Just When You Thought You’ve Seen Everything…

Not even from Japan.


Stanley, Pablo, and a Deep Neural Network

2001: A Picasso Odyssey

Friday’s Vault

Jason Dill in Spitfire Wheels ‘Spitfire’ video, 1993.


Animated by Jayme Lemperle & Evan Borja

Sea Shoes


adidas x Parley Ocean Plastic.

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Straight Out of a Video Game


Japanese Baseball Forever

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The Caged Pillows

Mesmerizing work by Galen Pehrson

Friday’s Vault

Mark Gonzales in “Back World for Words”, a film by Cheryl Dunn.

Beyond Frontier Psychology

The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown + MF DOOM)

“When In Doubt, Always Pull Out The Simpsons voices”

Hank Azaria doles out advice to Tufts University graduates.

Information Overload

HYPER-REALITY by Keiichi Matsuda

Friday’s Vault

Ray Barbee in Powell Peralta’s Propaganda, 1990

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