MC Big Mac with a drought-related rap… “Skip Showers 4 BEEF”

Arboreal Pleasures


CanopyStair is a modular spiral staircase that wraps around the trunk of a tree.

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Becoming Bootleg Bart

by Simon Landrein

Freaky Flowers

Echinopsis cacti in bloom.

That Time Dustin Hoffman Saved a Painting From a Blown Up Building

The actor on duplicity and famosity (and saving a painting) in the latest Blank on Blank.

Too Close for Comfort


Driving Through Canyons in Reverse

Some insane dude decided to test the handling ability of his Audi yesterday by zooming down the curvy Laurel Canyon backwards.

Fingers Bloody Fingers

Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath’s lead guitarist and founding member, talks about losing two of his fingers and creating a new sound out of the disability.

Very Rare, SOFLES Painting in His Underwear


Directed by Selina Miles

Friday’s Vault

Tony Ferguson in the Girl “Goldfish” video, 1994.

Endless Fodder For Internet Videos

All the books from Wes Anderson movies.

Breathe In Strength, Breathe Out Bullshit

Meditation for the people.

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