Dave Chapelle on San Francisco: “I have never seen crack smoked so casually”

Comedian Marcus Tisdale puts that observation to the test with his video asking the question “Can You Smoke Crack In Front of SF Cops and Not Get Caught?”

Reminisce Over This

Kool Keith, Livin’ Astro, 1999

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“You Have To Try In-N-Out!”

The Ins and Outs of In-N-Out by Connor Kerrigan

Lunchtime Laughter

Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine

How to Draw a Phish Song, Man

Mike Hamad’s “Setlist Schematics”

Morning Dose of a Drone Flying through a Firework Show

Cliffed Out


Erm… on second thought, maybe it wasn’t the smartest idea to scale this rock face without any support or climbing gear. But hey, at least I brought my cell phone! Watch the rescue of this hiker stranded on a cliff by the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team, below.

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Weekend Watching: Human Nature (2001)

Directed by Michel Gondry and written by Charlie Kaufman

Reminisce Over This

Three Times Dope, Funky Dividends, 1989

— @TheNameIsJerald

Drawings Made Absentmindedly

The higher purpose of doodling… it’s all about learning through visual communication

Lunchtime Laughter

Sinbad on White BBQ Sauce

“Skateboarding is a way to redefine the world around you”

Keep on Pushin’

Morning Dose of Crimes I Have Committed

As You Are Now by Nicholas Payne Santos

It’s Circulation, Baby

What gives a dollar bill its value?


Also known as “Discovering things for white people.”

Reminisce Over This

American Cream Team ft. Raekwon & RZA, It’s Not a Game, 1999

— @TheNameIsJerald

Typecaster for Life

Lewis Mitchell of Arion Press in San Francisco

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Lunchtime Laughter

Report: 76% Of Sleepaway Campers’ Parents Beginning Trial Separation

Childhood Drive-By


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