“In Love, the Currency is Virtue”

Ayn Rand, making business out of everything.

Ooh baby I like it raw

Nothing quite like an ODB x Muppets mash-up

Respect the Bean

Tarantula is back! Carson Mell’s brilliant series returns for a new season, making us realize how much we missed Echo Johnson.

Wong Ping Again and Again

Our favorite Chinese animator/artist/storyteller is back for some more entertainment.

Friday’s Vault

G&S Winona Riders (1991)

Shannon May, Willy Santos, Mark Heintzman, Matt Schnurr, Mike Taylor and Kris Markovich.

“Rolling fatties, smoking blunts… Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts”

A History of Drugs in Film: 1894 – 2015

A Party Like No Other

Steve’s Awesome Birthday Bash!!

The Grand Overlook Hotel

Wes Anderson’s The Shining

“I Got A Space, I Fill It In”

The Fearless Steve Powers

Change Your Life in 7 Easy Steps

Tim and Eric’s Zone Theory

It Is What It Is

All the tautology in The Wire. AKA all the times the same thing is said twice in different words.

Friday’s Vault

Rick Howard in Blockhead’s Splendid Eye Torture (1989)

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