Taking Artistic License With The Audio

How Nature Documentaries Are Fake


Friday’s Vault

Damien Carabajal in H-Street’s Next Generation, 1992


“I’m such a spoiled old toad … I was blessed with a crappy life”

Charles Bukowski’s Crappy Life


Friday’s Vault

Jeremy Wray in Blockhead Skateboards’ Recycled Rubbish, 1991


Friday’s Vault

Peter Bici in Zoo York’s Mixtape, 1998


America’s Most Dangerous City

“Long Live Camden”, a short doc on the New Jersey city by Casey Stein.


Photoshop Drop

Kendrick Lamar – “HUMBLE.”


Friday’s Vault

Jeron Wilson in Girl’s Mouse, 1996


Protect and Smash

The BOZENA Riot system is a remote-controlled Peace Maintenance Machine.


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What Up Council

Surf bros trying to get a Paul Walker statue built.

Friday’s Vault

Pat Channita in Plan B’s The Revolution, 1997


It’s been a while…

Hi Stranger. Written, Directed, and Animated by Kirsten Lepore.


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