The future looks really cool


Neville Mars’ Solar Forest.  A cool, shady parking lot to charge your electric car.  Is that a Chrysler I see in the future too?

via, inhabitat

you will find something here


Well the name of the site, Creative Nerds, is not the best but, you should be able to find something here. There are a lot of 25 this, 40 that, type of lists. Some are actually pretty helpful.

Graphic Tee’s


Graniph x Josef Muller-Brockmann

Dezeen has a competition ending today that gives you a chance to win all six.

clean design


Cristina Rubinetterie fixtures. The coolest Italians-designed shower heads.

A Font Designed by a Car

The ‘R’ is really nice. Big ups to Dutch Toyota for throwing some money at this.

“Two typographers ( Pierre & Damien / ) and a pro race pilot (Stef van Campenhoudt) collaborated to design a font with a car.
The car movements were tracked using a custom software, designed by interactive artist Zachary Lieberman.”

Download the font here

How To Make a ‘Zine


Jason Filipow put together this great video, How To Make a ‘Zine, for Hurley’s Against The Grain series.  It is totally inspirational and will make you want to go out and do it yourself.  For now, the only thing you have to do yourself is click the link below to watch the video, because there is no embed anywhere.

Watch the video

follow empty…


Empty just signed up to our Twit feed. Everyday we have some really cool people that sign up, so I thought maybe we should start showing some love. I apologize to everyone one else who has already signed up before I thought of this idea… So check them out and follow them here.

The Grizzly-Bear Chair

And you thought you were the first one to think out of the box.


the Dopest Detail: The Porsche Panamera’s key


When you buy a Porsche, expect the complete package.  A key in the shape of the car?  Ridiculous.  The 4-door ride is not too shabby looking either.

Superego Editions


Debuting at Milan Design Week, SUPEREGO Design has corralled some great artists to do ceramic editions with them.  We are very partial to this Jeremy Fish bottle (above) and the super slick work of BO130 and Microbo (below).  All of these works can be purchased through DesignDesign

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rolf sachs’s hair and snakes inspired work


“Rita wig lamp” left,  and “constrictor” right, are just two of Rolf Sachs works. Check out his site to see and learn more about the artist.


marcel wanders “behind the Ceiling” reviewed by design:related


“Marcel Wanders is a master of creating lush, regal environments. His work is known for its meticulous attention to detail down to the very last element (even the bathroom sink). To categorize him into one or even several design genres is simply impossible, so we’ve broken it down into 17 of the many different sides of Marcel Wanders….”

To read the full review go here.

Breathing next level future type of sh%t


This mask looks so cool.

via, notcot

climbing the walls


Mattias Ries‘s Eiger North Light. Via one of our favorite sites.

Hipster Hold’em


Designed by MWM Graphics

early ink-slinger


I have a feeling this is not real but it looks cool. I think his father who is a designer has a very patient child.

Thrasher opens up its archive


Scans of every single page, they are up to 1985.  A lot of design and culture history here.

On a random tip, I am surprised Supreme hasn’t tried to make moves on some nostalgic collaboration with them yet.

miniature golf in brooklyn


Check it out, now you can go putt- putt in Brooklyn, Bushwick Style.

“The Putting Lot explores the possibilities of vacant lots in the city with an emphasis on community spaces. Our aim is to inspire the imaginations of our visitors and provoke a conversation about neighborhood sustainability. We invite you to play the nine holes, each designed by a different team of artists or architects, enjoy local Brooklyn-based bites at the snack-shack, participate a variety of activities and events, or just stop by and hang out in the shade.”

Video after the jump.

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Geoff McFetridge responds visually to Stop Smiling


For their Expatriate Issue, Stop Smiling magazine asked Geoff McFetridge “to offer his impressions on the differences between living in California and his native Calgary.”  Everything is drawn and there are some great responses, above is the answer to “WHAT ONE IMAGE SUMS UP THE WEST COASTS OF CANADA AND CALIFORNIA?”

via, the scout

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