The price paid for this vaporizer by a Russian oligarch. It’s hand crafted with 24-carat gold parts, 246 diamonds, yellow Swarovski crystals and imported Murano Italian hand-blown glass, and is ultimately one of the tackiest things we’ve ever seen.

If The Nation of Islam Had a Preferred Bottle Opener…


This would be it. Crescent is designed by Oji Masanori and made in Japan by brass manufacturer Futagami.

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Typographic Smut

Issue C of Gratuitous Type, the pamphlet of typographic smut, features 48 pages of lovely letters and conversations with Hato Press, Hvass & Hannibal and Studio Lin, among others, plus a 6-page centerfold and a print created by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk. So sexy.

Zio / @zioxla

Subway Hell


“The silent revenge of Comic Sans”

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Staycation, a collaborative home collection by artists Eric Trine and Will Bryant. Available at SuperMaker in Portland through December 1.

Zio / @zioxla

Daft Illumination


Moto, a wall light designed by Jean-Baptiste Fastrez.

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Looking Like Somewhere That Aliens Give Birth


Zaha Hadid’s superyachts for Blohm + Voss

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For All Jumping Abilities


The Basket Tree, designed by a/LTA

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Morning Dose of The Noun Project

Building a Global Visual Language

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Modernist California Living

Photographs by Julius Schulman

Loser Does The Dishes


RS#Dining table from RS Barcelona

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The Lego UN


The latest addition to Lego’s architecture series is Oscar Niemeyer and Le Corbusier’s modernist temple.

Get A Grip


Designed by Benjamin Hubert, The Coracle is hand-woven lounge chair that’s made using stitched automotive suede wrapped around a steel frame. It takes design cues from bronze Age ‘coracle’ boats and modern day bicycle handles.

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Trust The Swiss


The Victorinox Bike Tool

Posters from Fashion Moda

The South Bronx art space founded by Stefan Eins in the late 1970s.

A Cycling Lexicon


An A-Z book of bicycle headbadges

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The Campana Brothers Stuffed Animal Chairs

Very reminiscent of Flea’s awesome stuffed animal pants

So Clean


The Heel Chair by Nendo for Italian furniture brand Moroso.

“The line of the back legs and their connection to the backrest give this chair the silhouette of a spike heel.”

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Office Match


The POP Desk Phone

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