America is Graphically F*cked

Strong language fills this wise rant

Movable Type

Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film

Punk Rock and Swiss Modernism

Mike Joyce recreates old show flyers in “in berthold akzidenz grotesk medium, all lowercase.”

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Handpainted Type

A project that is dedicated to preserving the typographic practice of street painters around India.

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The Title Design of Saul Bass

And after you’re finished watching this magic, check out Martin Scorcese’s writing on the talent of Saul Bass

Morning Dose of Word as Image

By Ji Lee


All A Matter of Preference

Kerntype is a kerning game

Nice Type

Lettering and typography by the Sanborn Map Company between 1894 and 1923

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I Get Paper

Hand-cut paper art by Sydney-based designer Bianca Chang.


3D Typography design based on the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer

Included in this great work by Chris Labrooy are the Cathedral of Brasília, Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, Ghery house, Ibirapuera Park theatre, and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

Typography Polaroids

Flickr set of mostly hand-painted signs across the United States. Found on Expresh, my favorite letter-obsessed blog.


Bacon Ipsum

If you’re a graphic/web/whatever designer, there’s no reason to use anything but Bacon Ipsum now.

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet sausage bacon short loin venison beef ribs. Shankle meatball jerky, short loin bresaola ham hock tongue hamburger ground round beef ribs chuck. Tenderloin pork chop chicken swine, drumstick pig brisket. Bresaola chuck fatback shoulder, tri-tip strip steak ham. Tri-tip ground round salami venison. Pork loin pastrami flank short ribs tri-tip ham hock. Jerky ham hock beef tongue bacon, fatback rump shoulder.

Rump boudin pork loin, swine venison ground round chuck jerky. Ground round pork belly pastrami, drumstick shankle jowl corned beef chuck shoulder meatball pork loin beef strip steak. Tenderloin pork chop pancetta, beef t-bone drumstick bresaola brisket chicken venison shankle. Pancetta biltong jerky short ribs tail pastrami. Tail meatloaf bacon, boudin pork belly pork chop salami biltong. Meatball ham pork loin, sausage pork chop drumstick beef ribs ball tip pork. Fatback pork pig, ham hock ground round tongue shoulder.

Go here for some Bacon Ipsum


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