Art Shows This Weekend


A quick flyer party

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Artist Eats

Ongoing global restaurant recommendations from some of our favorite artists.

David Choe in Las Vegas

DABS MYLA in Melbourne

RISK in New Orleans

HUSKMITNAVN in Copenhagen

POSE in Chicago

Suzannah Sinclair in Maine

Mel Kadel in Tulum

Caleb Neelon in Massachusetts

KC Ortiz in Bangkok


Kime Buzzelli

Natalia Fabia

Seonna Hong

Shane Jessup

Justin Krietmeyer

Bill McRight

Mark Mulroney

Saelee Oh

Estevan Oriol

Justin Van Hoy


Nina Chanel Abney

Claw Money

Mr. Kiji

Curtis Kulig

Kimou Meyer (GROTESK)

Baron Von Fancy


Chris Yormick



Richard Colman

Andrew Schoultz




Bay Watch by Nathan Heller

How San Francisco’s new entrepreneurial culture is changing the country.

On Top Of The Luggage Store


A new mural by Os Gemeos dedicated to JADE, NEKST, and TIE.  Look out for another mural by the twins in collaboration with Mark Bode that will go up this week and be ‘publicly’ unveiled during a reception at the Luggage Store on Saturday September 28th.

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Installation View: Ryan McGinley – Yearbook

On view at Ratio 3 in San Francisco through October 19th.

{note: nudity}

Art Tonight in New York… and San Francisco


It’s culture season in New York and while we’ll be covering upcoming shows in our Fall Preview, here is a taste of what’s happening tonight. For those out West, Sandy Kim is at Ever Gold and Dave Kinsey is at FFDG.

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Art Tonight and This Weekend in New York and Beyond


A good ol’ fashioned flyer party after the jump

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Art Tonight and This Weekend in New York and Beyond


A good ol’ fashioned flyer party after the jump

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Artist Eats: Andrew Schoultz


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Andrew Schoultz to share his favorite place to eat. Andrew is a San Francisco-based artist whose themes of chaos and destruction often take form as large-scale installations and murals. Continue reading for his answer.

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“He actually saw the saw coming up (through the floor) and trying to saw through”


Some landlords will try do anything to try to get their tenants out of the building. Meet San Francisco’s “Landlords From Hell.”

Installation View: Richard Colman – Miles From Home

On view through June 15th at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco, California.

Installation View: Alex Lukas at Guerrero Gallery

Plant life is in full effect in San Francisco until June 15th.

Artistic Homes of California

Wealthy residences in the Bay Area circa 1888.

San Francisco Photography

Travis Jensen, Andrea Sonnenberg, and Ted Pushinsky at Guerrero Gallery. On view through May 4th.

Lunchtime Laughter

The Best of Craigslist: Dolores Park around noon m4w

Art Openings in California This Weekend


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Nips: Goldschläger


The spring evenings in San Francisco are drunk with gold. It pours down the avenues of the Sunset. It ignites each leaf of the acacias along Frederick Street. Gold collects in a rich haze over Ocean Beach. It makes a summer haystack out of Potrero Hill. It gilds the telephone lines on Downey Street, stretching a web of bright metal. Gold blows out the windows of the Painted Ladies. It lays down bright parallelograms under the eucalyptus on the Panhandle. It lights the massive glowing arteries of the 101. It alchemizes the skyscrapers on Market Street, creating a city of gold slabs. I love living in this city, I love the Pacific light, and I love the motto given by the city fathers in 1859: “Gold in Peace, Iron in War.”

Goldschläger tastes entirely quotidian, but the gold flecks approach the sublime.


—Arlo Crawford / @museumy


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This Is The Last Week To See Our Curated Nudes. Exhibition in San Francisco

Open at Guerrero Gallery alongside Erin M. Riley’s tapestry-filled Show Me More until April 6th.

Featuring: Asger Carlsen, Alfred Steiner, Chris Yormick, Dave Schubert, Eddie Martinez, Eric Beltz, Faile, Geoff McFetridge, HuskMitNavn, Mark Gonzales, Mark Mulroney, Sandy Kim, Stephen Powers, Suzannah Sinclair, Taylor McKimens, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Troels Carlsen, and Victor Reyes.

For info on individual works, contact Guerrero Gallery

Openings & Parties: Nudes.

If you read the site, you’re well aware that we put together a “nude” show at Guerrero Gallery last Saturday. What you haven’t seen are pics of some of the ladies (and Tim Diet) that attended the show. So, here you go.

Photos by Joe Russo

If you’re out in SF, Nudes. is on view until April 6th. See it online here.

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