Friday’s Vault

Duane Pitre, Rob Dyrdek and Steve Claar in G&S “Footage” (1990)

Finally Able to Watch This Now

Kirby Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix, remastered into one, single HD video.

“You Need The Hate to Go With The Love”

British artist Death Spray Custom philosophizes on doing what he wants to do.

Navigating With Elders

Google Dad Directions

Hemingway For President

Because it’s impossible to be Ernest in this day and age.

Ink and White-Out

Night Vision, a new hand-drawn experimental animation by Jake Fried.

Seattle Sound, American Piss

Bud Light tries to market “Grunge” in the mid-90’s.

Friday’s Vault

Rick Ibaseta in New Deal’s Useless Wooden Toys (1990)

Smoke & Flame

North America’s only premium, handcrafted firewood company.

The Artist Who Hates Art Stores

Taylor McKimens goes fishing in the latest Creative Lives.

Video Meditation for Computer Driven Humans

Pop the headphones on, hit the full screen button and breathe.

Binary breathing exercises by Sasha Gransjean.

A Man of Extraordinary Patience

Larry Johnson is The Purrtraitist

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