Talking Pieces

Private Parts, by Anna Ginsburg


Friday’s Vault

Tony Briseno in Foundation Skateboards’ Cocktails, 1992


The Wide World of Weed


Pot News for Those Who Partake

NYC Model Delivery: Queens of the Stoned Age

Green Suits: Men’s Wearhouse founder has been smoking marijuana for 50 years

A Swan Song for the Bong: An evolving marketplace threatens the trusty tube

Creative Compound: A grow operation was busted at Legoland in the UK

Real State: California’s most desirable places to grow pot

Strain Specific: Sativa by Mister Green

Amsterdam West: Cannabis Cafes in Massachusetts

The White: Busting Sessions’ ‘Good People Don’t Smoke Marijuana’ theory


Weed Eggs & Ham


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Friday’s Vault

Ronnie Bertino in Plan B’s Second Hand Smoke, 1994


Survey Says…

Steve Harvey Doesn’t Want To Host Family Feud Anymore

Virtual Vanity

Face Lift, by @Sleevesmith & @JerryPaperREAL


Friday’s Vault

Pepe Martinez in Element’s Fine Artists Vol. 1, 1994


Confessions of A Breastimator, by Jisu Kim.

via, cartoonbrew

You can either surf, or you can fight!


Apocalypse Now, the video game.


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Friday’s Vault

John Cardiel in the Spitfire video, 1993.

“Now Raise Your Shrunken Hand and Repeat After Me”

Friday’s Vault

Lavar McBride in World Industries’ Trilogy, 1996

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