Installation View: Nudes.

Our nudes show opened last Saturday at Guerrero Gallery alongside Erin M. Riley’s tapestry-filled Show Me More. We’re pleased to show you images from the show featuring Asger Carlsen, Alfred Steiner, Chris Yormick, Dave Schubert, Eddie Martinez, Eric Beltz, Faile, Geoff McFetridge, HuskMitNavn, Mark Gonzales, Mark Mulroney, Sandy Kim, Stephen Powers, Suzannah Sinclair, Taylor McKimens, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Troels Carlsen, and Victor Reyes.

For info on individual works, contact Guerrero Gallery

Delicious Tacos in the Mission


Did a little taco tour yesterday with Dave Schubert. Here are some of the highlights.

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Margaret Kilgallen: Heroines

Show this to your daughters.

From Art 21:

“Episode #175: Filmed in San Francisco in 2000, Margaret Kilgallen (1967-2001) discusses the female figures she incorporated into many of her paintings and graffiti tags. Loosely based on women she discovered while listening to folk records, watching buck dance videos, or reading about the history of swimming, Kilgallen painted her heroines to inspire others and to change how society looks at women. Three of Kilgallen’s heroines—Matokie Slaughter, Algia Mae Hinton, and Fanny Durack—are shown and heard through archival video, images, and audio recordings. Kilgallen is shown tagging train cars with her husband, artist Barry McGee, in a Bay Area rail yard and painting in her studio at UC Berkeley.

Margaret Kilgallen’s work reflects her encyclopedic knowledge of signs drawn from American folk tradition, printmaking, and letterpress. Kilgallen has a love of “things that show the evidence of the human hand.” Painting directly on the wall, Kilgallen creates room-size murals that recall a time when personal craft and handmade signs were the dominant aesthetic.”

via, hyperallergic

Art Openings This Weekend: Philly, SF, NYC


Lots happening across the country including Walking with The Dutch Giant: A Benefit for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Honoring Justin Van Hoy at Space 1026 in Philadelphia.

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The Principals Office


Welcome to our new weekly column by The Principals, where every Friday they summon someone or something to the Principals office. Lessons will be learned, tears might be shed, parents could be called.

This Sunday is Super Bowl, and normally we wouldn’t really give a chunk, but our beloved Ravens have made it to the big game and we’re in a bit of a frenzy, so here’s our special Super Bowl themed Principal’s Office: This week we’re calling the entire city of San Francisco, please report – we’d like to have a word with you!

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Photographs by Dave Schubert

Art Openings: LA, SF, NY


Ed Templeton
Memory Foam
January 12 – February 16, 2013
Roberts & Tilton

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In The Studio of Andrew Schoultz

A couple weeks ago we visited the studio of San Francisco-based artist Andrew Schoultz. Here’s a peek into what we saw.

Random SF Rides

Some eye-catching automobiles from the streets of San Francisco.

Installation View: Barry McGee at BAM/PFA

You only have one more month to see this show in person at the Berkeley Art Museum. After that, you’ll have to settle for these pics above.

On view until December 9th.

Art Openings Across the North American Continent

Lots of shows including Geoff McFetridge’s opening at Cooper Cole in Toronto.

A good ol’ fashioned flier party after the jump

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Ray Potes

Just a small gallery of nice images from the San Francisco-based photographer.

Check out Eyeland Editions as well!

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