The Craftsmanship and Making of Leica Lenses

Neon Paper Analog Objects

Zim and Zou’s Back to Basics

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“Although challenging to drink from, it can be used.”

Robert Lazzarini’s teacup set from 2003’s Peter Norton Family Christmas Art Project

Underwater Video Goggles

For hands-free video fun, underwater.

Bacon Ipsum

If you’re a graphic/web/whatever designer, there’s no reason to use anything but Bacon Ipsum now.

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet sausage bacon short loin venison beef ribs. Shankle meatball jerky, short loin bresaola ham hock tongue hamburger ground round beef ribs chuck. Tenderloin pork chop chicken swine, drumstick pig brisket. Bresaola chuck fatback shoulder, tri-tip strip steak ham. Tri-tip ground round salami venison. Pork loin pastrami flank short ribs tri-tip ham hock. Jerky ham hock beef tongue bacon, fatback rump shoulder.

Rump boudin pork loin, swine venison ground round chuck jerky. Ground round pork belly pastrami, drumstick shankle jowl corned beef chuck shoulder meatball pork loin beef strip steak. Tenderloin pork chop pancetta, beef t-bone drumstick bresaola brisket chicken venison shankle. Pancetta biltong jerky short ribs tail pastrami. Tail meatloaf bacon, boudin pork belly pork chop salami biltong. Meatball ham pork loin, sausage pork chop drumstick beef ribs ball tip pork. Fatback pork pig, ham hock ground round tongue shoulder.

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Alternative Drinking Source

On-the-go hydration with a green conscience. BPA-free Glass and Bamboo drinking bottle.


About As Car Porn(Y) As It Gets

The 2012 Lamborghini Aventador

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Sony Sports

Walkman, Watchman, Discman… back in the day when Auto Reverse was a luxury, portable technology didn’t get much cooler than this.

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Visual Notes From a 1980’s Firework Packaging Scrapbook

Old ladies collect the strangest things.

Scans by Jason Liebig, you can see much more on his flickr.

via, doobybrain


This dude gets it.

New from The Creators Project.

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Dieter Rams Print by Conor & David

Made in conjunction with Curate & Design for a retrospective on the work of Dieter Rams in Dublin, Ireland.

Available here

Crazy Idea

Moving Platforms by Priestmangoode

“A concept for high-speed trains that would transfer passengers to local services while still moving, instead of stopping at stations.”

video after the jump

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