Chronograph Watch

One helluva face on that.

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The Countdown Clock

I hate it when they come back.

Uniform Wares 152/BR-01 Watch


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