Arto Saari is the second creative dude featured in Leica’s Let Us Roam series

Reminisce Over This

Kurious, Uptown Hit, 1993


Making the News

A former TV News anchor reflects on his fall from life with exotic holidays to bankruptcy and subsequent homelessness, living on the seafront in Brighton, UK.

Co-produced and directed by Conor O’Grady and Daniele Baron

Lunchtime Laughter

What’s really going on under Gargamel’s robe.

The Oldest Living Things In the World

The book about Rachel Sussman’s project to “photograph continuously living organisms 2,000 years old and older” is out April 22nd.

Morning Dose of Mountain Descent

If only morning commutes were this exciting.

A side by side comparison of Macaulay Culkin Eating a Slice of Pizza & Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger

via, boingboing

Tax Time in Springfield

Reminisce Over This

Main Source, Peace Is Not The Word To Play, 1991

— @TheNameIsJerald

Neal “The Dude” Unger

60 years old and skating.

Lunchtime Laughter

Shallon: Drug Safety

Crime Sprays

Passengers hurled “objects and insults” at a trio of kids who rolled up to paint the last Hitachi train to run in Melbourne.

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Morning Dose of Skin Illustrations

A Supercut of Tattoos in Film

Gas Station Romance

HELF by Simon Landrein

Reminisce Over This

Da Brat, Funkdafied, 1994

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The Mini Masters


Who Can Stack Higher and More Delicious


The 20-layer, Epic Grilled Cheese

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Lunchtime Laughter

Shiksa, directed by Matt Porter

George R.R. Martin, Wedding Planner

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