A Car for Fish

Designed by Studio diip, Fish on Wheels is a mobile aquarium that uses a camera and computer vision software to guide the tank in whatever direction the fish is swimming.
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Timber Timbre – Beat the Drum Slowly

Animated by Chad Vangaalen

Reminisce Over This

Cool C, I Got a Habit, 1989

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What Does It Look Like To ‘Skate Like A Girl’?

Lunchtime Laughter

Louis C.K.’s Last Chance

That Dull Young Girl Body Scent Will Get You Every Single Time

Stop Peeping by Wong Ping is the most perverse, SFW animation you will watch today.

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Daddy’s Trying to Double Your Money, Kid


With each passing game, Singapore’s World Cup anti-gambling campaign is backfiring.

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Morning Dose of Rain Sounds

The Origin of The Sound of Rain by Yugo Nakamura

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Saudi Arabia, Home of Next Level Gas Station Attendants

Sex Pixels

UTE is a computer game by Lea Schönfelder that features a woman character whose goal is to sleep with as many men as possible.

Reminisce Over This

King Tee ft. Tha Alkaholiks, Got It Bad Ya’ll, 1992

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Blood Orange (Ft. Skepta) – High Street

Because Sometimes Nobody Is Around to Play With You


The Connect Four Robot, designed by Patrick McCabe

Watch it in action, below

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Lunchtime Laughter

Pizza is Money

There’s Nothing Quite Like Marina Abramović’s Take on the World Cup

Work Relation 2014

Morning Dose of Euphoria

Psychedelic animation by Vince Collins

Inside the ant colony

These little insects are complex!

Everything is NOT awesome


Greenpeace’s new ad calls for LEGO to halt its production of Shell-branded LEGO toys and end its partnership with Shell Oil, thus saving children’s malleable brains from oil company propaganda.

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Reminisce Over This

Lakim Shabazz, Black is Back, 1988

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