Fall Preview 2014: Art Shows

All week we’ll be previewing cultural highlights from the upcoming fall season. Today we start with 34 can’t miss art exhibitions opening in September in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Paris.

2 X-Waves

Andrew Jeffrey Wright impacts every environment he encounters

Installation View: Department of Neighborhood Services

Isaac Tin Wei Lin, Dan Murphy, and Barry McGee at Fleisher/Ollman in Philadelphia. On view through June 7th, 2014.

Photographs by Joseph Hu

Art Tonight (and this Weekend) in New York & Beyond


Without further ado…

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Mastering the Philly-South Jersey patois

illustration by Steve Powers

Art Openings Across America


We go east to west rounding up some notable shows opening this weekend.

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Artist Eats: Jim Houser


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Jim Houser to share his favorite place to eat. Jim is a Philadelphia-based artist whose paintings are the system by which he actively catalogs the images and noises that command his attention. His installations act to create a map of the contents of his head over the course of a particular period of time.

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Only 2 Hours from NYC by Car…


The Deep-Fried Twinkie Burger at PYT in Philadelphia

Artist Eats: Alex Lukas


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Alex Lukas to share his favorite place to eat. Alex is an American artist. He recently moved to Chicago after many years in Philadelphia, but is temporarily located in Omaha, Nebraska. Continue reading for his answer.

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Art Shows This Weekend


A quick flyer party

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Rocky’s House From Rocky 2 is On The Market


$139,000. Philadelphia, get yours.

Art Openings This Weekend: Philly, SF, NYC


Lots happening across the country including Walking with The Dutch Giant: A Benefit for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Honoring Justin Van Hoy at Space 1026 in Philadelphia.

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Public drunken-ness, sequins measured by the ton and puddles of urine are the hallmarks of New Years Day in Philadelphia. The Mummers Parade lasts for over twelve hours on January 1st with elaborately dressed revelers marching up Broad Street starting at 9 am and eventually stumbling down Two Street in the dark. Short of hitting a cop, you’d need to try pretty hard to get arrested at this annual event. Accusations and half-hearted denials of racism and homophobia are a routine part of the parade tradition, which has been a staple occurrence in the city since the early 1800’s (but only banned black face in 1964).

Alex Lukas / @alexlukas

Let’s Get Weird

Little Baby’s Ice Cream

The Wild World of Adam Wallacavage

Images from his Shiny Monsters installation, currently on view through August 19th2012 at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.

photos courtesy of Jonathan Levine Gallery

Pink Piano Muscle Car

Thom Lessner made this bad boy. It’s playable, and on view in Drexel Park in West Philly from June 7th to the 17th.

Shiny Monsters

A new installation of chandeliers by Adam Wallacavage opens tonight (5/17) at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.

Curtis “Razz” Rider, 1965-2012

Razz was a guy with a really colorful teenage life that after years of running in the streets could see it wasn’t a place for living, so he went to college, got the education he needed to go into business and stay in business his entire adult life. I didn’t know much about his family, but I know he was an older brother to hundreds, maybe thousands of wall writers in Philadelphia over the last 30 years. If you wanted an autograph or some validation for the graffiti you were writing, Razz would give it to you, but he’d also teach by example that real success takes showing up for work everyday. It’s remarkable that he grew up and went to work, and the fact that I thought it was remarkable testifies to the peril of being a king in a field of endeavor with no way to transfer that status to normal life. A lot of writers would call themselves king, then sit on a throne and produce nothing but shit. When he referred to himself as “Lord Imperial Razz” It was meant as half man and half mantra. Razz never got stuck on just being a king, he accepted the responsibility of the crown to be better, and so he was better, every day of his too short 47 years here.

The photos were taken by his friend and conspirator Mr. Blint, and the two of them together really sum up the best of Philadelphia, on a level of cool beyond all known boundaries.

Steve Powers

A Love Letter For You

The official trailer for the upcoming film from Stephen Powers and Joey Garfield.

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