Philatelists and design nerds rejoice

On 13 January 2009, Royal Mail will release a series of stamps dedicated to British Design Classics. Included in the series of ten are the Mini, the K2 telephone kiosk, the London Underground Map, the Routemaster bus, and our favorites—the Concorde and mini skirt. See them all at CR Blog.

your own vice

Vice just announced a new cash winning challenge. Log in, create a profile and start designing magazine. Oh and you can win 1,000 Cash prize or a Internship. For more info click here.

plate full of skin

You have ink on your arm’s now on your plates. Designed by Paul Timman inspired by irezumi, the traditional Japanese tattooing style.  Timman is a tattoo artist in LA by trade; his work appears on Angelina Jolie and Mark Wahlberg.


Kaws it’s about smoking

Kind of ironic that on the day of the Great American Smokeout, Kaws releases a set of ashtrays.

Gmail just got all weird

You leave gmail for one second and they change everything.  I just skinned my interface with the graffiti setting, although ‘cold shower’ was an option too.

My Kind of Bench

I hope you can read french.

via, crib candy

A bunch of New York Hardcore Fliers

See them here.

guaranteed a search

PickWolf Teh Strasbourg studio, created models with the metaphor “appearances are deceiving”. More like search my cavity please. If life wasn’t what it is, this would be a must have.

Eboy’s Baltimore City Poster

I have a bunch of friends from Baltimore, and they would probably buy Eboy’s new Baltimore City poster.

Watchmen Posters

See the other five new Watchmen posters here.

i will always do the dishes

The new Tac Tac, a folding kitchen faucet from Ritmonio. Its changeable form ensures that it is constantly on the move between art and functionality. The Italian kitchen faucet is designed by Ariano Design, and is available from Ritmonio.


visual words

Writing Without Words is a project by Stefanie Posavec that explores methods of visually representing text and visualizes the differences in writing styles of various authors.

Arkitip x Peter Saville

November 20th

half to share

Splinter Chair designed by Mathew Kroeker for Jane Hamley Wells, winner of the 2007 NeoCon.

macbook pro accessory

I keep seeing this ad in design mags so I had to take a look and see what they have. They have a lot. This desk is my favorite. It comes in a few finishes but the white is my favorite. Beautiful simple design by Nueva Linea.

put to rest global warming

Designed by the Mexican collective NEL for Nanimarquina, the Global Warming Rug portrays a polar bear on a very tiny piece of ice.

the deathstar has landed

Check out this George Lucas inspired Deathstar hotel. ..”The gleaming futuristic looking Full Moon Hotel has an unlikely location – Baku, Azerbaijan, a former member of the Soviet Union. It’s designed to look different depending on the angle you view it from. The full frontal is, quite frankly, the most terrifying view. You wouldn’t want to be across the water from the Death Star-like structure with an evil looking giant eye on the top right hand corner.” via Vagabondish

keep your gear in case

You just bought yourself a new laptop, you need a case now. Pick up Incase’s all white 15inch laptop bag to go with your mac.

doing the dishes

Here’s the deal….Designer Seongyong Lee says that “This product started from two main purposes. First, whenever you wash your dishes, you might have difficulties to find spoon as cutlery sinks deep down into water. Second, it is based on the idea of easy holding. Through making inside empty, it becomes rising to the surface of water like a float. Meanwhile, the spherical shape in the center acts as a supporter to help you when you cut and chop food with less effort.”

Pretty cool idea, as long as the steak knives float blade down.

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