The Chairs of NPR

The year was 1988 and NPR’s office was in shambles, or according to Bob Boilen, it was an “utterly horrifying ugly filthy mess.” Also, there were typewriters. And terrible chairs.

The Forest in the Trees

All about Stephen Sillett and his study of Aerial ecosystems.

Morning Dose of Freaks

Created by ROBOT

Reminisce Over This

Kool G Rap ft. RZA, Cakes, 1999

— @TheNameIsJerald

8-Bit Twin Peaks

Would play this as an RPG game on Nintendo.

via, WelcomeToTwinPeaks

Lunchtime Laughter

“Man Dies, Mourned Only by Strippers”

Robin Williams and Louis C.K. in Season 3 of Louie.

So What’cha Muppet

A Poem for the Internet Age

Go the Fuck Outside, written and performed by Thig Nat

Meanwhile in North Korea

Enter Pyongyang

Reminisce Over This

Goodie Mob, They Don’t Dance No Mo’, 1998

— @TheNameIsJerald


From Street Art to High Art

Lunchtime Laughter


“a dystopian vision of the future as imagined by a child in the 80s”

Daniel Wolfe’s striking short film for Scottish musician Paolo Nutini’s new single ‘Iron Sky’

Morning Dose of Hitchcock Cameos

Every time ol’ Alfred showed up in a film.

Lunchtime Laughter

Man With a Van, a web comedy about New York’s favorite illegitimate moving company

Trailer Party

All of the movies worth watching in theaters this weekend
James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D

A 3D documentary chronicling filmmaker James Cameron’s diving expeditions in his Deepsea Challenger submersible.

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Friday’s Vault

Jason Dill in Habitat’s Mosaic

Lunchtime Laughter

Bill Cosby: Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

The Man with the Basketball Van

Rigsketball, a 3-on-3 DIY Portland band basketball tournament.

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