Visionary Metal

“The Black Plot” by High On Fire. More than just a music video, it’s wild animated short film by SKINNER and Hey Beautiful Jerk.

Friday’s Vault

Tommy Guerrero in Future Primitive.

This Is the Morning You Won’t Be Boring (You Can Do It)

Dan Deacon’s new video for “Change Your Life (You Can Do It).”

Friday’s Vault

Jerry Fowler in Planet Earth’s Hiatus, 1995

De La Soul in Full Control

We’re Still Here (now)… a documentary about nobody. Directed by j anders urmacher.

Not Quite Smell-O-Vision

Spike Jonze’s commercial for KENZO World, a new perfume by KENZO.

Friday’s Vault

Damien Carbajal in H-Street’s Not the New H-Street video.

Diary (1974)

by Nedeljko Dragić

Friday’s Vault

Justin Girard in Mad Circle’s Let the Horns Blow, 1996.

Stair Master

At seventy-five years old, Ruben Pardo is the oldest elevator operator in Los Angeles.

An Ode to the Party Wave

“The Hold Downs”, directed by Ian Durkin in collaboration with Booooooom and Flexfit.

Friday’s Vault

Mark Heintzman in G & S Footage, 1990

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