Interior Concepts

Because the inside of the car is personal.

images pulled from Car Interiors

Bacterio Bookends

TOC Studio produced an edition of bookends in wood and steel with a Bacterio laminate exterior. The laminate was designed by Ettore Sottsass for Abet Laminati in 1978 as an expression of anti-design and the miscegenation of high and low culture. Get them here.

A Well-Designed Plan


How to Make a Paper Plane by Kitron Z Neuschatz

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For No Reason Whatsoever

Isuzu concept cars and trucks (1983 – 2001)

“Blood Bubbles”


People actually try to make other people feel guilty for using SodaStream, the Israeli bubble maker with a manufacturing plant in the occupied territory of the West Bank.

For Advanced Relaxing, The World’s First Performance Recliner


The Natuzzi Re-vive

Flimsy + Weak


There’s been some criticism of the Black + Decker rebranding

Inspired by the Hypotenuse of a Right Triangle


Theorem, an LED desk lamp by DAMM

Slight Future


Why Her Will Dominate UI Design Even More Than Minority Report

Design as Art


This Bruno Munari classic features an illustrated journey into the artistic possibilities of modern design. It’s worth a read—or a re-read.

Plant Pods


Great looking wall-mounted planters for succulents and cacti

Your Dog Will Love the Realism of the Viewing Experience


The Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

“the Canadian pour-over method of brewing coffee”


Harnessing the power of simplicity, Canadiano is a single-serving coffee brewer made out of a wooden box with a cut-out terraced cylinder and a metal filter at the bottom to catch grinds.

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Designer Computer Storage


The LaCie Sphere, a 1TB external hard drive that’s been hand-crafted and silvered in France.

Blunt Mentality


The 1 Percent NYC Subway Grinder Card

Together As One, Made in Obama


Nendo’s redesign of the chopstick.

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The Art of the Egg Nog Carton

From the collection of Madeleine Eiche.

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Wrapping paper by Andy Rementer

As Close as You Want to Get to Survivorman


The Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter

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