Louis Vuitton Island

That’s just crazy.

Melting Silver Clock

It works, it’s plastic, and it’s affordable.

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Clever Wedding Invitation

Congrats to Lois and Cris, whoever you may be.

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Ravenscroft Desk by Leonhard Pfeifer

Good looks

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Ghost Chair

Designed by Studio Drift

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History of Graphic Design Avant Garde

By Minji Aye Hong

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Cool idea for a fishbowl.

Gluekit “How To Design A Product To Be Put on Display In An Art Exhibition”

Part of the Scion Video Art Series, this video was produced by Gluekit in occasion of their “A Product of Design” exhibition at Scion Installation LA.

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I Get Paper

Hand-cut paper art by Sydney-based designer Bianca Chang.


Modern Outdoor Dinner Party Lighting

Halley 4150
Designed by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal

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The Museum of Obsolete Objects

A cool place on the internet for remembering those items replaced by technology.

The ‘Cow Bench’

A series exploring “the threshold between animal and material” by Julia Lohmann, from 2005.

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