Yayoi Kusama’s ridiculously awesome cell phones

Japan is always one step ahead in this game.

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Nerd Map


This map is totally cool.

“The Web Trend Map is a yearly publication by iA Inc. It maps the 333 most influential Web domains and the 111 most influential Internet people onto the Tokyo Metro map.”

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blank canvas


Students are getting sharper by the day.

This is from the students on the BA (hons) Design for Moving Image Design and Graphic Design courses at Ravensbourne College, who are raising funds for their graduation show

“Rather than the usual cake sale or student union party, we decided to do something a little bit more exciting this year. We will be sending our favourite designers and illustrators packages containing random items (which could be anything from an old teapot, to a skateboard, to a vintage suitcase). They will then be asked to customise these items in any way they see fit. These masterpieces will then be collected and put in a silent auction on the 30th of April at the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane.”

Artist/Designers include: Paula Scher, Milton Glaser, David Carson, KozynDan, Eine, Parra, and many more…

More at Blank Canvas

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Almost Horny for this table


If this table had been made from two actual ram’s heads instead of brass and glass, it would have been on another level.

Details here

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The Wii Spray Teaser

It has been a while since we last reported on the WiiSpray and it seems as if things are moving along quite well.  They have sponsorship from Montana and this video above shows the progress.

If you’re interested, there is more info here

Reyes will customize your bed


Reyes sent us over images of a newly completed project he did involving a seriously fresh customization of a japanese flat bed.  Here’s what he had to say:

“Recently I undertook another interior design project, this time on a japanese flat bed. The client loved the work so much they purchased a painting from me to complete their bedroom motif. The interior design projects are a great use of my painting abilities, keep an eye out for a new signature line of tables, benches and chairs by yours truly. thanks to Julio,Ann, and Dylan Maddux”

More info on Reyes here, and a couple more images after the jump

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it’s all in the paper


Papier (= paper), is designed by Stefan Diez for Saskia Diez. The bags are made out of a material named Tyvek, which is a synthetic paper made from PE that is extremely tearproof, lightweight, waterproof and recyclable. Really nice looking after some wear and tear.


tape heads


Iri5 creates these portraits using nothing but the innards of cassette tapes.  Dope.

See more here

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Web Design Sketchbook


If you design on the web, you know that using actual pens and pencils is a rarity.  A stylus, probably.  This Web Design Sketchbook helps you get back to the basics using your hands and (maybe) natural artistic talent.

Buy it here


Saville designs textiles….


Sort of. Peter Saville is putting the final touches on a new showroom in Shoreditch for the Danish textile company Kvadrat, in collaboration with the architect David Adjaye. “David has pretty much created a space that is a tribute to Kvadrat and Peter Saville,” he says. Saville has been working with Kvadrat for nearly five years, principally as a consultant and creative director, but this project, even by his own standards, is perhaps his most Saville-esque with the company to date. Read more…



Initially intrigued by the boastfulness of their name (not to mention their stunning “crowns” card), Brooklyn’s own enormouschampion is a brilliantly tidy (read: small but mighty) design group / stationer started by photographer Jordan Provost and design director Jason Wong who are responsible for all of the letterpressing, printing and production of every cleverly-designed and perfectly-executed piece.

Collaborating occasionally with artists who have included Tim Fite (bike series) and Erik Marinovich (nautical series), their work taps into those perfect artful sentiments for moments that may require impact, yet something a bit less sappy. They’ve outdone themselves with their newest sets aptly titled “Bats & Bunnies” and Seagulls & Eagles,” inspired by houndstooth and herringbone woven fabric patterns, respectively. These two sets will undoubtedly join many of their other cards and prints as framed pieces on the walls here at headquarters and at home.

Visit their Etsy shop to check out what they currently have on offer, read an interview with J & J at The Scout and head over to Misosouper for a chance to win a limited edition “All Good Things” print.

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good eats


Created as an extension for the Wettingen School, the cafeteria was designed by mlzd architect.
The building envelope, composed of a homogeneous coverage of black anodized aluminium sheets, plays with the light that seeps between the silhouettes of the flowers and leafs cut out of the aluminium sheets. The new cafeteria has a rural character and part of a the conceptual and formal analogy with the traditional farm, which makes the volume, types and structural features of the interior space.


For more info and pics go here.

Sagmeister x Levi’s + American Rag = Window Displays


This is an interesting collaboration that I am too lazy to explain on my own. Here are some bullet points from the press release…

  • Sagmeister has developed a series of designs that explore the jean that started it all – the Levi’s Original, Button-Fly 501
  • The installation will unveil the first two Sagmeister images from the special art series created for the Levi’s
  • Levi’s brand and American Rag stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco will distribute a limited run of 501 museum-quality, poster reproductions of the Sagmeister images featured in American Rag’s windows this March.
  • Sagmeister took Levi’s Original button-fly 501 and examined its origin and mystique, literally stripping the iconic silhouette down to the raw materials that compose its DNA. “The jeans themselves are iconic, so we decided to go with just a product shot, using nothing more and nothing less than a single pair of 501s,” Stefan explains.

a very cool table and chairs


Galets created by the French designer Ludovic Renson features a low roto-molded table and stools. They are chrome-painted with a bamboo insert on the surface.

Minimal and Sleek


I noticed this chair the other day at Georgia Tapert Living in Soho.  Designed by Charles Constantine, the chair is crafted from Solid Maple and Natural Rubber and—given the look—is surprisingly comfortable to sit in.  More information here and here.

Applause Machine


I could use one of these in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen…basically everywhere.  Designed by Martin Smith and manufactured by Lakingland, the Applause machine comes in Black, White, Green, Red, and Orange.  Each color is in an edition of 250.

See more here

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Pizza vending machines


The NY Times reports on the Pizza vending Machine,

“It actually whips up flour, water, tomato sauce and fresh ingredients to produce a piping hot pizza in about three minutes.”

The only flaw I see in this is turnover.  What happens if 10 people want pizza?  No way I would wait in line for 30 – 40 minutes to get a small pie.

Saks Spring Propaganda Campaign comes to life

All of the windows on Fifth Avenue are complete, filled with the designs of Cleon Peterson, Shepard Fairey, and the rest of Studio Number One.  When we first brought word of this collaboration, a slew of comments erupted on our site, and then, all over the internets.  Haters will be haters, Lovers will be Lovers, and The World’s Best Ever will always be supporters.  Nice job peeps!

Porn stars on Skateboards


Not that I mind this too much, but wouldn’t it make sense to put the graphic on top with some clear grip tape so that the babe is always staring at your jank and smiling?

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