Artorialust: Ganked Edition

We wish we could have been in Cali for the Seventh Letter x New Era Art Show Party but, hey, Revok put up some pics and we added Mr. Artorialust.  So it was kind of like we were there.  Original flicks by Linus Hentu.

(Thanks Tim!)

Artorialust: French Selection

El Toro donned a horned beret and stopped by a classic graffiti retrospective

Artorialust: colt 45 edition

As the darkness grew, we found ourselves on familiar turf with a Fuji instant camera and a world of possibility.

Artorialust: Queenz in Brooklyn

El Toro left the island of Manhattan for the glamour of Queenz Arrive in Brooklyn.  Stellar documentation as always.

Artorialust: The Scene

From an Art Opening to a Sceney Party disguised as an Art Opening, El Toro documents the wondrous beauty of Manhattan.

Artorialust: Weekend Edition with Kanye West

El Toro surprised us with some great shots from Weekend Festivities including Tomokazu Matsuyama’s show at Joshua Liner and Vanessa Beecroft’s performance at Deitch LIC.  Eleven Ladies and on Kanye West.

Artorialust: Scoped Out

Hot chicks at Art Openings? Of Course.  Hot Chicks at Art Fairs? Even more so.  El Toro came back from Scope with loads of proof.

Artorialust: SoHo

It’s been cold out but, El Toro braved the winter weather and brought some back some images of lovely looking ladies to warm the internet up.

Artorialust: MTV The City Edition

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You have already seen this Artorialust back in November. It deserves another look, especially since yesterday we were tipped off that one of the shows covered turned out to be something for the MTV show the City. Makes sense, but I remember it being packed and dark. Oh, the magic of TV. Below is the episode and above is the slideshow.  I definitely like the slideshow more than the show.  But Whitney, if you’re reading, you were great.

Artorialust: James Jean Opening at JLG

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We stopped in the James Jean opening at Jonathan Levine Gallery over the weekend. The rooms were crowded, filled with some celebrities and of course art show girls. Enjoy.

Artorialust: Best of 2008

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A great year in Art and Artorialust

Artorialust: Bushwick

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On location at Ad Hoc’s Brooklyn Block Party, El Toro donned a few shades of black to document the scene.

Artorialust: Artists and Gallerinas

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While making the rounds around the various art fairs, I had the privilege of meeting an array of talented artists and gallerinas.  This one is dedicated to them

Artorialust: Midtown to Downtown

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From a spot we thought was a hotel to an event we thought was an art opening, there was much to do and think about doing over the course of the night.  El Toro documents the scene.

Artorialust: A couple weeks ago edition

A nice, classy set was out at the beginning of October.  What else would you expect at Joshua Liner Gallery?


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Just off bowery in an Anonymous basement El Toro found a flock of Birds.

Anonymous Gallery

ARTORIALUST: Doze Green & Blek Le Rat

Take one part Rock Steady and one part joie de vivre and mix with Jonathan Levine’s Gallery and boom! It equals babes galore.

El Toro was on the scene taking visual evidence.

Artorialust: Man Eaters at MANEATER

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A seriously good show that also contained some extraordinary talent.

El Toro documents the culture again.


Artorialust: Kern edition

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What else would you expect at a Richard Kern opening? Dub photographer El Toro documents the hot chicks on the scene.
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Now proceed with the fun.

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