Mogwai – “Simon Ferocious”

Directed by Antony Crook

Lunchtime Laughter

How to make a salad from possessed vegetables

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Fresh Off The Boat

Shout-out to our boy Eddie Huang on turning his life story into an ABC sitcom!!!

Morning Dose of Plasticine Rhythm

by Andy Martin

If In Doubt Paddle Out

Written & Directed by Andrew R. Blackman

A journey of self discovery and surfing. Because you will never find yourself until you find your wave kook!

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Reminisce Over This

The Dogs, You Mama´s On Crack Rock, 1991

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Matt Groening, Mike Kelley, and Gary Panter Talk About Each Other

Invading pop culture and the origin of Bart Simpson’s hairline.

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Mark Ryden Presents… The Gay Nineties Olde Tyme Music


A signed and numbered limited edition vinyl record featuring original covers of the song “Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two) by artists such as Tyler The Creator, Weird Al Yankovic, Katy Perry, Mark Mothersbaugh, Nick Cave, and Everlast.

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Lunchtime Laughter

I Know You Think I Farted

Barbara Walters Says Goodbye To ‘The View’

Morning Dose of Buy My Volvo

The best homemade commercial for a 1993 Volvo station wagon, ever.

The Art and Science of Computer Data Recovery

The fascinating story behind the unearthing of Andy Warhol’s lost Amiga works.

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Riddim Section

Peter Tosh, Johnny B. Good

Reminisce Over This

Poison Clan, Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya, 1992

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Mark Ronson: How sampling transformed music

Lunchtime Laughter


Allergy to Originality

An animated discussion between two men on whether anything is truly original.

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“Do not react, scream or argue”


A tip from the Sao Paulo police to visiting World Cup fans if they find themselves being robbed. The idea to this approach is to not provoke the robbers into further violence, aka something apparently increasingly common down there, a robbery that ends in murder.

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Morning Dose of Cattlerap

Just add a beat to auctioneer Rhett Parks’ cadence and you got something special.

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